Past Life Regression – why is it a total nonsense?

The past life regression topic is very misleading and I think it is time to write about it and explain the fallacy. I know that I can’t change others’ thinking but I can explain the whole thing. And I don’t like to see it in our world that people are fooled by these nonsense readings and regressions or therapies because the person doesn’t know a thing about them. Because you never knew a thing about this, relying on an “expert” who also doesn’t know a thing other than what is told them to learn and do. Nobody knows anything lol.

So, even the so-called practitioner hasn’t got the slightest idea. The joke is, they think they are. They aim for some “subconscious” stuff because this is what is taught to them. Mystics and mediums are more advanced, checking auras, talking to belief systems, guides, ESP abilities (titled “gifted”, yeah…). But you can’t be sure. If you choose this path, be skeptical.

I don’t aim for all the psychics, mediums and practitioners. Not all are blind to the real thing. And I can’t and don’t want to change you, you can only change and learn about these for the sake of your own health.

This past life topic is endlessly flowing up to public forums because people don’t take even a minimal effort to read about similar cases. And most of the answers are just ridiculously bad and mostly guesses. People have no idea… really. Many are just gullible and naive. It takes effort to investigate it on your own.

How are you being fooled?

The most common practice comes from stupid psychic readings and from therapists. Please take this seriously because I try to save you from believing this and getting caught up, paying out these people without any real “healing”.

People are mostly emotionally disturbed or lost in life whenever they rush into these things. And the other side takes advantage of this. I don’t say that they lie to you or fooling you with direct intent. If not most of the time. I’m saying, they don’t know about it. They parrot the same idea from where they learned about it. Psychics and mediums are sharing the same old ideas between each other.

I write this article about the past life topic because I hate seeing how others are trapped by this nonsense. Good-hearted and emotionally damaged people who try to figure out their life problems on their own simple way and they are in a trap. I just hate seeing it but we can learn from this.

past life

Past lives are non-existent! You have Parallel lives!

For centuries or even for thousands of years in our civilization (or in previous ones since 100.000s years from the Sumerian era), people tried to grasp the reincarnation phenomenon from OUR linear timeframed perspective. And it is totally misleading because the time-space illusion only exists as a necessary distortion in physical Universes. We need to agree and accept it “before” we live a physical life.

All of your potential lives are happening right now and NOT in a chronological order. Non-physical guides can even visit all timelines. See, how limited our perception is? It takes time to digest this.

So, mystics and mediums taught this and learned from each other over a long time period and they say the same BS today. Don’t grab my words out of context, there are some very knowledgable people in this business and they know what they are saying but it is rare.

Why? Because they lack even first-hand experiences from the non-physical world. They see and experience distorted, self-interpreted datastreams in our world. They see guides around you, naming them etc. I wouldn’t buy into it. You can check it by yourself too via your conscious sleep life.

Reincarnation flaw, again!

So the whole misunderstanding builds on reincarnation and you have past lives. You have problems and you can now blame a non-existent “past” life. Lives are NOT played out one after another.

All your lives are existing right now. Even if you could experience one via hypnosis, what happened is, you merged with another version of you. You tried out his/her first-person focus and felt his/her feelings. That’s the trick and flaw!

Furthermore, what is real, you can actually have dislikes and aversions towards certain things in life which other versions of you do as a mistake. But you only have their imprint and connection. So you were not them ever, you are connected. You all come from the same Source.

It is a business to keep you fooled and earn money from You!

To summarize it fast, you are not your past lives. Those are independent individuals and you are you. You are another version of them from their perspective! This multidimensional aspect of us takes time to digest and you will find what you need to learn on my site or you can ask me to learn privately. Use the Workshop menu and maybe I can solve these emotional problems too to make you free. Just try it but the work is yours.

So these people are (I don’t know for sure) doing these services or businesses whole-heartedly to help you. Actually if not directly and if they don’t know about it but they are lying to you. Don’t ask me about the percentage, how many are doing it consciously. We live in an era where you can be fooled easily for money.

This is a business. You pay for it, you are relieved (maybe) and you keep coming back for a “therapy” or more. I guess we can get this under the dream therapy category. You will never find out the real causes of your problems. That maybe, you are causing your own problems with suppressing your emotions and thoughts. Because that is the case. A lazy person without self-awareness won’t look deep inside!

past life

Why should You care?

So instead of facing all of your baggage in your mind’s unfaced areas, you can now blame an outside source for your problems. But the solution is much more simple and I already could help in pointing these out to solve many dozens of cases for private askings.

You are not helped but you are keeping the same problems in yourself. And you keep suppressing and denying them. If you are successful with these readings or therapies, then you will fall back because you still don’t know the real answer. It is all within you. You just don’t face it. Most of humanity does that.

Believer types are making it worse, guarding themselves with added self-illusions. Well, I just point this out, we all have our own unique ways to learn from our mistakes. Those who are gullible and can easily believe anything are good preys.

What to do?

For first, stop believing anything about this and start educating yourself. Even on my site. You will soon realize if you are open-minded that what is told you are complete nonsense which plays on others’ emotions and wallets. You need to look into yourself and solve these problems because these people can’t. Even if you think the problem is solved.

Same true for the medical industry, dumping toxic waste in you instead of pointing out your problems which you keep manifesting in your body.

You can encounter the same problems even in your sleep life instantly. So cut off these connections and “therapies” and start to do your homework. If you read my articles, you will gain a deep understanding and I know for complete beginners, this is too much for first.

If you still want somebody to guide you, I can give suggestions and try to solve some problems together but only if you are open, willing to learn and ready to change. The Workshop menu is made for this purpose too. And you can be at any age, this world is full of flaws and lies and you can fall into these traps fast. Question it all.

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