I can’t pass the vibrations when I try to Astral Project! What should I do?

You try to Astral Project for a while because this is what interests you as a big fun thing. I know this attitude and there are countless books, videos, and sites “teaching” you. I would say, they are rather indoctrinating you with what is totally unnecessary for this.

People think from various sources and from big names as idols that they need to do something in order to project to the non-physical. There are too many flaws, mystical lies, and distortions in this. Yes, you need to do minimal stuff to kickstart a natural process.

The main problem comes from the fact that you try to follow somebody or use techniques because they told you that you need one. You try to BE the other person. Guess how many people tried to replicate Monroe’s OBE technique, modulate vibrations or copy the rope technique and failed. The basic problem is mostly coming from not understanding a thing about all of this.

Will following others really pay you off? Well, you need something to start with, it is alright. But not this way. You need to first forget all the techniques. Astral Projection is a mystical fancy name to switch your awareness into the non-physical world. You project all the time when you have dreams. Did you even know that? You are “projecting” right now into your physical daily life too! Labels.

astral projection

What IS an Astral Projection? Do you really know?

I will keep it short because this article is meant to solve the vibrational stage’s problem. Astral Projection is just a technique or a label. Same as Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, Phasing, Remote Viewing, etc. You try to switch your primary focus elsewhere, other than your physical surroundings. You do it via dreaming, just unconsciously. Check the Focus Model and all the main articles about it to learn the basics.

So what people try to do, they try to alter their mind to switch their attention to the non-physical. Your beliefs about what will happen can totally hinder your progress, like waiting for vibrations. Your fears can instantly kick in and you never faced them. You think this is a childish game. Because others have it, you expect it, right? Totally wrong! You may never have one. If you have it, then you lose focus and you are in fear to continue. I will discuss it below.

When people try to AP or OBE, what happens is really personal. You will experience all the stages by your own interpretation and maybe by your beliefs. The easiest way to project is to try Lucid Dreaming and you can do it from my ebook, just ask for a copy. Please, share it and let others know about it. Also, check my Bookstore menu. But enough about this lol.

So the basic misunderstanding is there, among maybe millions of people. I don’t know the numbers. On some forums, some of us are just repeating the same over and over again because it is very hard to convince beginners without experiences. Dreams are also “Astral Projections”. Or OBEs. Also NDEs. Or any other like a little daydreaming.

People sip up all the mystical nonsense from everywhere and they try to leave a body too. Like with OBEs, they try to force leaving a body, same for the vibrations expectation. XY did it or wrote about it, you need to do the same because he/she told you, right? Wrong.

What to do with those famous Vibrations?

Okay, so once you understood what is an AP, let’s see how it works. I won’t write all down how and what to do, you need to practice it. Complain after some years without success! Nobody will do your job and forget crying out for guides.

When you try to AP, the most popular way is to do it via meditation. You lay down on your back and relax deeply, then all the strange stages are coming close to “exit”. Well, there is no exit, it is just a shift. You are wandering on your consciousness’ spectrum and trying to tune in. Phasing is the easiest method and I can teach it to serious people.

The stages what you can experience are fear tests. Yes, you fear them so you are slowing down the whole process. Look at it as your non-physical Essence gives you these tests as lessons to pass. We are working like that and we need to check each stage and become comfortable with them. Simply put, our protective awareness kicks in each time and vibrations are the hardest for the most.

Logic and fear kick in or you lose focus from being detached and you end up in vibrating. Then it fades away without anything. There are many scenarios but you make the biggest mistake doing what others saying like concentrating on it. You kill the whole process.

astral projection

What to do?

What the vibrations are? An energetic phenomenon, you are vibrating on a high frequency and it has nothing to do with your body. Some may call it the etheric body or energy body. Some call it the separation stage. It depends on your interpretation.

Stop expecting vibrations. Even the biggest projectors with decades of experiences had a few vibrational events in their life. Do you still think that you are not fooled? Or that you’ve learned something which hinders your progress?

Forget anything, even how an “Astral Projection” should be played out. Don’t expect a thing and don’t follow books and others’ experiences. The very first time something kicks in, you try to focus on your physical body which can be sometimes beneficial to project but many times ruining the whole process. Give yourself some weeks or months and try it. Ask me if you need training after reading the Workshop menu and agreeing on my thoughts. Serious people can reach anything.


So, just forget it. If it comes, bath in it and let it go. If it doesn’t come, do your job and concentrate on some mental imagery. The failure comes because the vibration starts and you start to concentrate on it. You need to forget it. It tries to say: ” keep on going, you are close”.

Don’t try to replicate what others are doing. Use it up as a guideline but with caution. How do you even know what will you experience in a thought responsive world? See?

Here’s your solution. Keep some rests for some days and never force it. Check the meditational sensations article made exactly about these sensations and fear tests.

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