Are dreams important? They are your non-physical life!

There is a big question among people who are new to understanding dreams, that are dreams important? This thought is one of the most popular throughout the web and I saw it many times on forums.

Well, people almost never understand what dreams are, they never opened up for more to this. I hope you are open-minded. I try to teach people as a service to open up for this because they can explore themselves, their non-physical origins and their life purpose.

As I expanded before many times, I shared what dreams are. But I will now expand furthermore on why your dreams are important to you. Not for others but this is your personal, non-physical life. What you get there and what you write down to your diary is only yours.

There are some interesting articles already about dreams like Where dreams are taking place, or Is a Lucid dream even real? Keep it in mind, that you need time and effort to elevate your awareness level and be familiar with your NP life.

What dreams are in a nutshell?

You will find many of my articles about explaining this but I will give a quick explanation and you only need an open mind. Being open about that you were fooled with all the civilizational flaws, scientific stuff, and books in psychology.

What you find in the literature about dreams, in general, is just ridiculously lacking any real information. Same for saying that dreams are “subconscious” baggage which is not really about it.

The sad thing is that people never get to the stage to validate their experiences because they don’t start to elevate their awareness. Because the most are totally unconscious of their dreams. Even if some people get there and see that their NP experiences can be much more real than their physical daily life, they will still deny them. I can’t help with that attitude.

So people who wrote these books and materials or speak about it as experts have no real idea about the whole thing. They scratch the surface. Same for hypnotists, they don’t really dig deeply into anything and they parrot the same BS which they learned in the University.

So the thing is and what people like me need to repeat hundreds of times if I encounter these questions on the web or if somebody asks me is this.

Dreams are your non-physical life. Dreams are non-physical experiences in subjective, endless thought responsive world. It is the non-physical (NP for short as I use it), others call it on mystical terms like astral or naming planes etc. Well, you need to forget the latter.


You step from normal dreams into the Lucid Dreaming stage

You can learn by yourself from my Lucid Dreaming ebook from the Bookstore menu or directly from any publishing places, like Payhip. I made it for those, who want to learn.

This means that you are creating your environments instantly once you are there. The NP reacts to your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, emotions almost instantly and it takes years of practice to be advanced in stopping it. The next step is to open yourself up to your multidimensional nature and you can meet real entities, loved ones, go to Afterlife places, trace back your being’s root and experience endlessly more.

Dreams are the very first step to your multidimensional, non-physical life and the most never get past this stage. They don’t know a thing about it and they are unable to leave their own mind-movie. If they are not doing it, then guidance testing them.

We are always in tests and tasks because we have a job to do all the time. We are just not alone, doing whatever we want to always. You don’t notice it until the 1000th time.

We call dreams like that because they are a mess. It is like a barrier for those few who want to investigate it and you will be open for more. Just the infant stage.

Are dreams important?

So are dreams important? Sure, you just need to let your beliefs go and pay close attention to what you live up when you are asleep physically. Once, you implement a dream journal or diary and start to pay attention to these events, you will notice how real they are. You need to just focus on them, want to remember them and want more. Your intent drives the whole thing.

They are important to you but you shouldn’t talk them out with others because you will be in trouble. I mean becoming a subject of ridicule or insanity. If you are advanced in this, people around you aren’t.

For example, if you have constant nightmares, I can train you to stop them but you can’t share it with others. Why? Because they have no idea about anything. Other than what their parents and our civilizational conditioning pushed down through their throats. What a parent does to the infant having constant nightmares at a young age? Just sleep with the child or run in for screamings. Nothing more.

This is just one type of experience, a life test. You don’t pay attention at any age or deny it, it repeats itself. Because you keep missing the opportunity to learn about yourself and solve your fears. Just another article about this test issue here.

If dreams are important, what to do with them?

So the importance is that you have the initial stages. You have dreams but no help to translate them. This is another issue which deserves another article and I may write about it. But dreams are what I said about them, they are subjective. Your interpretation. They are like an energy imprint, nobody can really translate them to your own terms. They are you, your own being’s interplay in the NP.

Forget dream interpretation sites, they are full of misleading stuff with mystical distortions and these people are parroting each other with symbolism. Symbolism is a tiny part of the whole thing, they are not the subject to understand.

Then here you are, the first stage is a training stage. Guidance is also real with help but they can’t teach you if you don’t pay attention. All the mind noise you have can be lived up for days (physically felt there). You can get information about your life problems which you can translate or get precognitive events, maybe you can ask to travel somewhere. It depends on the person and their openness or personality.

These are coming in stages because we are living in a big, multileveled educational system and Earth with our civilization is just a tiny part of it. Imagine only just in our physical reality, how many billions of intelligent, non-human civilizations could be, learning the same lessons. Science can’t even prove this.

You have a life-long opportunity to learn much more about yourself, about the Wider Reality from which all the physical Universes are stemming “out” and realize that you are waking up instead “dreaming” each time, you fall asleep. You just lack the intent to be aware.


Your mental health

You can even cure yourself, manage your emotions, solve problems from your daily life. You can do many things, energy healing, speak to existing entities, meet parallel lives, learn about yourself. It is mostly about you, because, in your life, you are the most important. You are reading this for a reason. And you may got to the stage of this level of self-development via guidance. You don’t notice it but you are led here.

If you are familiar with dream interpretation or you are a great fan of dreams, you will dive in for much more. And you will soon realize that your physical life is also a dream. This is a stupid label from our world, differentiating what is “real” and acceptable according to our control system.

Dreams are the same as Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, Near Death Experience, Phasing, any other altered states of consciousness. Same place, different approach and awareness level.

Your mental health is only up to you. People are in bad mental conditions because they are unstable emotionally, they had a bad childhood or they are fed on useless toxic drugs to force them into our society. They simply rely on medical waste and on doctors who never solve their problems. It is about money and numbers to sell.

So what is your job to begin with?

If you pay close attention to your dreamlife, you can solve these too. So if you pay close attention and gain experience about what is a message and what is a test or task, you will see the difference. But you need to learn stability first which I also teach.

You are consciousness who is figuring out its existence through many tools. We are not IN a body and never were. You use a limited perception and focus of attention in a physical system and filtering out anything else through the same faculties. We have a good opportunity to experience multidimensional life through our limited perception and admire the whole system and who we are.

If you want to begin and learn much more, if you have a strong will and you think you won’t give up after some weeks, check the Workshop menu for personal help and I will be there via email. I hope you will take it seriously.

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