Status report from March of 2019.

I know, it was a long a while since I wrote a thing and I had my reason. Still, I’m hardly inspired to continue but why not? The last report was exactly one year ago as I checked back.

There are some thoughts to let the Readers know, to let You know. I hope the site (or me) will keep inspiring people furthermore in the future too and help out many newcomers. Well, this site is mainly an article based knowledge place. At least this is how I designed it.

Some thoughts

I keep receiving emails about asking for help or letting me know how I inspired people, how my articles, ebooks or direct help was very useful and helped them in life and sometimes there are some really heart-touching conversations. I’m glad that my effort wasn’t for nothing.

I hope the site or what I share will attract more and more people around the world and they will share this site or support my work if they would like to. I would be happy about it. Before some debate-people try to make conclusions, I have no intention indoctrinating anybody and don’t overlook my words.

I need to inspire myself to do this and I tend to share even my own experiences or insights which are pretty personal sometimes. I tend to think this is a lonely path once others learn the same vast knowledge and it is just the beginning. But well, why should I keep it to myself if it can help out thousands or even much more around the world? This is one of the main reason the site was established.

I know it is not perfect, has some mistakes and some glitches but well, it works and has the menus to navigate. The Post Archive menu is the easiest to reach out for if you can’t find your favorite article. Maybe one day the site will be a little bit more organized. But I made all by myself, everything from zero.

And You?

If I inspired you and you want to chat with me privately, or you have something to share, you need help, you want to write for me (somebody already asked for it wow!) you want to support me anonymously or anything around, please feel free to drop me an email message.

I’m friendly (despite if some articles have a harsh language to point out some issues) and like to have fun. I don’t judge you either if you have problems in life and you ask for real help. At least, I can try my best to solve it. Even if it doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. You need to be open!

Look at the site and what I share. The first step is to dissolve your beliefs. Beliefs are okay but they are blocking out your site.

I can’t help those who ask for help, I give the solution and I never hear back again even a word. Happens many times.

Keep it in mind that this site and my work takes effort and a good mood many times and try to imagine my situation. I tend to still act on Quora but I see how people are not really thankful or interested in answers which are not religious beliefs. These forums (Reddit) are full of crying people, venting and debating. I can’t help it but I hope that You will find your answers.

It’s Your turn! Ugh, mine too lol.

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