I keep dreaming of my deceased family member, what does it mean? Is it real?

Many people are going to forums and sites with the question that they keep dreaming with a deceased family member (husband or wife mostly). They have the idea that it happened but they don’t know if it was real. And of course, I tried to explain it many times.

I’m not a huge influencer or idol but I know a lot and tend to answer. I do it because I like to share what I have. It surely helps if people get the idea of how real “dreams” are. Especially, after they understood that their loved ones are an inch from them. Or where deceased people are going after the transition. We live a multidimensional life and this is just one glimpse about it.

This article is inspired by many many outer forum questions which I answered on Reddit and Quora. I will try to highlight the main issues here. What these “dreams” or non-physical experiences, encounters are and how real are they, what are the “meanings”.

But you will see that what those nonsense dream interpretation sites are trying to push down through normal people’s throats are useless in the long run. Just don’t rely on them but you need hundreds of conscious experiences to know what is what. I can help with it many times.

deceased family member

Dreams about somebody who is actually “dead”

We all lose somebody over time. This topic is mostly about our family members. Your wife, your husband (depending on your part), a child, a mother or a father, grandparents, anybody whom you knew in physical life can be the issue. The most popular is dreaming about a wife or husband. I’m sure they will get here to read this. This is about normal cases.

So to start somewhere, nobody dies (only their physical vehicle). Okay, how should I understand this? If you know my articles, you should already understand that the death or transition stage of our physical (or right now “human”) life is part of the game. We tend to mourn over a dead body or physical vehicle, right? Right. I don’t like to judge religions but people can’t put this anywhere in general and they pray over corpses and going into cemeteries. Just to see the actual civilizational habits.

Those who die, are returning back to the so-called Afterlife regions or the non-physical world. Dreams are also taking place there. This is an endless “place” without the space-time illusions and you stay yourself. Read more about the Afterlife or Focus 3 here.

So as I say, dreaming takes place in the non-physical world. All the literature, scientific denials are rarely pointing this out. They can’t measure it outside of the physical body and Universe. Here I am, giving you the answer. You are dreaming about a real somebody only IF he/she is physically dead. Yes, it is real, yes you had a conversation or a scenery. If he/she is not dead yet, it is a completely another topic.

We talked or had a few minutes of a meeting, some gestures, smiling, hugs, love – was that real?

Yes, if this is the case, it was real. Realness is only your experience if you have good awareness level. Otherwise, you keep questioning it. They can influence one of your unconscious dream scenery to get your head up on them and become alert. This is the beginner’s stage of non-physical exploration but you can know it from my other posts. A deceased family member is meeting you, trying his/her best to comfort or convince you and you keep questioning it, right? It is rare if you get it the first time, especially, if you never knew anything about dreams.

I gave answers like that many times. Sometimes I do a facehug lol, repeating the same again and again. But it is normal, we tend to question it until the 10-20th time maybe. They don’t have the limits which we have, so they need to tune into our thinking, disturb us for a little while.

Many times they don’t speak, just watch. Maybe they smile or tell some words that they are alright and live your life without worry. Even if you misinterpret the words, the whole message gets to you. If they are in an emotional loop, that is another thing.

What is the “meaning” of a “dream” like that?

Do you notice the quotes? So, dreams are real. With a bigger awareness from training, you can be more aware than in the physical world. Yes, it is a huge thing but the non-physical is much real than here.

Because we are coming from there and returning back. The physical life and its events are the game and we have an intense focus here. If you have maybe hundreds of conscious “dreams” or non-physical experiences over your sleep life, you can prove to yourself how much real everything is. The limits are in you. It is up to you to test it and learn about it.

I tend to be mad at dream interpretation sites because if they don’t lie about dreams in general on purpose, they don’t really get the idea of the non-physical. This comes from mystical and mediumistic distortions on beliefs since centuries and from parroting each other. There are many sites, parroting the same BS. Even if I have difficulties translating guide messages in my NP life, I need to really take the effort look behind the message because you can be sure, that interpretation is personal and NOT working by translating objective forms.

And not all non-physical experiences are messages, keep it in mind. It is more complex than that.

But back to the main issue. Yes, you met your loved one for real. As I stated above, you will be sure if you pay attention and stay passive. Practice passiveness in your daily life because you are the same there. An older article about meeting “dead” relatives can also clear out the mess here.

So, instead of always asking for meanings, look into yourself and ask one question. Did you meet XY and was he/she seemingly real, intelligent and know only what you both know? Something like that.

Why do deceased family members approach us like that?

Simply put, you are listening to them once you don’t interfere with your daytime ego. Or you are face-to-face “there”. They have a hard time to convince regular people. Same for guides or other entities trying to help. And they have easy access to you once you are physically asleep, I mean your body.

They try to avoid scaring you, telling you a strict sentence or hug you, smile at you (meaning that they are okay) etc. If they keep chasing you with their presence, it is another story and points out their struggling there, addiction etc. I may expand on this later in another article. Many times they don’t really know that they are physically dead. It is just not obvious many times.

So don’t worry, especially if it is a positive message or feeling. They try to let you know, that they are ok. For little children, it is a hard thing and they didn’t live enough physically to even know anything about life, so this topic is very extensive if I would like to expand on this. Btw don’t worry about post-humans, it is a game, we just switch back there. We were never humans in our core. You experience the facade for the game, we need a body to move around in physical Universes.

If you need the training to meet anybody or elevate your awareness, I can train you and look into the Workshop menu first. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email and clear out your mind and beliefs to let me help.

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