Can Sleep Paralysis kill you? Are you kidding me?

There are some not so educated questions many times on public forums, especially about sleep paralysis. Yes, SP again. I can’t help these questions but make another quick post to dissolve the myths. Or fears and beliefs, same deal. I already made a clear article about the whole Sleep Paralysis phenomenon.

The thing is that for first, people should learn the basic idea that everybody has sleep paralysis all the time whenever they sleep physically. They are unaware of this fact. Most of us may get glimpses of this natural event. Your physical body is a vehicle for consciousness and you are that consciousness, a non-physical entity. You can prove it if you really want to.

Share what I tell you and my site to let others know how unreal their fears are and that life is much more beyond our physical reality!

A natural condition which needs to happen, won’t kill anybody ever!

I think the biggest thing comes down from the fact that people expect to get full-blown sleep paralysis all the time because others who “suffer” from it can get it. I mean not being able to move. You will get the slight one, muscles will hurt, maybe you are heavy and similars. Don’t expect a full SP when you can’t even move an inch. That happens in a very deep sleep phase. You will get it if you scared yourself in the non-physical and returned back “too fast”.

People who get the full version will label themselves sufferers and won’t really find a real answer about all of these. I already talked out how the medical industry and science wash brains about this. Genetics, conditions, disorders, health risk. Come on, that is just ridiculous! We all get SP all the time. But you know what, if you found this article, you don’t need to search for your answers anymore, I can guarantee you. Just don’t believe all the lies or you will be tied down on toxic chemicals.

I personally answered an exact copy of this question on Quora and I won’t keep that account for too long but many times I tend to see good materials to share here and let websurfers get here.

So, no, it won’t kill you. How could it be? Well, actually you won’t read this if that happens lol. Just kidding.

Why do I always have Sleep Paralysis? It is a natural condition!

As I try to plan out my newer articles a little bit more reachable for people around the world, I thought I should expand on Sleep Paralysis (SP) a little bit more in general. I’m shocked how stupid medical sites, with parroting others, practices are trying to scare people and not even knowing a thing about this. This whole world is full of misunderstandings and guessings from a materialistic viewpoint. Our society is clearly in infant shoes.

And if you are very new to sleep paralysis or any sleep-related, non-physical issues, you will be amazed how unreal are all of those nonsense guessings and religious belief systems about sleeping. SP is a natural condition which needs to take place each time when we fall asleep. We just don’t notice it.

And I want to tell people that they are “suffering” from a 100% natural condition. Please, just don’t believe anything what religious sources and doctors are telling you because they have clearly no idea. Respect for the few. This is something which everybody has each night.

And please share these articles which I have on this site because these are already there in our world and talked out in private forums, full of Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming practitioners. Initiating a conscious SP is a good thing to experience! You can do it at will and you will see it. You don’t need to prevent it or go to a doctor.

I still recall all the stupid websites from google search because I was curious what the heck is there about this. But it is beyond comprehension. I mean people are relatively believing all of that nonsense if they try to search on this. “Neurodegenerative disease” and all the stupid stuff. It is NOT a medical condition! Btw the same issue is there about those nonsense “conditions” and “disorders” and I plan to write about many, later on. If I don’t lose my mood lol.

Sleep Paralysis is still a new and scary thing to the most

I just don’t understand this nonsense which medical industries are telling about SP. Or psychological sources. And I can’t stand when there are all the lies and people just don’t get the idea. Fear spreading is a huge business! One thing is that people never try to experiment with it and rather labeling themselves sleep paralysis sufferers. Because many are doing it and trying to make it their uniqueness. Some just want to be special from a natural thing which hurts them a lot. That’s them.

sleep paralysis

But the other stupid thing is when people like me try to tell others on public forums like Quora or Reddit that it is a normal thing.  I stopped doing it. There are all the answers and people don’t listen. If they are, they won’t do some research if anybody else asked the same.

I saw it many times, people are frightened about SP. We tend to fear what we don’t know. The problem comes in two cases and I will share it why. Then the given person is frightened like hell because he/she never had this non-existent “condition” before. I use quotes, referring to stupid textbooks and medical industry nonsense with all the guessings from a physical or biological perspective. My usage of words are serving the highlighting purpose and don’t take it as a personal thing.

What IS sleep paralysis in general?

You may don’t know and it doesn’t count but I know that I told hundreds or thousands of people so many times of how natural and necessary thing SP is that I became sick and tired repeating it. This is why sites like mine are unique and full of knowledge. Bear with me.

So here is your basic. Whenever you fall asleep each night, your brain as a device will take the physical body to autopilot mode. We are consciousness, a non-physical entity, using a brain device and nervous system to let us use this body. The most still think they are their body, science tries to catch consciousness in a brain which is a device on this end of the game. This is not the issue. We are not our body, it is made for our life-game to let us experience physical life. You need a vehicle.

Okay, so the brain starts to regulate your muscles and takes you into sleep mode. What you experience from all of this normally is that you start to breathe in sleep mode in whatever position and you blackout. Next time you are in the non-physical world where you have dreams. I won’t discuss if you are unaware of this fact or not, you can learn a lot from my other articles.

If you had a partial or full-blown SP, you may be experienced the muscle hardness first-hand. You can’t breathe, lungs are rock hard, you can’t move etc. This is because the muscles are shut down and for your safety to prevent you from moving. This is a safety mechanism which is needed when we switch our primary attention to the non-physical world. We keep experiencing. In normal cases, the body is in sleep paralysis.

Eventually, some people may sleepwalk or move in their bed, it is also normal. Just a basic mechanism. The brain’s role is to take your body to autopilot and keep it alive because you as the mind or observer is experiencing elsewhere. But the non-physical is right there in front of you, you just simply switch there.

sleep paralysis

You get SP when you fall asleep but you are aware partially of this process

After you finally get the whole idea, let’s see the two main cases of these experiences and you will see why. Everything comes down from what I share with you, any other unusual cases too.

So there is the first case, whenever you are physically tired or you do deep meditation. This means that you start to (with practice) elongate the process when you fall asleep. You start to be conscious of the fact that your body is starting to fall asleep. You can hear yourself snoring too! Then, you will be still awake as you are the mind, the user of your body. You are NOT in your body. This is where people are totally misled. You are using a primary focus in a physical system. Let’s read my Focus Model articles to understand your multidimensional nature. It is real, you can test it all.

Many many people are in today’s world are finding the practices of Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming and many more and you can practice them, encountering SP all the time. It is a stage of entering to the non-physical world consciously. When you fall asleep normally, you don’t want to be conscious. You would be scared about all the sensations and effects. So this is why the most never have those. You can have SP faster when you are physically tired. But you are still alert.

If you go enough deep, you can experience much more to physical life. You will need plenty of experiences to pass this SP stage. You may can’t breathe or move an inch, maybe all your muscles hurt. This need to be like that. So here is your first case. NORMAL. You can still move some body parts and get out.

You get SP when you scare yourself in Dreamland and you end up in SP

This is the second case and you don’t need more. The most don’t know that dreams are non-physical experiences. We are non-physical and multidimensional. AP, LD, OBE, others are all the same. Your awareness level determines all. So you lack the self-control in a thought responsive world and you simply “phase” back to your body focus. This is an automatic response. This is also a lesson and a learning curve. You still have a body to feel safe. After you finished your current lifetime, you won’t have a body to escape back to.

You start to be scared of an experience and you rush back to a body in deep sleep. It happens automatically. The brain didn’t have the time to notice this and wake the body up. Some sources will call this reintegration, mostly from the Out-of-Body practice.

sleep paralysis

Do you understand the main issue here? You need to grow up, manage your mindset and emotions. Your reactions in Dreamland are causing your sudden returns and ending up in SP if you were too deep in sleeping physically. That is the case why many people can’t move. Move a toe, a finger, all one by one and you are out. After this, I wonder how people “suffering” from this for decades, never made any research at the right places to understand these. I guess people don’t know where to look after their answers. I admit it, we need to dig very deeply in today’s world.

You can do it personally too but this is a life lesson

So if you get the idea, this is ALL about facing your fears. “Suffering” or experiencing SP is facing your fears too. Because you are scared about it. The other phenomena don’t fit here but I will mention at the end about entities and demons with shadow people. They are caused by you. You project out your fears into a 3D form.

No matter which one you will get, you are relatively scared of a natural condition which was there the whole time. If I can give an example, others are not getting SP but they are sweating. It is normal too, their energy is reflected back. We are recharging our body all the time with non-physical source energy. Just guess how many people know about this outside of conscious sleep. If they are ever conscious.

But to note one issue or opportunity here is this. You need to face your fears and it is a clear one. No matter if you tend to scare yourself in your dreams with the same daily mindset or you are scared from sleep paralysis. You need to understand these, learn from them, become familiar with them and your lessons are finished in these.

You can initiate sleep paralysis on your own by laying down on your back, not moving an inch and breathe deeply and slowly, like doing a sleep process.

There are all sorts of fear tests or nightmares all the time in your sleep life. You don’t face them, they will be there. We wanted these experiences before birth. You can learn a lot about these from this site.

Sleep paralysis for believers with preconceived religious beliefs and fears

This article starts to be very long so I will keep this short at the end.

Many believer type people tend to fuel their paralysis furthermore. Beliefs are playing a key role when you end up in sleep paralysis. You are still between the physical reality and the non-physical world. You experience it as you were in your bed. The non-physical is in front of you as a dimensional overlay. All the nonsense religious beliefs will appear in front of you in full 3D over time. Pulling, pushing you, levitating, vibrating. All parts of the same process.

And those figures? They won’t appear suddenly, it accumulates over time and creates all of those shadow people, demons, monsters and many more. YOU are doing it to yourself. This is another lesson what your mindset creates with your reactions. This is why so many many people are afraid at night, even without an SP.

The Wider Reality is like a vast, endless teaching system. Consciousness uses a form in physical Universes as we are doing it right now. Even our physical Universe is a subset or subpart of this system. And end-result. We are learning and we need to learn the ground rules. The most are only learning the physical rulesets and even not all of them. But this is another story. You can learn a lot about how to navigate in the non-physical or what to look for. Be my guest on my site and you can ask for personal training via the Workshop menu too as a service.

I hope now you solved a big problem and know them all. Keep on reading on the site to educate yourself and share it, support my work. I will be happy about them, also about finding your answers.

Why my child has nightmares? Is that normal?

No matter how old we are, nightmares are starting to come after we are born. And have our first experiences in any physical reality where we are. Many parents are acting like they never had a nightmare when they were young. We all do have nightmares even at infant years. But why?

I guess some readers will be shocked knowing that nightmares are necessary for our personal development. What a parent normally experiences is, that their child is suddenly screaming (all the time) by the nights and asking for them to help or sleep with them. From the infant’s perspective, he/she is having unpleasant “dreams” which are our very first non-physical experiences. To note another natural thing, we have imaginary friends (many of us, not all of us) for the sake of this game. They are real.

And everything is equally real, our daily life too. If you already went through my articles, you may understand that our physical life is the “dream”. Let’s see how this works over time. I guess the problem comes when the actual parent forgets how he/she also had nightmares. We are helping each other to get used to a physical system again and again.

When we are very young, we need to get used to the actual physical reality

When we choose a life to live, we need to choose an actual timeline in an actual physical reality or Universe and an actual race to play in. I could continue but you may see the issue. We then need a physical body and a family to born into.

I remember clearly that when I was young, I had nightmares many times. I can’t recall them but I know that many times I was in parallel reality frame and my circumstances were very similar to the actual physical reality circumstances. At that time I didn’t know a thing about the non-physical world. Then I at some point grew up and faced all my fears. On my own. I was surely screaming many times over many nights and my father rushed in to check it. This is how it works. Our parents don’t know a useful thing in life and we need to work it out on our own.


So we are here, let’s assume we are already a few years old. Then we need to get used to the physical rulesets and interpretation. Our sight and how we interpret the electromagnetic noise, our hearing. Learning to walk, speak and others.

Human world, not so pleasant experiences

We will start to encounter with all the “human” things in our world. The nice, the happy and all the ugly and strange. Fear kicks in all the time because it is challenging our mind and beliefs. Fear is there because we are learning new things and we are interpreting stuff according to our uniqueness.

All the things and events which we get will be stored on a non-physical layer which is our memory (not a brain!) and we can relive them already via our sleep life.

When we fall asleep at that age, we don’t know much about anything because even if we came from “there”, our memories are suppressed about who we are. It is for simply to not ruin our own “life” game. We need this character to grow and learn with. We can’t function if we tend to remember our true self. Non-physical guides are also trying to stay away if they think that they may interfere with the infant’s development.

This is another life test again, seeing how we are learning on our own.

Even from the first years, we will have nightmares

Then we will experience our own fears. These are fear tests from and in the Wider Reality and these tests are helping us growing up. This and any other physical realities are parts of the Wider Reality. No, not in biological and aging sense btw. The most never will face their fears. What we call nightmares are personalized fear tests and running automatically as soon as you release your stuff in a thought responsive world. You fall asleep with the same mindset but the rules are way different there.


Our physical life is a facade of a serious learning and experiencing curve. We only notice a fraction of it because we tend to function as a robot, in an automatic sense. We are indoctrinated and it starts with our parents. They don’t really know a thing so they have no choice other than stay with the kid or open in and let the lights on.

No wonder, most of humanity has no idea about dreams, nightmares, who we are etc. There are religions, books and that’s all. Those are not giving any useful answers. We have nightmares because we need to face our fears and the lessons are instantly starting after we arrive here. This is a vast educational system. We teach each other even in the non-physical world. Physical Universes are stemming from there, we are end-results of consciousness. The forms and objective stuff.

These are all parts of our personal development

No matter what we do via our sleep life are parts of our main, multidimensional development. We need to face our fears via these nightmares even when we are much older. If we don’t, they will keep repeating or we will carry our fears back to the so-called Afterlife. You can read a lot about all of these already on my site.

You may know a bit about Astral Projection. It is the same, some of us can do it at a young age until parents are limiting us.

So what can a parent do in this case if the child has reoccurring nightmares and now you understand what is this all about? Well, you can even benefit from this by facing your fears. You need to wait in my opinion a few years until the child understands the importance of these.

You don’t have so much influence on the infant’s mindset because we are what we are, no matter what education we get from our parents. But if they understand this at a very young age, their life won’t be full of mental problems and they won’t be lost in life because they will start to understand their purpose and their origins. This is what our world should teach as a beginner’s guide to physical life.

Do animals have dreams? Of course, they have!

Many people around the world still think and believe that animals are somehow unintelligent and are inferior according to humanity or maybe they have no dreams. We have a huge ego, thinking that we are the only intelligent, thinking species and animals are not like that.

Really? Did you notice even once that animals are acting like the same as we do via sleeping? If you did, then you are open to the fact that we are not the only ones to have dreams. Each of us have btw but the most can’t remember because they are the same in the non-physical world like in their daily life. Unconscious.

In my opinion, humanity is still at the infant age (the most are) in their personal development and we just started to pay attention to our animal friends and notice how similar they are according to us. They can’t speak or react as a human being but it doesn’t matter because they use other means. They also have dreams and you can see it from their physical body’s movements or how they are doing it.

We all need to sleep to recharge our physical vehicle with life energy. When they are dreaming, they are also on tasks of living up their own daily concepts and memories. You can notice it from their movements. We are all coming from the same non-physical world to experience life from a limited perspective! Yes, even primitive lifeforms too. We need to start somewhere.

Dreams are necessary to keep contact with our non-physical self

If you didn’t know, now you know it. We are all doing it. From plants to rocks or any other lifeform. We are constantly learning and developing on a multiversal scale. Animals are NOT so different when dreams are the topic.


They have dreams and you can see it from their reactions. They sometimes move, fall into sleep mode, you pull their tongue and they don’t wake up etc. We are noticing these mostly with normal household pets, like dogs, cats and anything around. Because they can’t speak to us and act like a human being, they are still coming from the same place to learn. But if you notice their body and emotional language, you can see it first-hand.

They are not so different than us. Sure, many lifeforms even on our planet are much simpler than we are. They can’t walk or think like us. It is just depending on the capability of our biological vehicle. But we are not our body. We chose that form, the body to experience in that limited perspective. It fits our tasks.

What to take away from this

If you noticed, I merged the animal dreaming topic with their life purpose for a reason. Just for the sake to understand them even better.

They don’t have the same life experiences as we do because we are much more complex in our thinking and physical vehicle. They have the same diseases by living with us and I could continue. They are not so different from us.

But the thing is in this article, we are coming from the same non-physical world and returning back. They can also return in your dreams and talk to you in human terms if they passed by.

We choose a FORM, we are not our biological vehicle. This is the biggest facade to physical life. This may help you understand other lifeforms and their purpose. Maybe you already tried out an animal form in another lifetime. I hope people who are cruel with animals may get their share about how it feels to an animal if an underdeveloped personality hurts “him/her”. If we hurt an animal, it is not so different from hurting ourselves.

How to learn Lucid Dreaming? Are You really ready?

This post is made for people searching throughout the Internet to learn Lucid Dreaming. If you are new to this or you already know some bits about this, this is your place. I offer my personal help to teach you doing it as a service. I also give basic knowledge about what you can learn after you have a conscious sleep life.

You will need to be open and have the intent to work with yourself. Because this is your own personal development, your multidimensional nature and you are opening up doors to the unknown. Dreams are just the first stage what most of humanity never passes.

Even Lucid Dream practitioners never pass the initial tests about what to do, what are the limits and where to go. This is a fancy practice these days and just a few will realize what they are doing. Or where they are doing it. We all need a leading hand to learn more, otherwise, we will spend years and decades of trying to figure out if all the outside sources were right or gave us any useful information. People growing up in the last century still didn’t have Internet to figure all of these out and kept in secret. Only some pioneer books in shops with many religious beliefs and distortions.

Learning the basics about Lucid Dreaming is just the beginning

When I say, learning the basics, it is not what you find elsewhere. Except on private forums where well-experienced people talk these out from first-hand pieces of evidence. Do you really know what a dream or a Lucid Dream is? You may be totally surprised. It is not about those practices. But the most never go “further”.

What you find on my site about Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experiences, altered states, ESP phenomena, and many more is a big information overload if you don’t take it step-by-step. These experiences are happening in the same non-physical world but your approach is different and your awareness level. That’s it. These are paranormal, strange or scary because nobody talks about them like that. We lack the education about these from infant years.

lucid dreaming

A normal dream is mostly an unconscious experience. And there are stages to walk through like a baby crawling and then standing up. This is not about what others are playing with, messing up dream characters and places and doing whatever you want to but still, you can experiment with anything. This is a long path and this is all about your personal development.

What you win with all of these is you will develop on a much higher evolutionary level. Chances are, you are already on that according to people around you. You will figure it out. You will know what is needed to know before you need to leave this world and return back to the so-called Afterlife.

So, sure, maybe the fancy tricks and techniques are there. But do you really know what you are doing? You are opening up the metaphoric gates to an endless, subjective world. The possibilities are endless what you can experience. Your beliefs will determine your openness.

So what you can learn from me and from my site are the basics but you are walking a high-awareness path after a while and this will surely change your life, mindset, and thinking. You just thought you know life from a limited perspective. And you will get your answers.

This is how learning the Lucid Dreaming art goes with my help

I can give you personal assistance via the Workshop menu. Please read it carefully. Then you can reach out for me.

People who still need a handful guide can still purchase my Lucid Dreaming ebook from Payhip faster and can start the beginner steps. I’m there too, this is just your personal beginner’s guide.

If you are really interested in all of this, let me tell you why am I telling you all of these. People in our society are barely ready for all of these. They can’t really pass the first stage of normal dreaming, realizing their true, multidimensional nature and how to experience more. They don’t know what to do and have no concept or idea.

The basic knowledge is all about knowing the ground rules in a thought responsive world. You go there, release your emotional baggage and you will scare yourself or live up your own mindset in physically familiar sceneries. You experience what you see from your perspective. But there is much more to this!

Imaginary friends in childhood – are they real? You will be shocked!

It is a very common thing in our world when we or our child have an imaginary friend at a very young age. Even if we didn’t have one in our infant years, many people have/had. I need to assure anybody who is worrying about it, that it is normal and here is why.

Just be open to the fact that you didn’t know the real thing about how our life works. And it is just the facade what we see or experience.

Those unseen imaginary friends are as real as another person to you. When we are that young, we can detect, see or sense other non-physical entities, mostly our own guidance, who are real personalities. Some may see auras or have other abilities. Some may keep these ESP abilities in secret.

We see them because the non-physical world from where we are coming from to live physical life are there nearby you. You are tuning into a physical reality and trying to keep your primary attention there for X amount of decades. You are still capable to see them after your birth but the fun is soon over once our parents are finding it insane. If you are a parent and you notice this, just stop interfering with your child, please! Read below why.

Why we lose our imaginary friends? Do we?

Well, we don’t lose them, we block them out. Why? It seems to be not normal and parents are freaked out from the whole thing. I find it really sad because the actual child’s parents never experienced this in their younger years. Or they didn’t know what is that they experience and their simple-minded parents also did the same. Or maybe the guidance decided to stay away. The latter has a higher chance.

Our world’s indoctrination and rules are kicking in because it is not normal at all and called mental problem or paranormal. These people who are attaching these labels have no idea what is this all about! Starting with science, medical industry, regular people etc.

imaginary friends

We come with the unseen assistance, called guidance. Some may call them angels and in all sorts of nonsense, religious labels. They are always there and trying to make sure that you live your life according to your lessons. So in this part, what mystics and mediums are telling you is true. But only this part. They won’t tell you what to do normally or interfere with your choices if you are hard-headed.

The most, who suffer, don’t pay attention to the good word and they try to pray for a “god” for their problems. It is a little bit contradictory, right?

Does our guidance disappear?

So, we never lose them, we will block them out mentally. This is like not paying attention to something which is there, denying it, then it will slowly disappear from our sight. The other reason could be, that they make the decision to stay away because if they keep doing this close guiding thing, the actual person can’t grow up as a normal person who fits into this world. Because we need to fit in and do our job.

You can still learn to listen to them and make stronger contact at adult age if you learn to do it.

So the thing is that they are still there but you lose the capability to even notice them. Then they will have a hard time trying to give you signs like synchronicities to let you know that you are guided, guarded and everything is okay. Most of us need to cut off this connection as we block this out.

The truth about imaginary friends and their role

If somebody didn’t have imaginary friends, then they already knew that it is unnecessary and the person can deal with this world alone. I’m that type. Later now in my life, I hate it that I need to tap into this with effort.

But the thing is that we all have our very natural tools to tap into our guidance. You just need to notice what are your usual tools. Talking in your mind and hearing an instant response? Seeing perfect numbers? Having visions? Lucid Dreams? Any other. They are there to help us, we just wash it off sadly.

We try to live our lives thinking we are alone or are lost. This is why there are religions because the most try to explain their life with a made-up “god”. We are our own god and this is what may scare many. We are our own guidance too. Look at this as what it is, a multidimensional game. Our guidance and its members are our other versions of non-physical self. You can prove it to yourself too.

You are a group of community with your non-physical friends and you are trying to make sure that the life which you chose will be successful. Only if you pay attention to help and not forcing everything from fear. But the most are doing the latter.

How to stop aging? You can influence it to a certain degree!

Natural aging is part of our human nature and every living organism is going through it. But how can we influence it naturally? I’m the type who just don’t give a damn of aging and I look very young. It could be from beliefs or I’m that type as my body represents this attitude.

The main issue is that it doesn’t matter if you are a 30+ year old or a 70+ year old. To just mention, I have a friend who is over 70 and didn’t age so much in the last 20 years because he just doesn’t believe in it.

I need to add that it is a two-fold thing. You keep your body image in your mind healthy and young and another thing is that it happens because you are simply that type of non-physical entity. Ah, and forget genetics and other belief stuff! Those can be influenced but we can indeed have some family-line similarities. Just play with what I share.

Aging doesn’t need to be the way how elderly people and middle-aged people are aging. We simply accept a civilizational indoctrination very soon in childhood that we need to age and “that much” around our 40-50-60s+. Our beliefs are heavily influencing our physical vehicle and it’s capabilities and condition!


Aging has it’s place but you can influence it

Older people in their 60-80’s tend to think like they are still young deep inside or they feel themselves as kids from their teens. Some people are mentally ill around their last decades and we tend to call them second age children (sort of). But you will hold the same body image after death which you are holding right now. This is why many will appear at their peak 20-30s.

But look at them, their physical body is aged as hell. Some people worked over their life until their 60’s to look like they are around their 80’s. Aging is a group construct belief in general in our world. It is determining after we heard so much useless beliefs in our lives that as we reach pension, we are just relatively dead.

And I need to repeat that aging is a natural thing and is needed to exit the physical life game. But it doesn’t suppose to happen that way how people are aging. I guess you get my point.

It can happen much slower and you can influence it, I’m sure. Even after what I know how our Wider Reality, multidimensional life, and our own life work.

The end of our working life

Our life is over after decades of work in a slavery job and people tend to think that they are no longer useful for society. They will relatively fuel their aging furthermore, doing everything to feel aged and old. A normal thing for regular people. This is what we have been told that you need to feel like that. It requires constant mind work to influence this.

And it is only a matter of time when you are starting to be addicted to pills and drugs from the medical industry which never wants your best. They don’t heal anything. They force you to believe that you have no other options or you will get in medical troubles.

But in my opinion after pension as an age group, you DON’T need to feel yourself like your life is over. You are free relatively, you have time to do whatever you would like to now. Gather your power and start a new life. Sure I’m not that old yet, not even near but this insight can help.

Life is NOT about being a slave and getting used to it. Well, we live in a chaotic world where everybody lies and tries to grab their share.

What is the difference in believing of aging and not allowing it to take part so effectively?

Just look at those countless people who try to tell you how they keep their youth intact even in their 50-60s and they look young. Another thing is when they lie and had surgeries lol. But many of them are dwelling their beliefs about their body image from diets for example. Their diet is the tool for their body image. Some may don’t need it. Or having a sporting life.

So, one thing is that people feel themselves young and like a little child who just played with Lego or climbed on a tree or went to school/college. The other thing is that we DON’T believe that we need to be aged at a certain age. A huge difference.


We don’t need to find a cure for aging (that is BS). And we don’t need to take drugs and chemicals, use fancy methods to stay young, crunch on pills, vitamins, and minerals. Those alone are causing more trouble than being useful.

So many overused people at the doctors who just don’t know even a thing about in what world they are living in. Not just the older generation. They were told what to think, what to do, what to believe and their parents and their children are doing the same with the next generation. This indoctrination about becoming part of the system is always there.

What has been told by media, books, speakers, “specialists” and leaders, etc., has nothing to do with the actual possibilities which we can achieve in life. We are kept in a cage full of misinfomations and limiting beliefs. You can influence aging. You just don’t know anything about this and you lack self-replicated evidence. Because nobody can influence you, believing this, until you start experimenting with it.

Beliefs are keeping you stuck

Changing your beliefs will solve all problems relatively. Releasing your emotions which you hold and becoming more open to these ideas will also help in walking this path. Don’t hold up your baggage because you will carry it back to the non-physical world. Your life is a game.

The problem is that we tend to fight with our beliefs which are making up our thinking and perception. We tend to rather keep them and be in fear of not believing to anybody, even if it was useful. The first step is to understand the reality in what we are living in.

I encourage you to read anything on my site, piece by piece. It is only a pointer towards how we are living in an illusion, full of limitiations. We are limiting ourselves but we can’t deny the fact that one day, we return back to Afterlife. Because we are not our body.

We have it, we can influence its behavior and condition but we are not our body. It is a tool to let you experience physical realities, our limitation. Appreciate your life because you chose it to make it happen as a big chain of experiences.

Can you breathe in your dreams under the water?

This is just a fun stuff to see what can you do in the non-physical world (in your dreams), like how to breathe under the water. And yes, you can. When you become a conscious Astral Projector or just non-physical traveler over your sleep life or from practice, you can try this out.

I need to repeat it again, that your sleep life is your non-physical life where you are still learning, doing tasks and can enjoy yourself without physical limits. It is our true home and we are coming from there to try out physical lives. This article shows you that your own physical limits or beliefs are causing you to not be able to do this task.

Our limits as human beings but we are not humans originally

For us, who are living a human roled life in this physical Universe, we need to keep our breath up in water because we need to inhale air into our lungs. Okay, fish can do it but we are not sea creatures. So the issue is, your own concepts and protective awareness are coming with you. You still act the same way as you tend to in your daily life. This is the limit which stays with you before you finish this life.

You are not a human being at all, you are using a physical vehicle which tells you that you are a human being. Well, you are partially but it doesn’t mean that you are your body or race or gender etc. This is why the most are stuck after transitioning back to the Afterlife regions. They still act and think with a human-like mindset, like an addiction to a physical role.


Dream events, when you realize that you are under the water

There can be many events when you start to realize that you are dreaming or you are in the non-physical world. Maybe you are totally new to this so to you, this means you start to become aware of the actual events and scenarios around you. You can be even under water. I’m not speaking about nightmares where you are tested against your fears and you need to deal with this issue of drowning. But for some first trials, it can be confusing or frightening.

You can explore civilizations under the water in different realities, physical Universes or non-physical places. Before you question this furthermore as a beginner, our physical Universe is one from countless ones and we are non-physical, multidimensional beings and you can prove this to yourself.

This means that your guidance takes you to a certain location and your protective sense kicks in with fear. You still think that you have a physical body which you need to use according to physical rulesets. While what you’ve learned in your daily life perhaps useful only there. Meanwhile, it is totally useless beyond physical realities. So you are stuck to a body-image concept.

Can you breathe in the NP? Of course, you can!

But the thing is, you can breathe normally in water. Like you breather air in and out. I can’t count how many times I did it and it was always natural to me because I was always a semi- or fully conscious non-physical explorer. People will call it Lucid Dreamer. Sort of but once you learn the basics from my site, you notice how these labels are meaningless.

So, the fun fact is, you can still breathe there. It is weird maybe but you can try it. Just remember that if you tend to have experiences underwater in your sleep life, you can do anything. Same for flying, going through walls and many more. Some real locals or residents may be surprised at you.

Remember that what I share and talk about are all real and you can prove it to yourself. Enjoy.

Are You a Starseed? Do you really believe the fairytales?

This is the third time I write about the starseed “nonsense” topic and trying to save some people from new age lies. The fact why people believe this topic is that they can prove themselves through tests, books, and nice fairytales that they are an alien originally and they are so special that they burst out in tears. And many people are reading my original starseed article daily which amazes me.

This belief system alone causes many self-illusional, egotist people to follow these groups, love and light nonsense and become a higher being instantly. These belief systems are designed to collect people with alike beliefs and characteristics. They don’t fit anywhere or are too naive to notice what is this about. I wonder if there is any person who is not categorized as a starseed alien after these tests. It is a schema about people in their 20-30s, their characteristics.

They don’t deal with real life in which they take part in as a human being. Because we all chose to play a human role right now and we are not coming from other star systems. This is so stupid and doesn’t work like that. You don’t come “originally” from other star systems here… this whole belief is a physical body fixated thing in our physical reality. There are countless physical realities.

The same BS true for 4D, 5D and 12D nonsense. There is the non-physical and there are 3D systems. That’s all. You can explore this fact by yourself.

Just be careful and skeptical

I would ask you to be cautious if you are intelligent and skeptical because there are too many traps which will toss people into illusions about who they are and they will suck gemstones. Not even different from mainstream religions.

The logic behind this topic is that you can’t find your way in your life or know your life purpose. Then you are starting to find these tests and groups, read some books and it falls into place. You can now fit your perception into a belief system which elevates you thus you are a huge higher being. Everybody else is just nothing. Do you feel out my sense of humor?

If you are interested in diving into this topic, you will find your answers on my site and you will soon realize how unreal these new age beliefs are. Because what I share is REAL. They are leading weak people into a self-fulfilling trap without even understanding that they are not their body or a race and we are non-physical beings originally. But NOT the way it is described in these nonsense stories and tests. Not even close. I wonder who started this nonsense back then.

What do repeating dreams mean?

Many people are new to even comprehend the true nature of dreams, have repeating dreams or messages. These messages can last for years and you can also live these up in very similar sets and scenarios. They don’t need to repeat themselves each night but your non-physical guidance tries to not disturb you so much if you don’t pay attention.

You can read about guides here.

Why do you keep having the same repeating dreams? Did you lose your mind or is this important? I see this issue all the time on public forums. People don’t even pay attention to replies. I never will understand this behavior that somebody has a constant problem and he/she doesn’t want to solve it. But here is the explanation below. You won’t find another solution anywhere, I can guarantee you. Dream interpretation sites are useless, they don’t understand what dreams are and NOT symbols only.

If something is repeating itself, don’t you think it is important?

Dreams are non-physical, subjective experiences. When you fall asleep, your non-physical guidance has the chance to train you, teach you about yourself. If you have repeating or very similar scenarios around you or you are doing the same things always, you simply keep missing the message or lesson. They can’t do so much about it but as common sense tells you, repeat the same message in different forms. Maybe with some time delay but they have no time there, only we have.

repeating dreams

This is how we also tend to think. If somebody doesn’t pay attention to you, you will repeat yourself or elevate your voice tone. You simply can’t get through the other person’s noise and it is the same in the non-physical or Dreamland (Astral or whatever you call it). You have lessons to learn and to grow so you are never sitting on your non-physical butt. You are consciousness who wants to learn.

We keep missing not just the message but to even listen to the message or what is it about because the most can’t comprehend what dreams are. Are they can be more real than your physical life. Via Lucid Dreaming, you can see it for yourself. The message starts to be more real and physical. You interpret it that way or your guidance is using human elements because you only understand those.

You don’t pay attention and don’t know what to do

Nobody can help those who don’t even understand what dreams are. This is like a chain reaction. You don’t think they are important, science and other industries are telling you nonsense things about them and you wash it off. Then the message repeats itself. Maybe after a while, a full-blown one comes when you will be frightened. This is like a “we told you so” issue. Our civilization thinks we are physical human beings in our true nature, we are our body and brain and everything is beyond us. Really?

Interpreting and understanding your dreams is a constant learning curve and I can help in training you after checking the Workshop menu but this is not just a one-day thing. Being serious and wanting to learn a lot is a must.