The End of This Site

This post was something which I tried to express since a long while and what scared people away from the site or got angry at me. Yes, supporting the site. I still let Readers know that the site is free to roam and that my intentions were not what some people tend to interpret on their own, I deleted this post and refurbished it.

Some newcomers have no idea why this post is the last one but I’m sure it can be investigated fast. I deleted the original harsh article about this to prevent people from scaring away.

I needed to update this post recently. Well, I could leave it alone but I got some responses from Readers already over the months, time to do something. The site is still online, anybody can benefit from learning through the articles. Because my expectations about supporting the site never met, then I don’t write articles anymore. Maybe one day I will change my mind. Maybe. I lost inspiration towards it but I still inspire others.

I’ve helped out hundreds of people since the site goes, on public forums and privately and I’m still doing it. There were some negative visitors and some on forums who tried to steer me up symbolically but eventually, they were the last drop in this to stop writing about anything. I just killed in too much effort.

So I wish Readers nice reads and enjoy yourself here. Just don’t judge everything, even me because the style I write is point on. If you need personal help, Contact Me anytime. I’m doing ALL of this from my free time, not from some kind of business. It is interesting to see that as soon the money is mentioned or income, people will be defensive and aggressive. Well, this site is NOT for them.

I promise if the site starts to be more popular, people start to share it with their friends and gets some financial support, I can write more.

Edited on 17th of February in 2019.

2 thoughts on “The End of This Site”

  1. I’ll tell you a quick story and I hope it helps. I had my enlightenment experience about 10 years ago and was encouraged to turn it into a workshop. I subsequently put a lot of time, energy and money into developing and marketing a workshop at a local yoga studio.

    The day of the workshop arrived and, as I sat waiting for it to begin, I found myself disappointed at the small number of people that had signed up. There were only three people registered and one of them was my wife. But I noticed my attachment and chuckled to myself asking, “If you can’t be great for a few people, how can you really ever help anyone?”

    Ironically, as soon as I let go of my expectations, people started filing in and the workshop ended up being at capacity. From there I ran that workshop at a lot of places and fundamentally helped many people.

    At that point I don’t think anyone had read my book either. My early expectations were tied to specific outcomes but what I learned was that a community would emerge if I stayed true to my initial intentions.

    Maybe a website isn’t the right vehicle for your message and the community that needs to hear it?

    1. I’m great for a few people who can really appreciate the great info which I share on the site and personally, my issue lastly was not about earning from the site, people tend to misinterpret my thoughts. I deleted this message too to avoid scaring readers. I agree with you, expectations are causing harm.

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