Walking through walls in the non-physical, but how?

We are always in the non-physical world, even right now, reading this. Our physical Universe is just a subset or tiny part of this vast system. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my experiences and the truth about passing through solid objects.

Well, objects are not even so solid in our physical system too because everything is made up from empty space mostly, but our rulesets won’t allow us to pass through anything until we use technology. If people know physics and quantum physics, there are those forces which are keeping elemental particles there. So the non-physical world is here, right now.

When we fall asleep, we are already there but most of humanity is unconscious about it. It is just a conditioning thing. You want to be aware, you will. If it happens without your intent, then your non-physical guidance tries to wake you up for more.

Many people found my Lucid Dreaming handbook pretty useful and learned it by themselves. Here is the newest Payhip site link.

What are the rules in the non-physical about this?

Well, I won’t shoot all of my bullets, this is just about walking through walls and seemingly solid objects. In the NP, the rules are NOT physical, so you are only limited by your own perception and expectations in this case. Once you may travel through a wall or did a flight through layers of stories, now you can’t. Why? Is something wrong with you? So-so.

This seems to be contradictory and many LD practitioners are playing with it. Once you figure it out maybe in some years or a decade, you will see it for yourself. You can pass through sometimes easily because you know it surely. Many times you won’t because you are not allowed to do it. If you still try to, you need to convince yourself to do it.


I’m sharing a nice secret from my practices with you. When I encounter this “limit” problem. I will push my fists into a wall, then my forehead. Or I try to push myself through or punch into the wall until it starts to be like a big mass of resistance. I can’t explain it in other terms. Like a resistant mass. Then I’m free to go through. People need to practice this.

Many times you simply won’t have enough awareness to realize this problem. You need hundreds of similar experiences to understand my point here.

But why is it that I can’t pass through other times?

It is happening in my opinion because you are trained always and it seems to be that the Wider Reality or NP always giving you opportunities to learn and grow. I think normal human beings are not even ready for anything. And it takes many big awareness experiences to notice these rules. You can suddenly realize them but it won’t last for long. In numbers, I don’t think that more than some 10.000’s (maybe a few 100.000’s) people in our world are even ready to pass the initial NP tests.

Most people will end up with their current value of misunderstanding about the nature of our multidimensionality and won’t realize or notice these. This is a sad fact. No wonder why post-humans are living similar Earth-like life there. Those countless Focus 3 regions…

You will have many experiences where you will be challenged to notice if you are physically awake. Hm, you see that wait a minute, am I awake? Series of “false awakenings” can also come. I don’t get it why people hate it and being freaked out. Ah I see, they fear their “death”. Maybe. Or it is new and they are reacting as they tend to.

Of course, you are, in another reality frame. You have certain memory sets there to prevent you from quitting the task. Don’t try to grasp human logic in multidimensional training at all. Believe me, just don’t. Many times what you get happens for a reason. Deal with it as best as you can. You CAN’T control everything. This is what I try to make people realize.

What about Locals in existing places without knowing it?

It can surely happen. People or entities, locals will be freaked out if you do these. Many times this is why you can’t do it. Get lost of them, go to a closed room or to an empty place and do it there. If you play with these in front of real locals in Focus 3 places, you may be kicked out from there. You can imagine the locals’ face when I jumped into the air to see the city skyline. You may phase out into another place or wake up physically sucking your teeth lol.

There are local rulesets for these. People still think the NP or “Dreamland” which is part of the non-physical is just a play zone for kids. It is not. But it can be fun. If you act like a kid, you won’t pass any development stage at all.

Keep it in mind, once, you are in the non-physical, you are trained in multiple forms. Even if you don’t have an awareness about it. And also, you need to know, that the Afterlife regions are vast and post-humans are still living the life the got used to. You can see it for yourself. They will have no idea that you CAN do it in front of them. They will be freaked out or attack you.

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