Why the Non-physical world is so different from our Physical Universe?

I would like to share my thoughts about the differences between the non-physical and our physical system. I’ve already wrote about a similar insight here. Most people are not even capable to understand that there is endlessly more “beyond” our Universe. Simply, they just can’t imagine it, not even the thing that something can be endless. We tend to think as human beings right now and it will limit our understanding and perception.

This post is about seeing how we can’t really comprehend the whole system from a limited, physical perspective. Sure, many of us can, but not enough people globally lol. I need to note, this whole journey is for a few as we can see this in our world. Not everybody is interested in knowing more about their life, their nature and the why’s.

Physical Universes are limited systems

Most of humanity tend to think (billions) normally that this is the only world. I mean the physical reality. We are physical human beings, everything is outside of us. Well, we tend to rely on science or on any other religions. We clearly believe that everything is beyond and outside. That everything is physical and we need to measure anything else from this point of view.

We created these physical systems on Focus 4 level as “gods”. The goal is to live a limited life. To learn which we can’t in an environment which instantly react to underdeveloped “souls”. You don’t want to stay next to somebody, who didn’t learn to control it’s thoughts and emotional charge.

Before people think I tend to attack science, I need to note that I started out from science a long time ago. I don’t hate science, but I know what it does to people who cling to it like a magnet. I know how these people with “only” scientific view tend to think. You may debated already with some. I was there too long time ago and I still like science. I like space science, astrology and deep space exploration. I’m sure in another Universe I’m roaming in space between star systems.


But here is the point. Our physical Universe is based on some rules which are very hard to pass by with a physical mindset. We are even creating rules and theories about the nature of this reality. Actually, I don’t know where this post goes lol. So we experience time and space with limits but it is just an illusion. In the sense that they seem to be real and it is not about a stupid simulational theory. Yes, yes, they are real but only in this place to a certain degree.

Yeah, I got my own tail. So the point is, we learned (with a great chance) that we have these rules and we tend to think according to them. We learn a language to speak on them. We use vocal cords to speak. Reading sentences and alphabets, symbols etc. All of our concepts with which we are navigating in this system are almost useless to navigate in the non-physical. In it’s true nature. We are using these as automatic tools.

How we experience the NP is our own interpretation

It is like seeing the same color with somebody else. What we are seeing and experiencing is happening according to our own interpretation.

We think we have 5 main senses and sure we have because we expect to function with them. You are still filtering your experiences according to your usual concepts and habits.

Furthermore, we have our own unique perception. Where my story goes right now? I try to highlight the fact that the non-physical is not limited. We are, right now. We are filtering it out right now. What about the ground rules? This is the most important aspect of this reality.

The non-physical world is no way near like physical Universes!

This is my main point here. We are interpreting it through our NP journeys, through our development stages. From dreams, Lucid Dreams, through various practices like projection or phasing.

But the main idea is that we can’t know it all and we can’t see it in it’s pure form until we shred down our perception. We can visit even Focus 4 too in it’s pure, non-objective form too. This is up to us and how much physical concepts are we leaving behind.

The main problem with beginners that they don’t know the ground rules. I’m speaking about even normal dreamers with low awareness. Billions of people.

This is a thought responsive world. It will react instantly to your thoughts, beliefs, expectations and mostly to your emotional charge. These are creating those nonsense scenarios which people call “dreams”. Until you don’t notice these and can’t control them, these experiences can be much more real than the physical world. Yes, more real.

The life game is not about just being human

The WHOLE game is about this. Realizing what you are doing, elevating your self-awareness and working on your value of consciousness.

The physical reality is a limited system where we are intensely focusing with our non-physical mind to navigate here. We are locked with 5 senses into this system to function. The physical body is just a tool for consciousness. No wonder why most of humanity is getting caught up in the idea that this is just us, this is life.

The brain is just a device which translates the world around us and filters it out. Most of us are agreeing on things like concepts and group belief constructs. We have gravity, maybe “time”, we need to travel, eat food to fuel our body etc. There, we are traveling by our non-physical mind and doing anything we would like to.

What is the most important rule which a very few understands? This is a subjective, thought responsive world where you can easily live up your own self-fulling prophecy and beliefs. No wonder why we call it “training ground”. We live physical life to control ourselves and grow in the value of our consciousness. Mostly. We will stay the same after death if we don’t understand these rules.


Now you can totally forget about these physical ideas there. This is what causes the most confusion to anybody who touches their awareness level in the NP. Still, you will experience the non-physical subjective world according to your interpretation. According to how you live your human life, how you see it.

This is why it is “subjective”. There is no right or wrong or limited there, only you will think these are real stuffs. Most of humanity thinks and always will think and function in physical terms. This is why they may don’t realize that they are dead and being in the “Afterlife”. This is why people get all sorts of “paranormal” things. They think this is outside of us. AP, OBE, other nightmarish stuff, all are freaky because we tend to think as human beings.

You will think in the NP, everything is “outside” of you. Not really. You are already part of the Multiverse. You are already existing in other forms and with different versions of your essence everywhere.

It is called non-physical because the rules are no longer real physically. People will experience physical rules because they expect to see them that way. You don’t need to move or you don’t have time concept really. Your whole knowledge about living a human life is totally meaningless according to this place.

But! You can use up these expectations to test out a limitless environment with limited perspective. Now, this is the advantage. We have a great chance to experience our true homeland with this perspective and value it. I truly appreciate my non-physical life.

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