Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon – Book Review

Another interesting ebook which I wrote about the Out-of-Body Experience topic this time and made many downloads in free promotion with the others. Please leave a nice review on Amazon here for the book and share your thoughts. Let others know about the ebooks and the site, thank you! Browse the Bookstore menu.

Well, it could make more downloads initially but it was the first version months back. I see people really want to know more about this issue. I tried to purposely avoid teaching techniques and telling exactly how to do it. Maybe in another ebook? It was for the reason to avoid confusion with the basics. Especially if beginners are totally new to this, they can’t digest it at once.

My main goal was touching people who are freaked out this OBE thing even without knowing what is happening and for those, who are just starting practicing it. Just for newbies, giving the basics without nonsense BS talk. This is an art and it needs serious dedication. Even for a decade of daily practice.

Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon

About the Out-of-Body Experience in the ebook

The book contains a step-by-step structure about what is our true nature, where this OBE phenomenon fits into the multidimensional picture. Why people get one at least and why others try to achieve one? Why people don’t realize that not even in dreams they are already “out” but in physical life, we are also out of a body. It just seems to be inside a body. Btw I tried to really help others to dissolve the fear issue because people are playing with this like a child. Then they encounter their own fears and freaked out without knowing a thing.

As I tried to debunk misconceptions, confusion and represent the basics about the what, how and whys, there is a list of sensations and stages of practicing. Furthermore, there is the issue about Sleep Paralysis (SP), Alien Abduction nonsense, shadow people, guides and some others like demons and any religious and fear-based concepts which are only existing in people’s mind. They appear in front of you because you expect to see them.

All of these issues are real but not the way people think they are. They don’t realize what is a thought responsive environment as soon as they leave the physical dimension into Dreamland or they are stuck in an in-between altered state. All sorts of frightening situations can come. This is all about our real development and the physical life is just a facade which we live. People will wash off dreams basically so there’s no hope for everybody. Science and religion are not helping in this.


And at the end of the ebook, I’m explaining how important it is to deal with all of these, where it leads you and how can this be a new doorway into your inner self, your origins as a non-physical being.  I think I try to expand these main issues all the time to let people learn about them, I mean themselves. Also, I try to deal with religious, mediumistic and psychic nonsense all the time and dissolving them for people to lead them out of confusion, lies and fear-based nonsense. We can believe in anything but it will just block out our path.

In the end, everybody can test these facts and experiences out, starting with their dream life or just learning to meditate and practicing Out-of-Body Experience, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, there are many tools to learn about it.

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