Why can’t you wake yourself up from a Dream?

Dreams are very common experiences at least in our world, all of us have a dream each night. There are certain things and problems with this and I expanded my insight on these in my ebooks and on the blog too. Many people can’t recall their dream life, not even having one from bad habits and most of them have no understanding of this dream issue.

Of course, we all have “dreams” but most will wash them off. If people can’t recall any, they are simply unaware of their non-physical life from a bad habit. People don’t have any intention to do anything with them. Why should they? Most of the world’s population doesn’t know what they are. Science says this, other industries are saying that, come on…

Having a dream is one thing but when people’s zero knowledge about its nature comes into view, all sorts of mental and personal problems will dive into the surface. I will show an insight into why people can’t force themselves to wake up physically. Well, I wrote enough about other issues. I will only describe the main problem.

You just think that you can be in control all the time

Indeed, you can control your dreams which are non-physical experiences and you can act in simulations which are made for you to train your value of consciousness multidimensionally, or you are just living up some mind noise stuff with the same effect.

Lucid Dreaming practitioners who try to catch the control thing and test the actual environment or reality frame will do all sorts of things to realize what is real and where they are. The where of course unimportant because you will get development stages in your non-physical life. And you are watched for your goodness. You won’t be suddenly in existing non-physical places without proper training.


We can’t control these experiences all the time because we must not interfere many times with the whole scenery. It is many times a teaching thing for you, no matter how funny or cruel it is. You will develop further from it emotionally, by your reactions and thinking and this is what you are doing in your waking life. The two worlds are equally important because we are learning something all the time. This IS our evolution and not some kind of nonsense monkey thing lol.

So when you can’t suddenly wake yourself up in a bad situation or in the middle of a boring trip somewhere in a nice world, you will be freaked out. This is alone a so-called “fear test” or a nightmare on a popular label because you are in great fear. You fear you will be stuck there. Your body maybe hurts or you are lost and your protective awareness kicks in which you tend to automatically use in physical life.

Stupidly we will try anything to get out from this trap. Well, I’m not that type and we are not similar. Each individual have their own reactions. Most people will fear their comfort zone is unreachable.

If you lose control, just let it happen

I’m speaking from what I’ve learned in my life from outside sources, from others and mostly from personal first-hand experiences. If this happens, don’t panic. You should keep on going on the journey. And btw you may don’t realize what is your task there or you keep missing the message. You may don’t listen to the good word. This is a subjective world and you are interpreting it according to your physical objective thinking with your expectations. You may don’t see or do something which is needed.

You may unable to move physically or an energy stops you according to what you are doing, maybe something can’t get off you, you can’t open a door or you are just lost, thinking omg I will stay here forever. It can happen. It is about testing you, your reactions. Just let it happen and gain some good experiences from these. You may enjoy it next time or use up the time, look around you! Don’t be afraid about your own reactions, these are bad habits from our civilization.

Look around and notice the solidness of a wall, the nature around you, how real it is, how you still think you are in your own world. Maybe you notice sounds, smells, another “people” around you etc. Use up your non-existent time and observe what you have instead of panicking.

The worst is just you will finally wake up. You need to because your biological body will pull you back automatically. Just use up this opportunity and extract information from this situation. If this is new to you, wait for the next similar occasion and deal with it from this perspective. Don’t care about time, while you can spend 20 minutes with sleeping, there, you will spend maybe days.

False Awakening game

Some people will get “false awakenings” which are like this one. You can’t wake up physically and you keep entering realities with restricted memory sets in your mind. Well, you will think you are finally awake but something is always wrong around you. I tend to enjoy them and NEVER had a problem with this. I know most people are freaked out because they act like a fish in an endless water tank, like little children. They think omg, I need to go to work or do something else as a daily routine.

Well, we need to start out somewhere. Not everybody is ready for any non-physical stuff. And the joke is, these are our natural experiences originally, not being a human. Our life, these experiences are all forms or personal interpretations mostly and if not then test in a solid form. I mean in the NP. It depends on each person how these are happening.

I tend to slap my face when these experiences are used up by various sources, like movies and you hear: “it was just a dream”. Really? Define the word “dream” please.

You may share it here below. These are lessons for us to learn about the Wider Reality and ourselves. This is all about our training and physical life is the same in nature. We just experience a very intense facade which we can’t break through so easily.

These two posts about the realness of “dreams” and this dumb labeling here will help more. What is a Dream? Should I repeat it? Non-physical experience, your own personal development.

Please share these articles with your friends and share my ebooks, thank you!

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