Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon – Book Review

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Well, it could make more downloads initially but it was the first version months back. I see people really want to know more about this issue. I tried to purposely avoid teaching techniques and telling exactly how to do it. Maybe in another ebook? It was for the reason to avoid confusion with the basics. Especially if beginners are totally new to this, they can’t digest it at once.

My main goal was touching people who are freaked out this OBE thing even without knowing what is happening and for those, who are just starting practicing it. Just for newbies, giving the basics without nonsense BS talk. This is an art and it needs serious dedication. Even for a decade of daily practice.

Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon

About the Out-of-Body Experience in the ebook

The book contains a step-by-step structure about what is our true nature, where this OBE phenomenon fits into the multidimensional picture. Why people get one at least and why others try to achieve one? Why people don’t realize that not even in dreams they are already “out” but in physical life, we are also out of a body. It just seems to be inside a body. Btw I tried to really help others to dissolve the fear issue because people are playing with this like a child. Then they encounter their own fears and freaked out without knowing a thing.

As I tried to debunk misconceptions, confusion and represent the basics about the what, how and whys, there is a list of sensations and stages of practicing. Furthermore, there is the issue about Sleep Paralysis (SP), Alien Abduction nonsense, shadow people, guides and some others like demons and any religious and fear-based concepts which are only existing in people’s mind. They appear in front of you because you expect to see them.

All of these issues are real but not the way people think they are. They don’t realize what is a thought responsive environment as soon as they leave the physical dimension into Dreamland or they are stuck in an in-between altered state. All sorts of frightening situations can come. This is all about our real development and the physical life is just a facade which we live. People will wash off dreams basically so there’s no hope for everybody. Science and religion are not helping in this.


And at the end of the ebook, I’m explaining how important it is to deal with all of these, where it leads you and how can this be a new doorway into your inner self, your origins as a non-physical being.  I think I try to expand these main issues all the time to let people learn about them, I mean themselves. Also, I try to deal with religious, mediumistic and psychic nonsense all the time and dissolving them for people to lead them out of confusion, lies and fear-based nonsense. We can believe in anything but it will just block out our path.

In the end, everybody can test these facts and experiences out, starting with their dream life or just learning to meditate and practicing Out-of-Body Experience, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, there are many tools to learn about it.

You Are Not a Physical Being: Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature – Book Review

Here is a short review of my second book, titled “You Are Not a Physical Being – Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature. It can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here. Check out my other books there or under the Bookstore menu.

I wrote this book because hundreds of people found my original article about it here. Well, not actually the post itself made me think to share our true nature and help people understand “us” and the non-physical world about our multidimensional nature but I thought it would be a great idea to expand this in a bigger form. Actually, people on Amazon are finding my slowly so it would be nice if Readers here are sharing these. But let’s talk about the book. Not a huge one with useless hundreds of pages but contains the core.

What the book is telling you?

It took me a while to gather my thoughts and just recently I tried to repolish all of the books to make them better and correct some mistakes if I find some. The truth is, I can’t really tell it all in one ebook but I tried my best. This is something which people who are alike in this world and subject can talk out for days and weeks. These topics are good “chat” subjects if you manage to talk out these with somebody.

You Are Not a Physical Being: Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature

The main core is built in it and I tried to gather my thoughts to paint an overall picture about who we are, what is the physical life about. Then what is our physical body which most are identifying themselves, the false body image etc. It is mostly about from where we are coming from, the illusions of birth and death, the life game, what the most are experiencing from it and where we are going “back”?

I strongly recommend to read the Focus Model  (start here) to get a nice picture of our local multidimensional system and it can help much more understanding the whole picture. Nobody needs to believe me, we can all test it out for ourselves. Many adventurers like me already saw the parts of the big picture and some of us went much further as a human being. Nothing extraordinary, you can start it out in your dream life.

The question, do you have the will or intent to do it? Because I’m doing it but no matter what my picture is, you can find out your own. The basics are there. It is not about telling you what to believe.


My hope is that it will help many people over time in realizing their own life as a facade, that nobody needs to suffer, that there is life after death and we were never really human beings. This world is just one from the endless scale of our multidimensional journey. We live lives because we want to.

Our human life, no matter how long it is, maybe 20 years, maybe 90, but it is a tiny moment in our whole game. Time is just doesn’t exist and we are all coming here into physical systems to learn and grow on our own.

Please enjoy the book and leave a nice review on Amazon and on my site too.

Why can’t you wake yourself up from a Dream?

Dreams are very common experiences at least in our world, all of us have a dream each night. There are certain things and problems with this and I expanded my insight on these in my ebooks and on the blog too. Many people can’t recall their dream life, not even having one from bad habits and most of them have no understanding of this dream issue.

Of course, we all have “dreams” but most will wash them off. If people can’t recall any, they are simply unaware of their non-physical life from a bad habit. People don’t have any intention to do anything with them. Why should they? Most of the world’s population doesn’t know what they are. Science says this, other industries are saying that, come on…

Having a dream is one thing but when people’s zero knowledge about its nature comes into view, all sorts of mental and personal problems will dive into the surface. I will show an insight into why people can’t force themselves to wake up physically. Well, I wrote enough about other issues. I will only describe the main problem.

You just think that you can be in control all the time

Indeed, you can control your dreams which are non-physical experiences and you can act in simulations which are made for you to train your value of consciousness multidimensionally, or you are just living up some mind noise stuff with the same effect.

Lucid Dreaming practitioners who try to catch the control thing and test the actual environment or reality frame will do all sorts of things to realize what is real and where they are. The where of course unimportant because you will get development stages in your non-physical life. And you are watched for your goodness. You won’t be suddenly in existing non-physical places without proper training.


We can’t control these experiences all the time because we must not interfere many times with the whole scenery. It is many times a teaching thing for you, no matter how funny or cruel it is. You will develop further from it emotionally, by your reactions and thinking and this is what you are doing in your waking life. The two worlds are equally important because we are learning something all the time. This IS our evolution and not some kind of nonsense monkey thing lol.

So when you can’t suddenly wake yourself up in a bad situation or in the middle of a boring trip somewhere in a nice world, you will be freaked out. This is alone a so-called “fear test” or a nightmare on a popular label because you are in great fear. You fear you will be stuck there. Your body maybe hurts or you are lost and your protective awareness kicks in which you tend to automatically use in physical life.

Stupidly we will try anything to get out from this trap. Well, I’m not that type and we are not similar. Each individual have their own reactions. Most people will fear their comfort zone is unreachable.

If you lose control, just let it happen

I’m speaking from what I’ve learned in my life from outside sources, from others and mostly from personal first-hand experiences. If this happens, don’t panic. You should keep on going on the journey. And btw you may don’t realize what is your task there or you keep missing the message. You may don’t listen to the good word. This is a subjective world and you are interpreting it according to your physical objective thinking with your expectations. You may don’t see or do something which is needed.

You may unable to move physically or an energy stops you according to what you are doing, maybe something can’t get off you, you can’t open a door or you are just lost, thinking omg I will stay here forever. It can happen. It is about testing you, your reactions. Just let it happen and gain some good experiences from these. You may enjoy it next time or use up the time, look around you! Don’t be afraid about your own reactions, these are bad habits from our civilization.

Look around and notice the solidness of a wall, the nature around you, how real it is, how you still think you are in your own world. Maybe you notice sounds, smells, another “people” around you etc. Use up your non-existent time and observe what you have instead of panicking.

The worst is just you will finally wake up. You need to because your biological body will pull you back automatically. Just use up this opportunity and extract information from this situation. If this is new to you, wait for the next similar occasion and deal with it from this perspective. Don’t care about time, while you can spend 20 minutes with sleeping, there, you will spend maybe days.

False Awakening game

Some people will get “false awakenings” which are like this one. You can’t wake up physically and you keep entering realities with restricted memory sets in your mind. Well, you will think you are finally awake but something is always wrong around you. I tend to enjoy them and NEVER had a problem with this. I know most people are freaked out because they act like a fish in an endless water tank, like little children. They think omg, I need to go to work or do something else as a daily routine.

Well, we need to start out somewhere. Not everybody is ready for any non-physical stuff. And the joke is, these are our natural experiences originally, not being a human. Our life, these experiences are all forms or personal interpretations mostly and if not then test in a solid form. I mean in the NP. It depends on each person how these are happening.

I tend to slap my face when these experiences are used up by various sources, like movies and you hear: “it was just a dream”. Really? Define the word “dream” please.

You may share it here below. These are lessons for us to learn about the Wider Reality and ourselves. This is all about our training and physical life is the same in nature. We just experience a very intense facade which we can’t break through so easily.

These two posts about the realness of “dreams” and this dumb labeling here will help more. What is a Dream? Should I repeat it? Non-physical experience, your own personal development.

Please share these articles with your friends and share my ebooks, thank you!

Insomnia – How to solve this problem?

Insomnia can be a real pain when we try to fall asleep and we can’t as we normally tend to. It can be caused by some sources and I’m no way an expert but trying to share what may work. In the distant past, I had it too but it seems to be easy to treat it once you identify the main cause. Mostly mind noise and worries are the root causes.

I can’t tell anybody what to do, how to deal with their life but I can give some tips which may help.

Medications, drugs

First of all, don’t use them to fall asleep. Sleeping is a natural thing, a habit which we tend to do almost every day. I know many people tend to use drugs and medicines. Most of them are bought as the doctor commands it. Unless you have pain and other complicated medical conditions, you normally don’t need any. If you have pain and physical conditions, there are still plenty of natural ways.

Same on bonus nutrients and mineral stuff, like amino acids and chemicals. You will mess up your brain’s chemistry for the long run if you don’t stop using them. Some people will use elements which we naturally make for our body inside our brain. Just don’t mess it up. Continuous using of these will have consequences. Daily meditation will cause greater positive effects on the other hand. Insomnia can be caused by these plus elements and substances which will mess up your brain. The brain is a mechanism which keeps the nervous system and your physical body functioning. You mess it up, you will suffer.

And btw doctors have no intention to keep you healthy, count this fact in.


Sleeping habits, time of the day

It can alter your sleeping patterns also whenever you mess up your natural bedtime and wake up routine. It could be from a new job in the morning or from the weather, napping in the afternoons or not falling asleep when you used to normally. Insomnia also can be caused by these chaotic sleeping habits.

Napping in the afternoon for half an hour or for an hour is ok. You can experiment with it. But count in that you won’t be so sleepy at night. I think it is much better if you have a physically stressful life, then it will definitely help. The natural human sleep comes when the daytime changes into night time and you will feel sleepy and tired. If you don’t fall asleep or you are messed up with your thoughts, worrying about daily kinds of stuff, you can reach the same goal.

Mind noise and mind chat in your head

As I stated previously, insomnia, in this case, can come from a noisy mind. You are just loaded with all sorts of thoughts, worries, tasks for the next day or emotional baggage. The best thing to do is stop talking to yourself and meditation is a great tool in this. You need to stop talking to yourself in your mind, worrying, thinking. You need to let a natural condition take over and you will fall asleep finally.

Btw you will instantly release all your thoughts and emotions in dreamland (non-physical world) and end up in nonsense scenarios where you are running away or experiencing nightmares too.

If it helps, you can stare into the blackness or stay in your head for half an hour or an hour with your closed eyelids and just try to stop your thoughts. Concentrate. If you are successful, you can now fall asleep.


In many cases, you can’t still fall asleep after this method also. Then just wake up and do something. Play a game on your phone or PC, read a book, do something which wears you off finally. Do whatever you can to occupy your focus and mind. This should work.

If you count or expect on these problems before your sleep, make a plan about eliminating the mind noise. For example, try to count down from 100 to 0. And just to mention, in MANY cases the mind noise from daily worries are causing sleep problems on which people will ask for medications from their doctor and still have no natural effect. Only poisoning yourself and messing up your brain’s behavior.

Sometimes it can happen also, that you try to fall asleep but the fight and flight process with your brain will cause it to force you to stay awake. Just think about it. If you don’t let yourself naturally dive into dreamland, insomnia takes over. Too much life problems mixing in your mind? Same route.

Structuring the Afterlife Regions, sort of

I think I should continue with an interesting topic, just like the Afterlife Regions. In non-physical communities and in people’s head, there is too much confusion about this issue. In humanity’s past, psychics and mediums were structuring the non-physical with planes and upper-lower structures. This is just an objectification about something which the early pioneers tried to explore and structure in their mind. It is useful indeed and was, but today, we have a better understanding of this.

If you find it more useful, look into the Focus Model and read about Focus 3. This is a group construct area, a vast place. And to state it, the most never even were humans yet. Don’t try to think in time durations, before-after terms because it is non-existent. We just try to grasp this idea as humans.

We are calling these places as Belief System Territories for a reason. You will see soon, why.

Astral World, Astral Planes – Really?

The “Astral” term is coming from this past era from hundreds or thousands of years ago when people had a way simpler mindset (maybe, who knows from lost materials) and they had no such concepts in their pockets which we have today. This went on until the 20th century. I can’t give you exact dates because, in my opinion, it is already irrelevant here.

So it is termed as Astral World, Astral Planes, Astral Projection, just as Afterlife, Belief System Territories etc. Well, we need to start somewhere. I don’t want to touch authors and others or discredit them so I won’t show names. But it is the same core term for the non-physical world.

The plane thing comes from a totally limited and objectified, mostly religious belief that there are 7 planes and subplanes etc. Also the same for energy bodies and mental and other bodies. I personally don’t believe in these. I hope what I try to tell here is clear. This plane thing is the same as for the scientists as “no, there are 11 dimensions” or “there are “21 dimensions” because the theory states THAT. This is the fact for some groups. For others, the plane thing. For other groups, the atmic and butthic and other planes. Seems to be very ridiculous but they are talking about the same thing.

Upper and Lower non-physical regions

Then there is another structuring which we also tend to use in non-physical groups (AP, OBE, phasing etc, practices and experiences). There are upper and lower regions or branches in the local non-physical world, at our local “Afterlife” system. Meanwhile, this structuring is only symbolic. You can’t really structure a relatively timeless and spaceless world with physical meanings because this is how people are interpreting it if they tend to do it.

Maybe Flatlanders will have a big problem with this. They are all over on our planet too. To let you know, most entities are Flatlanders because they are unaware of their multidimensional nature. So they see their world “flat”, like a plane. Like we are physically on the street.

To keep it short, upper means the worlds where entities are unaware of their true nature, lower means the heavens and nasty places and where people are struggling and keep abusing themselves. This is now a strict fact. These places are reconstructing human life as the most lived it up. Nothing mystical, heavens and hells are partly belief construct, mostly the “being” level for the most. Chances are they won’t realize they are there or they are physically dead. You will carry your own value of awareness there too.

The Lower regions

It is a nasty place if not mundane. I know some people, also authors who were there and one of my friend who is projecting since his childhood and have 4 decades of experiences told and shared stories about being in these “badlands”. A wall full of screaming lost souls? Nasty. But this is just a representation of the believed hell concept. This is not the real hell for the most.

You won’t ever touch these places if you don’t give energy towards them or you don’t believe in these. I mean the nastiest ones. But still, you can get soul retrieval jobs to help out others. Well, as far as I know, if somebody has the capacity to help others out from these places, their guidance will grab the chance. Maybe you are rescuing another version of yourself with a great chance. Be proud if you did it successfully.

But I’m not spreading fear and never did. It is just a self-realization thing. If I were a religious leader, I would definitely say that you will burn in hell lol.  Don’t fear these places, fear needs to be faced. Our human life is partly about that too.

Meanwhile, mostly, lower places are representations of post-human worlds and places. This is a hard fact. All the heavens and hells are like that. Entities are no longer human and they carried their emotional baggage there. This waits for the most. This is about human life too, learning to consciously control yourself.


The Middle, Rehabilitation

To derive the “route” from the Focus Model, Focus 2 leads us here through the Transition Zone and some people can be stuck in the Void or 3D blackness. There are entrance structures too which some people can experience while they are practicing an OBE.

As far as I know, there are many rehabilitation centers and places, schools to learn, where people can “heal” from their trauma of transitioning back if they need help. People died in cancer and all nasty and bad conditions, died in accidents can be found here. These hospitals and other nice grassy places, parks can be visited anytime while we are living physical life also with practice. These are only objective structures in a subjective world where we need these on a supply and demand basis.

Any places in the NP are serving the purpose of adjusting back to this world and plan out something other than what we lived up or experienced. No, not in a sequential manner, there is no time, remember that fact. Do you need some healing? Right, specialists will help you and you are free to go. Relatively. Some people will see them as angels, doctors, priests etc.

The Upper regions

Entities are living a rather free life here, they know they are in a thought responsive world. And still, they eat, sleep, work lol. This could be the neutral state. They don’t need to! You don’t have a body anymore, you have thoughts etc but because the most post-humans don’t want to change and because they are carrying the same mindset, they “can” choose to do the same. This is not a punishment, we are all doing this to ourselves. This is just a learning loop about ourselves. Maybe I’m mixing this up with the lower regions but this is the place where the “dead and proud of it” are living.

Btw I was in many NP cities over my NP life and these people in these places will think I’m from “there”, a local. They can chase you if you kick up the rules or doing strange things. Many “dreamers” have no idea when they are messing with the locals and thinking this is just a “subconscious” game.

This Afterlife place is like that. You are free – even in the nasty places – to do and choose to live as you wish. Guidance won’t interfere, they can’t. This is our own learning path. Sometimes we need to do some jobs or learn, I guess this is decided by our other versions (guides).

So the nicest places, cities, regions, anything is in the Upper region. But remember, the non-physical or Astral is endless. Only your imagination is the limit. People on the “highest” levels are the ones, who are “dead and proud of it”. Nice cities, places are there. They are training also themselves for another physical lifetime.

Now this is the real issue, these “people” are completely aware of that they are in the NP and they can still live a human life in cities but they can shred their post-existence off finally and move on to play with other things. Meanwhile, the other parts were not aware of anything. They are fully in their struggle or unchanged illusional mindset. We can call it a low and high vibrational structure.

The highest places are pure places and close to the level like Focus 4. I was there a few times but I’m still not sure about which level was that. Of course, there are no levels, we just structure it that way. There are pure light based places without observable forms. Or if there are forms, they are the “highest” in this sense.


Where you will end up? It is mostly up to your resonant beliefs and mindset. You can believe in all nonsense of satanic and bad places but if you are a good-hearted person, you will not get close to badlands. I guess this is clear enough. The Afterlife is a vast place which we created all together to help ourselves adjusting back. Like a middle place for using physical lives and resting.

Nobody needs to fear anything because even if they end up in the nasty regions, they can choose to stop what they are doing and ask for help! They need to realize what they are doing which is not easy. Then help will come soon. I repeat it, I’m not spreading fear, this is an observable fact, projectors can visit these places. Even dreamers with enough lucidity or without intention.

Beliefs are needed to live physical life but they need to be eliminated upon returning to the non-physical or Astral world. Physical life gives this chance to do it while we are intensively focusing on our daily life. These are already observable facts as projecting is a popular fashion these days and being more aware.

Edited on 24th of october in 2018.