What is a Sleep Class in Dreamland?

Yes, sleep class in the non-physical world or so-called “dreamland”. It is rarely discussed and I guess not so many people know about this experience but I will share some insights about what I know about it. And indeed I was and maybe you were in countless ones.

Let’s see what is a sleep class and what do people or any physically living entity experiences it, like us.

Sleep Class is something like a waiting process

Whenever we fall asleep, almost always we get a blackout period. I tried to search on this, having chat with some friends about non-physical stuffs and also on my journeys. I guess this issue needs some personal answers for me later. But if you tend to blackout, your conscious awareness is relatively offline. I mean, you are unaware of what you are doing. Billions are not even aware without a sleep class also. Just they have no intent for this.

Your consciousness keeps experiencing in other realities, using other bodies or perception, using up parallel lives also. You can switch into them to try them. But to keep it short, as we fall asleep normally, there is some kind of repair or downloading process, which is a pure guess even for the best projectors. But sleep class is a sure thing.

Many many, countless humans (or others if not humans) are in some sort of classes. And if I say, class, imagine a normal school class with chairs and desks. You are there but chances are, you are unaware fully of your experiences. Maybe you catch one consciously at the end. Many people are learning at this point whatever they get. Many entities in the NP are teaching others. Why? Because they need it, those who are still learning about multidimensional life, their nature of this and about themselves. If I could say, almost the same as dream simulations.

If you are unaware of this process, it won’t mean you didn’t do anything there. Remember, you are multidimensional, you WERE aware but have no intent to remember. It is confusing, I know.

sleep class

Why are you unaware of this experience?

Well, with practice, you can still sit in some and realize you are “there”, other than your physical world. I can’t count how many times I experienced one and walked out. It can be just a simulation if not a real classroom, you will know it with practice. LD tools will help surely. Just don’t hurt others and insult them, not even if they are assholes. But at these places, people are normal.

The root cause is just a bad habit. We are conditioned by our infant ages that we will fall asleep because the next day awaits for us (more brainwashing, mmmm, love it). This goes on and on for years and decades, it will be a habit. Same for the most, who are unaware even that they are “dreaming”.

And I need to repeat, you don’t need to be aware if you don’t want to. Personal development is not for everybody in a conscious form. This is just one opportunity. If somebody is interested in these, he/she will dig into that. Common sense.

What about practiced projectors?

If somebody is a well-practiced projector, he/she can still project into a classroom. Don’t forget that time is non-existent in the Wider Reality, you will just go into one with some others. There are many personal stories on the web, where some people are sitting together in a classroom and learning about (for example) thoughts and what they are causing. Some teacher characters will be there waiting for you. A form is just a form.

Sometimes I tend to teach others in the same manner, not in a class but personally. Funny how our multidimensional life works, isn’t it? You share what you got. People, who are always aware of their NP life, will surely notice these things like me. And we are learning about these endlessly, it won’t end in one weekend or in a decade.

But what I tried to point out is that projectors don’t need to blackout if they can project directly into Focus 3 or Focus 2. It takes years, even a decade of practice for trial and error for the most. But it worths it. You have the advantage to pass the in-between process and keep your awareness online. But it is really hard to figure it out for yourself.

To sum this up, if you imagine how a sleep class looks like, people are relatively sleeping somewhere in the non-physical world, in buildings, facilities, at desks lol. You can even believe from your thoughts that you are sitting with familiar people. Funny, isn’t it?

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