What is a Sleep Class in Dreamland?

Yes, sleep class in the non-physical world or so-called “dreamland”. It is rarely discussed and I guess not so many people know about this experience but I will share some insights about what I know about it. And indeed I was and maybe you were in countless ones.

Let’s see what is a sleep class and what do people or any physically living entity experiences it, like us.

Sleep Class is something like a waiting process

Whenever we fall asleep, almost always we get a blackout period. I tried to search on this, having chat with some friends about non-physical stuffs and also on my journeys. I guess this issue needs some personal answers for me later. But if you tend to blackout, your conscious awareness is relatively offline. I mean, you are unaware of what you are doing. Billions are not even aware without a sleep class also. Just they have no intent for this.

Your consciousness keeps experiencing in other realities, using other bodies or perception, using up parallel lives also. You can switch into them to try them. But to keep it short, as we fall asleep normally, there is some kind of repair or downloading process, which is a pure guess even for the best projectors. But sleep class is a sure thing.

Many many, countless humans (or others if not humans) are in some sort of classes. And if I say, class, imagine a normal school class with chairs and desks. You are there but chances are, you are unaware fully of your experiences. Maybe you catch one consciously at the end. Many people are learning at this point whatever they get. Many entities in the NP are teaching others. Why? Because they need it, those who are still learning about multidimensional life, their nature of this and about themselves. If I could say, almost the same as dream simulations.

If you are unaware of this process, it won’t mean you didn’t do anything there. Remember, you are multidimensional, you WERE aware but have no intent to remember. It is confusing, I know.

sleep class

Why are you unaware of this experience?

Well, with practice, you can still sit in some and realize you are “there”, other than your physical world. I can’t count how many times I experienced one and walked out. It can be just a simulation if not a real classroom, you will know it with practice. LD tools will help surely. Just don’t hurt others and insult them, not even if they are assholes. But at these places, people are normal.

The root cause is just a bad habit. We are conditioned by our infant ages that we will fall asleep because the next day awaits for us (more brainwashing, mmmm, love it). This goes on and on for years and decades, it will be a habit. Same for the most, who are unaware even that they are “dreaming”.

And I need to repeat, you don’t need to be aware if you don’t want to. Personal development is not for everybody in a conscious form. This is just one opportunity. If somebody is interested in these, he/she will dig into that. Common sense.

What about practiced projectors?

If somebody is a well-practiced projector, he/she can still project into a classroom. Don’t forget that time is non-existent in the Wider Reality, you will just go into one with some others. There are many personal stories on the web, where some people are sitting together in a classroom and learning about (for example) thoughts and what they are causing. Some teacher characters will be there waiting for you. A form is just a form.

Sometimes I tend to teach others in the same manner, not in a class but personally. Funny how our multidimensional life works, isn’t it? You share what you got. People, who are always aware of their NP life, will surely notice these things like me. And we are learning about these endlessly, it won’t end in one weekend or in a decade.

But what I tried to point out is that projectors don’t need to blackout if they can project directly into Focus 3 or Focus 2. It takes years, even a decade of practice for trial and error for the most. But it worths it. You have the advantage to pass the in-between process and keep your awareness online. But it is really hard to figure it out for yourself.

To sum this up, if you imagine how a sleep class looks like, people are relatively sleeping somewhere in the non-physical world, in buildings, facilities, at desks lol. You can even believe from your thoughts that you are sitting with familiar people. Funny, isn’t it?

Is a Lucid Dream even real? Everything is real!

Many many people tend to question the realness of Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Vivid Dreams, even Astral Projections, OBE’s, NDE’s, anything around. I just wonder why? You are there, you see the realness and whenever you return back to the physical world, you wash it off. I could say, well, I was in the same shoes a long time ago but not really.

From my early childhood, I was always a conscious non-physical experiencer in Lucid Dream format. With years of knowledge and learning about anything I could accumulate, I knew what it was about. Of course, what you can gather from various sources, most of them are useless.

I totally understand why people tend to think something is not real, even when it is much real than the physical world. Like a non-physical guide talking to you or staring into your face, it is as physical as it can be. So, it can be much real because the physical universe (this one for example) is just a training system from countless ones. An end result in which we use intensive focus on our primary “life”. But what the most learned in their life will limit them down very strongly. You deny it, it won’t reveal itself.

Dreams… wait a minute what seems to be the Dream or Lucid Dream?

So, to keep it short as an explanation, you are in the non-physical world where dreams are played out in different forms. Forget symbolism, it won’t answer a thing or rarely. Simulations as a training for you directly, living up some fears or previous days, being in existing physical and non-physical places etc. The variations are endless and you are spamming these experiences with your thoughts and emotions. It is instant, you won’t realize it without practice. You release a slight emotion, the scenery will change.

So our perspective is that if we are in a fully conscious experience (dream), it feels solid, physical, “real”, right? It IS real. I don’t know how many times I told this as a help to people, realizing their experiences. It is real and they will deny it upon waking up here. It doesn’t fit into their limited understanding.

You are there and your physical life is the dream. You just don’t use those memory sets because if you did, you would suddenly wake up. Your thoughts about the physical life will act as a magnet. They will suddenly pull your consciousness back to your body to keep it operating again with you as the master.

If you are awake “here”, then dreamworld is unreal. This is a wrong habit and people are living in denial. You need hundreds of experiences to convince yourself believing that it IS real and always was. Falling asleep equals waking up to your true nature “there”. The physical life is a facade, just a training ground for our consciousness but we tend to stuck with objectivity and the illusion.

Same as thinking as science does that we are the center of the Universe and everything is beyond and far in the distance and that everything comes from this physical Universe, right? Quite the opposite.

lucid dream

How this realness problem and denying dreams will cause confusion after physical “death”

No wonder how billions will still think they are human beings. They never trained themselves to be aware of their true nature in the non-physical world while living a human life, they will end up in confusion after their physical “death” and being totally lost and attached to human nature. This will end in living in various heavens and hells until they get bored and continue the same life, building cities and living the same way lol.

We have the opportunity to explore our true nature via dreams. The word “dream” is a misleading label and people are just starting to learn about them these decades. If not learning, then waiting as an immature child for somebody to explain them, like me or others.

I need to add that this awareness thing is NOT for everybody. Most can’t handle this. They just need a simple human life and go back.

Lucid Dream is just one label to explain the realness of being in another reality frame

It is called – I guess – lucid dream because people will feel it real and some people created a nice term for it. Of course, it is real. People will test the environment, do childish things like hurting the locals (if they are in existing places), use superpowers, flying, kicking, going through walls, messing up the environment etc. The most won’t realize what they are doing and don’t want to. Why I find this important? Because they will cause their own confusion and nightmares.

The realness will depend on your awareness level. If you are not well-trained with zero knowledge about where you are or what you are doing, your progress will just stagnate. You are never alone, it just feels that way. We are helping each other on all levels of existence in many forms.

The Wider Reality (from where we are jumping into physical universes) wants you to develop and grow up, face your fears, become aware of your true nature. Our true nature is NOT about being a physical human or any other lifeforms. We are multidimensional and some people slowly start to realize this fact. But the most won’t ever, not in a thousand other lifetimes.

You may find my other post useful about this multidimensional thing here, or browse the bookstore.


If you stay open or become open about what is real or possible, you will realize this soon and open up new doors for yourself. Btw I find it funny that dreaming itself is for everybody and people are just not really interested in a natural thing. Many people don’t even have conscious dreams, just nothingness. Maybe social conditioning and believing in a brain-consciousness model makes this out of the most. Or thinking that a “subconscious” concept rules you.

Btw many many people will just deny their experiences because they are nightmares, experiencing their own fears and they DON’T want to face them.

People having NDE, OBE, projection or any sorts of altered states still tend to question the realness. Some people can’t be helped but need just more of these to realize the realness. Well, we need many experiences surely to help us decide the realness.