Communication in Dreamland – How it works?

Communication in the Dreamworld is not working the way what people imagine with human thinking. I thought this will be a great explanation about how we are communicating there. No matter how we get there into the non-physical world, where dreams are taking place. I need to repeat this statement many times to help people realize where they are and that everything is real. Sorry about that : )

We can go there via normal sleep, becoming fully conscious with practice. Or we can practice Astral Projection, Phasing, Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body Experience etc whatever fits your method and they are taking place there. But how do we communicate in the non-physical world? Not the way people tend to think as humans right now. It seems physical but because this is what we learned in our world as we need a “language” nation by nation.

How the NP works in this case?

So you have a full awareness like dream state, people call it Lucid Dream and you will interact with local entities or with anybody, maybe with just a belief construct like an angel or alien. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be fully aware because it needs years of practice to stay calm and grounded without releasing thoughts in a thought responsive world.

As you are “there” in another reality frame (other than your original physical one), you can speak, hear, see, touch, smell. You can copy all your original 5 senses. The paradox in this is that you are generating a body each time without knowing about it but it can be always different. It varies on expectations. You can be an alien, an animal, your original self, a globe of consciousness etc. No wonder how people are misinterpreting all sorts of encounters with aliens and animals lol. Expectations…

So speaking is non-existent there. Everybody, each entity with or without a form are using telepathy, that is the natural communication tool. They read your mind, you can also with practice. The translation to your language is instant and takes place naturally. Your own filter according to your expectations is doing it. I’m not talking about parallel lives and acting in them right now but they are working like the physical world obviously. Sometimes you just don’t know where you are.

For example, I’m Hungarian and for me, it is Hungarian. But I can still hear and talk in English because I have practice in it from decades. This is automatic, it is up to me and my reaction. Also, I’m well experienced in many types of “talking”. It can be funny. For newbies, it is horrible and frightening, they never got used to it.


Vocal Cords? Not really…

You tend to think you will use your vocal cords for communication. Wrong lol. You have no body, just the illusion of it. You are not using a cord to vibrate the air. The ground rules are non-existent according to physical universes. It is just not like that, it feels like that. The fact that it feels so real and physical proves that everything is real. More real many times with proper awareness because our physical focus is persistent and too intense.

There are two scenarios. You can still feel you are opening and closing your actual mouth, forming words, shouting. Sometimes you will fail with this soon. Other times you are not even speaking with anything, but it feels like you ARE speaking in your head.

Of course, you don’t have a head but you are chatting in your mind and others will “hear” it. I guess you got my point here. This is our original and natural world and circumstances. In physical worlds whenever we are “born” again with a body, we need to adjust to it and learn using a physical vehicle with our consciousness. There, we no longer need a body. Well, it will happen – this realization – at least after physical death, right?

Funny things can happen whenever people try to shout in great fear from stupid fear tests (nightmares) and they can’t say anything. They won’t have a mouth or voice. Most people never got used to this thing because they are unaware of their non-physical life via sleep. That is the normal thing in our world.

Information is a condense thing there

To communicate as a natural non-physical entity, no matter you have a vocal cord, a mouth to speak with or just your thoughts to shout them or talk to yourself as a commentary, it is telepathy. Your expectations will initially tell you that you are still acting physically. If you would see the real NP, it would be an endless empty space (not all of it) like the 3D void in Focus 2. Btw communication is not just about talking, it can be symbolic as many people tend to experience it. Symbols, impressions, colors, forms of many kinds, there are no limits. I’m just talking about the vocal cord thing.

If somebody communicates with you, they still need to adjust to your limited perception and limit down their information. If not, then you are limiting and filtering it down with your own thinking. This is automatic also. Many times information packages are given to us in a very condensed form and we will have the whole information in small steps, even in daily life. Just popping into our “head” as an answer to a problem or something which was there but you can now reach out for more.

In the end, it is telepathy and in our physical world, humanity is just starting to understand it, if not practicing or denying it. Some people CAN use it and it can be a very freaky thing, practicing it with somebody who is unaware of this and you can hear his/her thoughts. There is much more to life, huh?

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