Avengers – Infinity War (2018) – How half of the Universe died off

Maybe I just got caught up on the idea of writing about this great movie of another Avengers sequel. I just saw the movie and I was a little bit confused about the whole storyline because it was clear to me that Thanos is a cruel titan before, who tries to get the infinite power. This article will be mostly about him.

Who didn’t see the movie yet, I would suggest to first watch it because I will tell here, what has happened. I only share my perception but everybody will see it. Of course, I’m no way near to a comic book master and these movies are for entertainments only.

Enjoy. I mean, the movie lol.

How the previous Avengers movies with all stand alone ones led us here

Quite interesting how the previous movies made up the actual act-line led us to this movie. I’m repeating I may be wrong here or there but it won’t change the actual facts.

All of the heroes with stand alone and group movies were representing great characters. Some are ridiculous (sorry lol) and some are awesome. My favorites are Tony Stark with his sarcastic jokes, power and determinism and Thor with his power, god-like nature and attitude also. Well, they don’t like each other so much but got big roles again. I like how the strings are running towards Tony always.

So the storyline is simple, Thanos is gathering the infinity stones. No matter what, he kills for his purpose. But only in this movie we see how he explains the unavoidable fate of his role in this big game. Who knows his story from comic books may know also, that he is the one who supposed to make the balance. It is out of hand. Vision already told the Avengers team that since these events started, more and more heroes and villains are appearing like a balancing act from the whole Universe. It needs to be this way if it is out of hand.

They had their fights but eventually, this event is unavoidable. Even Doctor Strange did his math while levitating on planet Titan (Thanos’ home planet) and saw many outcomes. We have almost no chance to win. So we need to fight but it seems to be useless. And some idiots are ruining it (oops Starlord). I guess many fans will be sad of their favorite characters’ deaths or vanishing.

I have a feeling that Tony survived because Strange knew that he will somehow find out a solution as a smart guy. Just a speculation but Tony can figure out things. Also, this is his tragedy that he can’t quit ever and have a normal life. Eventually, I wonder what’s about the Godkiller Armor, which is made only for him.


About the Infinity Stones

Those stones are remnants of previous universes, packed into these gems. Like a neutron star in dense matter. They were at different places in the Universe and we also know their stories from previous movies, like what is shown at the Collector.

Once, Celestials were there in big numbers and the Universe was like a battle zone. Also, there is a celestial head, known as Knowhere. Maybe my knowledge about this is not so shiny but they were killed all. I wonder how the One Above All is just observing these events as the Watchers. He only shows up once for Spiderman in a comic release.

But to keep it short Thanos is one from the few according to his race and advancement with the knowledge to gather these stones and still able stay alive. The gauntlet is only bringing them together and charging their power through their ruler. Well, it is obvious, we need a device to keep them in one place and use them according to their functions.

The tragedy is that all those deaths and battles are for this gauntlet and for the stones. Btw the gauntlet in Asgard was fake OR a copy. Or both. I remember, fans got the screenshot in the first Thor movie where ice giants are running away. Hela also said it is fake. Well, it was just a vault for Odin.

Why is it important to gather the stones?

If those stones are in one place and the master smacks his fingers, the game is over. Half of the Universe needs to be wiped out. That is the ultimate goal.

To go deeper into this issues, as far as I know, Thanos tries to impress Lady Death somehow. Funny how she is more on Deadpool also lol. Well, there are still some cosmic characters whom we don’t know. The Living Tribunal and Adam Warlock, my favorite one Captain Marvel still comes etc. This is just scene no.1.  eventually.

To gather them, it is for one purpose, which Thanos only truly understands. He has fate and the Universe needs balance. That is what is the main cause, not that Thanos is a cruel alien. He has the role in this MCU Multiverse. He tells that he once denied his fate.

The Avengers almost have no power against him, meanwhile, there are scenes where he seems to be defeated. Btw that is why he doesn’t wear any armor pieces other than his torso one. He doesn’t need it because the enemies are meaningless according to his powers. Even without the stones.

The balance

It is a repeating thing in the movie and in previous ones. There is a balance in a finite universe, where there are too many heroes, there will be as much or as powerful counterforces like villains and negs. We can see the cruel and evil but it is obvious that all are playing their part in a virtual game. If a new powerful hero shows up, somebody needs to get the balance on the other side.

If he doesn’t wipe out of the population anywhere he just goes (Gamora’s home planet), they would still struggle as a nation from being poor and without food supply. Thanos knows what is the price. Half of the heroes and I guess humanity and of course, every race’s half of the population diminishes after he got his job done. Balance is restored and he knows what price did he pay.

Actually, I searched back what was that vanishing thing at the end of the movie and it seems like it is the aftereffect of his smack of fingers. But those characters may be in another timeline.

Thanos and his fate

As stated above, he suffers really. He sacrificed his stepdaughter also. Very sad how key characters are vanishing and dying. I will be curious about the next movies.

I remember years back how I was amazed by the whole story from comic books about how Thanos has his path and what would happen. Well, a movie can’t give back our imagination fully and comics but they did their best I guess. It is interesting to see how somebody has the power of a whole Universe and he can do anything. Eventually, if he doesn’t do it, somebody else should. It is the same for Adam Warlock and the Living Tribunal also and there are some other timeline universes also.

But his cinematic evolution is interesting how he turns out to be just somebody who tries to do his job, seemingly being cruel. In the end, he is sad really. This whole story is. We can call him cruel or evil as a character but eventually, it is just perception.


Well, Thor managed to get another eye lol and now he has a new weapon. That dead neutron star was unreal, also that it didn’t kill him but come on, this is a movie. It is fun and awesome.

Thor amazes me with his powers all the time and at the end, he almost gets Thanos but no use. I just wonder if Thanos watches the sunset or sunrise, what will he do next time. Eventually, this story is just half the way still.

Actually, at the end of Thanos’ victory, he is phasing into the soul gem and talking with the young Gamora. I’m curious how she will come back. That place is orange as the soul stone itself. Maybe next time Antman and the Wasp will step in with Captain Marvel also.

I’m curious how the original timeline will be corrected or modified further if it continues in the next Avengers movie. One thing is sure, that this movie was just one quick act-line and it isn’t ended yet. Without the standalones, we couldn’t see him show up.

Enjoy the movie.

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