What causes the Poltergeist phenomenon?

This post will be relatively short about explaining the poltergeist phenomenon.

These events do occur but very few people know what is causing them. No, mostly not ghosts but somebody with uncontrolled behavior. The non-physical world is on a different reality level, right here. Not upwards or down or in the distance elsewhere. All worlds are connected as we are.

What is psychokinesis?

I could roam around this term but it has many subcategories like telekinesis or pyrokinesis. Nice terms to keep it cool. Psychokinesis is a nice collective term about what the non-physical mind through our physical body and brain device can cause to the external surroundings. It is real as the Sun on the sky. People will deny it because it doesn’t fit into “normal” mundane life.

I’ve read a story a year ago somewhere about a girl. She had so sudden pyrokinesis occurrences that she caused fires at random places. I guess these events may make people think about what is actually REAL.

Some people have abilities, some haven’t seemingly. This means that we all have some abilities to a certain degree but some people can control them, some can close them out from childhood and some can’t control them at will. Most people don’t have them because they block them out. Many of us just never used them and/or blocked them out from childhood. Not the abilities themselves but our potential.

Our mind is capable of very interesting things if we learn to use it the proper way. It takes effort.


I guess if people hear this term, they will freak out of imagining bad ghosts roaming around wardrobes or tables and pushing them. The truth is and what I found out is that these psychokinetic movements are caused by the actual person, who is there. It is mostly true for children, who have strong emotional disturbances for various reasons. A great fear for example or emotional bursts.

Also what I found is that puberty is related to this. The transformation of the young child to a young adult so to speak. Fighting with the world.

Emotions are commands towards the non-physical

Emotions with added commands towards the non-physical world can do much interesting and horrible stuff. Emotions can cause movements on physical objects which would not move in normal cicrumstances. Not some kind of spirits are doing that but you.

Emotions are subjective messages in a telepathic way. If you pack intention behind your messages, it can deliver interesting results into your life.

People who practice telekinesis and anything around do try to achieve these movements by years of practice but a very few found out that emotional charges are causing more end results.

Control your emotions, that’s the trick.

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