How Reality Overlays are working

I guess nowadays the majority have no idea about how they (very often) experience all kinds of reality overlays in our physical world. Or rather mostly while they are asleep and being partly or fully aware in the non-physical world. Mostly while being asleep and being conscious to a certain degree in Dreamland.

Reality overlays, in general, an ESP experience when somebody here or there notices any kinds of phenomenon which is unnoticeable for the most or somehow otherworldly.

Some examples:
– sensing and seeing entities around you in your daily life
– seeing energies or any visually interesting stuff
– in the non-physical, while you are dreaming, you don’t notice the scenery changes smoothly
– poor thought control in the NP and you are – without any signs – suddenly in another scene or world
– good thought control but still not the biggest awareness to notice the changes

Physical reality overlays and their mechanics:

People who are more tuned in non-physical energies “around” them, seeing entities, any phenomenon, hearing voices etc, they are all reaching out the source of that database, mostly without any intent. This is my best understanding explaining these phenomena up to date.

People who experience more beyond the physical world are more tuned into these experiences. They are not blocking out what the most is according to their beliefs. Most of them are freaked out and have no basic knowledge about the noticed experiences. People call it paranormal but it is misleading.

The whole overlay thing comes from the basic understanding of the Focus Model on my page, explaining it. Don’t get hung up on the strict explanation but it is s good pointer. Read about the Focus Model here.

reality overlay

Non-physical reality overlays:

Basically, we are in a thought responsive environment when the physical vehicle falls asleep. Our consciousness (the “you”) doesn’t cease to exist, only you tend to blackout from civilizational bad habit of falling asleep from early childhood. Projecting at will is about this notion, to stop blacking out your consciousness. It takes effort, dedication, and strong intent.

When you are in any given reality while your body is asleep, now your thoughts are instantly creating. Meaning that if you can’t control your thoughts, you will jump in and out of places, release emotions in a strong loop etc. So you can, for example, be on a nice beach and you are just walking and next time instantly you are in a house without realizing the transition.

Experiencing consciously or unconsciously, this reality shift thing alone shows you that everything exists at the same place and everything already also does exist. Probable and parallel worlds and selves of you, Belief System Territories for post-humans, Dreamland, all are real and without boundaries. Not mentioning non-human worlds and races.

The significance of these reality overlay thing is that we are truly multidimensional in nature and we are already existing in any realities in which we have tasks or interests. We are not traveling anywhere, only our perception changes to any degrees.

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