Status report at the end of march of 2018.

I was relatively absent from writing newer posts and there are many now in stock. I was curious about trying myself out on Reddit. I was also thinking about making changes for the readers to not get lost around the posts, also I will edit many older posts because they are a little bit too long or too condensed in format and sometimes messy as I’m developing further in this.

Let’s begin a newer status report here.

Lurking on Reddit subforums for more than a month

Over maybe more than a month, I tried myself out on various subreddits like firstly in LucidDreaming. I’ve got soon the first ban about mentioning real information for people who needed help and deeper understanding of their dreams. Also my site (ok ok no self-promoting). The admin group tried to avoid mentioning anything other than dreams, totally misleading people and not even knowing that dreams are misleading as a label.

So I’ve asked (it is ridiculous, I just wanted to help where it is needed) the admins through a reply to unlock me posting there and accepted the ridiculous rules. It happened then later maybe 1 or 2 weeks passed by with helping on a daily basis. Then I tried to avoid mentioning anything about my blog site and anything which doesn’t fit there.

So no astral projection, no “esoteric BS”, no-nonsense “paranormal” (not my words!), no non-physical. So people are asking for help and they won’t get a real one! That’s the situation on Reddit. Guessing, generalizations, religious belief to resonate with… But I know that the most like to fool themselves.

As I was helping my “last” poster there in LD sub and dared mentioned again that I can’t write down any of above, I was banned instantly in less than half an hour. Ok, I said that’s it. That guy was surprised lol.

I was chatting and replying many many people through PM’s or direct messages and the mods didn’t tolerate it. Many people were thankful and I banned an asshole for being rude to me and aggressive which attitude I never deserved. But I don’t take it personally.

Later I tried myself in more reliable subs as Dreams, Psychic, SoulNexus. Actually, a pretty nice somebody invited me to SN to see what can I do there. I also touched LawOfAttraction to try un-doctrinate people thinking as a mindless zombie as the LOA followers but gave up, I can’t beat a bad religious system, fooling people themselves endlessly. So the first 3 was there. Weeks passed by and I was flushed with questions under posts and via PM. The traffic towards me was so huge at answering people’s concerns and fears that I couldn’t even follow who was who. I apologized to many people about that lol.

Don’t take my words wrong, in LOA sub, I respected other’s beliefs and only talked with those who were doubting the whole, also who was lost in life as on other subs and found a solution for them. Well for most of them.

Around 75-100 people surely was keeping in contact with me but most of them already gave up after they got their answers and all are free to believe what they would like to. I’m educating and helping, not indoctrinating. Actually, in life, just a few people will be really open for more.

My experiences from Reddit at the finish

I’m still amazed in a vastly NEGATIVE way how people are not interested in long-term solutions. Many people who were interested in my knowledge found me, we talked a lot, many were redirected to my blog site here and I’m seeing daily how many people are actually reading my content. That is a good thing.

I’m talking about people full of life problems, stress, nightmares, serious questions. They don’t need real answers. They give up. Well done.

Also, a bunch of people already started the mentorship program and we were/are chatting in emails so don’t be afraid of contacting me if you thought about it.

But the main characteristics of these subs and I guess that the most are young people, very young, around the elementary and high school. I’ve met many above around their 30’s and above which I liked. But I think I had enough of constant replying, people are only choosing the answers which will resonate with their beliefs. Maybe I have a straight mindset when I help and say real info but you can’t judge anybody after some rows of serious sentences.

People are flushing up their nightmares in those subs. Dreams and PSI phenomenon mostly. Nobody can help somebody who never grew up and doesn’t want to, my job is done there, it was a good experiment. Who looked up my site, will find me here.

My Reddit account is now deleted and maybe I sometimes regret this decision but I would rather make my blog site more interesting later and my services if I will add more.

One thing turned out to be obvious: people need my help and it seems like my best subs were around dreams and psychic stuff. But for one man like me, it is too much, replying every day and people not even being interested in a reply. I RESPECT those who thanked my help and they made me happy. Really. I’ve met many nice people and I wish them reading what I share here and make contact with me anytime.

My post reply count was around 180-200 in the end (not sure, maybe much more), meaning that maybe half of them were the post numbers. Private messages were flashing me, I didn’t know sometimes what did I accept as a challenge there lol. 97% of people were nice and rely on my help. Thank You all.

I’m still open to private contact anywhere.

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