Experiencing Dream Scene Changes without noticing them

What is a dream? Experiencing it nowadays turns out to be a gift or coincidence for many people. I always thought everybody experience dreams but not really. What causes that lack of experience is denying anything other than the physical world’s existence and lack of knowledge. Also being not really interested in what is beyond this world.

With practice and using your intent being aware in your dreams falls into the category of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting. It is just a dumb label, you are aware that you are elsewhere other than the physical world. But I’m not saying anything new here. Who wants to find out how things are working out, they will do it.

How are unnoticed scenes intertwined?

So you are in a dream scene, running away from a monster or you are just being on a nice adventure. At one point in the scene, you are now elsewhere. You are running on a plain grassy field and the next time you are in a house. But how???

So you are in the non-physical world, many times in a simulation according to your expectations and you are experiencing reality overlays and fluctuations according to your poor thought control. Simply put, you can’t still control your thoughts and whatever you fear, believe or think will change your surroundings instantly.

So a dream basically is many times a continuous scene changing. When you are aware of dreaming, you will stop acting and do whatever you want to. But still, your beliefs are filtering your experience to a high degree with expectations. That is why people meet demons, monsters, angels, gods. Nonsense.


So a dream is basically a simulation but you can be in existing worlds, places

As stated above. You can be either in a simulated experience by your own mind noise, maybe by external help with training. But in fewer cases, people will be in existing places (non-physical or physical) and have no idea about it. It is ridiculous how many people were already in existing places and still questioning the validity or realness. But noo, it was a dream only…

Reality overlays in all cases can happen, also in false awakenings and be in the so-called Real Time Zone near the physical world. Because all realities are existing here and now at the exact same place, you are filtering them with your belief of traveling somewhere. So they can instantly change as you are – without any noticeable events – jumping between them.

Existing afterlife cities, human and non-human worlds are still there and being as real as the physical world (all of them). People just need to wake up to the fact that everything is real, also their limiting beliefs.

Learning to get more aware and get more control is up to anybody. Meditation helps to focus your thoughts and thought check also helps because you have the same awareness in a dream as here. That is why here you have deep fears, there you won’t escape them if you don’t face and accept them.

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