How to do proper Meditation

Meditation is a very useful tool for calming your mind, solving many mental problems, dealing with stress. You can rarely have Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, anything around. I should note that meditating is just a tool for anything, not a requirement.

Basically, I’m sharing info here about meditation because there are people who are new to understanding their dreams. They have too many problems in ordinary life or just would like to learn first control their minds and travel into the non-physical world.

It all depends on each person, what to do. Before people begin to understand their dreamlife, it is essential to do this practice. Not because it is a must thing but it helps you calm down and concentrate.

The basics

So what is a meditation about? Well, it is about mostly one thing. Stop focusing so intensely in the physical world and life, and rather stop doing anything. Just relaxing and that is all. Most of the bad issues in life can be solved in this way.

You need to give in the effort. You need to look deep inside you and notice the root causes of your problems.

It has many health benefits. Starting with mental problems and I wish that everybody should learn it. Many problems will be solved with this practice alone. And don’t mix it up with spiritualism and religions.

When to do it

You can do it anytime. When you feel yourself a little bit tired or sleepy. Your chances will be much higher to reach much more deep states and projection too as sleep paralysis also.

It is the best to do it in the afternoon, maybe before bedtime: Sometimes you may mess up your sleep if you do it before sleep time. It is a personal decision and feeling on your part. Experiment with it.

How to do it

First, you will need basically a silent place without any disturbing sounds from the outside of the room. Not too cold and not too warm place. It varies on everybody – some people favor using music, binaural or sunshine. Just make sure, nobody disturbs you, even in a forest or park. The best is a dark and silent place.

So as you lay down on your back on your bed, sitting maybe, being on one foot (just kidding), the procedure is the same. You start to get some deep breaths with closed eyes and maintain a slow automatic breathing on which you won’t pay any attention after the first 1-2 minutes. Just start it.

The main purpose is to dive into a deep relaxation which will calm your mind and your body after that. If you have tense body parts, work on them first. But you don’t need to concentrate on your body, just relax.

You should maintain a quiet mind. It will be difficult but it will improve gradually.

So basically you are in deep relaxation. For hong long? For 15, 30, 60 minutes, as long as it is comfortable. If you go “too” deep, you can reach deeper altered states of your own consciousness and now the non-physical world can step in because you let it happen (if you let it). This can cause projection into different realities but chances will depend on each individual. Some people use this for that purpose, some have no results. Don’t worry and don’t fear anything.


Effects will be from a basic meditation like calmness, better concentration, being aware your surroundings, maybe faster regeneration in anything, eliminated stress, better digestion (stomach breathing), energy work and moving energies, solving anxiety and depression, etc.

It is important that you can experience sleep paralysis (from which people freak out because of lack of knowledge, again) if you are more tired or more successful going deeper. You can experience all the sensations which I mentioned in another post here.

The mindset should be a passive observational attitude where you are not letting out any thoughts from your control. Practice it and it it will help with your dreams also.

Edited on 16th of april in 2018.

2 thoughts on “How to do proper Meditation”

  1. I have that.. it is called sleep paralysis I had the strangest dream I was in a haunted house (big place with lots of strange rooms and halls) and very afraid something is following me or trying to hurt me. I go in the kitchen and there is a woman, but she is basically holographic she walks towards me and her body forms holographically but only up to her waist and then she disappears again. I realize I am in paralysis I am in my bed and wake up then go stand up to get to the bathroom , I have a hard time breaking the paralysis getting up to stand u p, but when I stand up it is not my house and I am confused why my bedroom door is in a different location and the bathroom is not outside of it It was very hard to open my eyes but when I do open them I think I better get up or I will go right back into the dream. Very deep sleep so hard to get up. Then I exit the door and am back in the haunted house. Get scared again and am back in paralysis but this time I finally wake up Like In movies where you dream you wake up but are actually still dreaming

    1. I see, you may find this post useful here:

      You experienced fear test and running away instead of facing it, won’t help. Holographic somebody is normal because it is just a representation of a form in a thought responsive world. You experience SP because your consciousness returned too soon, according to your physical brain which keeps your body asleep and it didn’t wake up yet, so it is hard to move. It is a protection to not move while being asleep. If it is not your house then false awakening, meaning you are in another dimension (still) and you are fooling yourself, thinking you are awake, it is part of the non-physical training. As you say, I guess the wider reality tries to test you and make you notice that you can’t escape your fears because you are denying the fact that you should solve and face them. It takes a while to solve this fear thing, so your mindset will help from your daily life.

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