Why the Vast Majority don’t Remember Dreams or don’t even have Dreams?

Some people may have vivid or lucid dreams after years and decades. Meanwhile, most people living in this society in this physical world don’t have even dreams or don’t remember any. And have no idea of what are they other than silly books and people telling them nonsense things.

Why is this and what to do with it?

If you don’t want to experience any non-physicality at all or any psychic phenomenon, you don’t want to improve your experiences while being asleep, stop reading this, please. It is all about your inner being’s non-physical development.

Having no Dreams at all is caused by lack of Awareness and bad civilizational habit of self-programming

Simply put, what children from any era learned from their parents and those parents from theirs? Dreams are nonsense “subconscious” mind noises, hallucinations, anything which is “not normal”.

It is out of the barriers of society, a dumb reality in which the most live and work in a squirrel wheel. Until they – each night – fall into unconsciousness to sleep somehow. Billions are living this life for decades until they pass away back to our source. That’s ok, sort of.

People in non-physical communities and groups have a hard time – the knowledgeable ones – like me to try to explain this to people who didn’t learn anything about non-physicality yet.

People fall asleep, blacking out and wake up next morning, roughly. This is a bad habit, we can call it society’s programming. I repeat it once, I have no intention to force it on anybody, this is by choice.

Bad habits – mainly

So here you go, a bad habit. How people achieve OBE (out-of-body experience), Astral Projection, Phasing Remote Viewing, anything around (all the same) is over-programming this bad habit from decades and open up a whole new world which was there the whole time. But many times the opposite, letting go of this world.

People are freaked out even if they open this door up on their own by any “accident”. Like with meditations, partly asleep states, binaural, any altered states by any tools from fun and from today’s fashions which is harmful.

And still, they don’t know what they are doing. Furthermore, books, websites and people whom these beginners are asking, are talking crap and belief systems are implanted again. That won’t do so much good. There is just too much flaw and lies everywhere.


Having some Vivid Dreams or even Lucid Dreams sometimes is just the beginning

Well, actually I had always many “lucid dreams” until decades later also. But recently I’ve learned that they are much more. Some young children can Astral Project while they are just a few years old or maybe below teen years. And as soon as they tell these experiences to their dumb parents (sorry, that is the case), they will be argued to stop this or ELSE… Children can’t fight about their truth and they have no choice to just stop talking to their friends from another reality.

Many infants at this point will block it out: any non-physical related phenomenon, even a natural ability to travel with their minds into the vast multiverse. That is a shame. I mean how people are treating something which they have no knowledge and block it out even from others from fear. But no, we need to fit into a crap society built on lies and beliefs.

They, We, are humans in this world, we are here for a reason. I agree with this statement, it can cause mental illness in any way. But the hardest part comes decades later when a certain person wants to know more about dreams, projecting, being ready to know more and runs in just craploads of misinformations.

Meanwhile, this whole world is built on lies, fear, selling useless products like religious books full of belief systems and people have a harder time finding their way in the chaos. This world is about the money being the god.

My take on being aware in dreams and the path

NOT everybody is ready for knowing more. The most are ok experiencing a human life alone.  And if it happens for an invidiual, he/she will surely get here or anywhere to dive into the information overload. In this post, I only tried to explain the causes.

It is not written in stone to be more aware, eventually, it is a never ending game of physical and non-physical life and we are returning back there surely – we came from there without gender, nationality, form or anything.

To increase your general or peak awareness levels in “dreams” you will like this post here.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

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