How to increase Your Awareness in Lucid Dreams

First of all, I won’t judge anybody about lucid dreaming and their purposes, what they would like to do. If you need more awareness, fine. If you would like to play and control them, fine. But I must warn people as always that it won’t be a playground after the real non-physical development begins because this is the doorway to it. People may think I’m sometimes too radical, well do they know me? I’m helping for free. I know people don’t need it, I care only for those who want to achieve something.

My wish is to give you the tools to find out how real any other realities are and that you can be more aware with practice. Use it well and have fun. When you reach a certain point in your development – because you chose this path – there will be more questions than answers always.

People will be and are disappointed easily, don’t understand how they won’t control a simulation etc. The whole learning path is about baby steps for the most. Be patient and I will show you the way here to be more aware. At the beginning what you can control and what you can’t depend on many situations and tests.

This is called the Wider Reality and You are exploring it with unseen assistance. People just don’t realize it and notice it. Now I think this is enough explanation for this post. For more information, you will find anything on the site surely if you need it.

Dreams vs. Lucid Dreaming

Now the two types of non-physical phenomena are different from each other in only one thing. Your awareness level. If you are not aware, chances are you won’t be even aware of anything while it is happening or being on autopilot. Most people crash into their beds and not even dreaming, only need a night sleep to do work the next day again. That is a civilizational habit.

What will happen, you will not just dream up a scenario with each physical sleep cycle but you will realize you are actually dreaming in another reality. After realizing this, these stupid labels will be meaningless. People call it lucid dreaming because they gave it a label. We could call it a “dumb astral projection” this way lol.

So now you will know that you are there. At this point, people will do what others are doing. Punch people, demolish what they can, fly, run away from fear tests and freak out. After they woke up, will question everything because they didn’t get used to it yet and their shadow memory recall is bad.  Here I repeat this, I don’t judge you, the web and books are full of crap information and won’t educate anybody on real things, just on some kind of fashion.

Practice it and be patient. It will improve over weeks or months, years – depends on each person and their speed. This is your life, Your game. Lucid dreaming is just a gate to a much bigger world.

How to Increase Your Awareness

  1. Start a dream journal or diary. Use a physical notepad with a pen or use your PC, use a Smartphone with notepad app or a tablet, whatever you have.
  2. Observe your thoughts each day and look at your behavior. Check your thoughts to avoid emotional bursts like anger or anything. This will cause you to stabilize your stay and experiences in the non-physical. In the NP one tiny little emotional release will be just enough to ruin your experience in a thought responsive world.
  3. Learn to maintain a passive observational attitude in your daily life with a mild curiosity, this will sink into your mind in the NP too.
  4. Every time you return back to the physical, don’t do anything, don’t think, immediately try to think over your whole scenery chain of experiences in a chronological order in some minutes.
  5. And finally, write down your experiences. Later they will gain significance. That is the trick. This alone will carry you into the Wider Reality and grow up as somebody who understands almost anything about how the Multiverse, life, yourself and many other kinds of stuff are working out in any levels of existence. Your aims are there, be patient and you will gain knowledge.
  6. Meditation may help but it has one purpose – no matter what other’s are saying – calming you down, stopping focusing in this world and stop thinking to prevent your mind’s thought rush. Some people can project in this state directly, it is hard to learn, I’m doing it also for years.

What happens in your life later

Lucid dreaming after this point will be much more. The most important realization will be already yours, if you are not religious, you have a much easier time because you won’t be attached to any belief systems and will have much easier task returning with the knowledge to the non-physical world, after your life is over here.

You will already know who you are, what your life was about and you won’t be in misery and unconscious state there, in which zillions are. I would grab this chance and do it every day. Sometimes it is overwhelming, boring but not always. This path is not for the weak minded. Have a nice “play”.

I’m offering help actually in this stage of non-physical development privately but I won’t do it forever 🙂

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