Meditational bodily sensations and their meanings

Here are the most known signposts experienced in deep meditation and at the stage of pre-projection. I keep up the right to modify them or add later.

I must warn people that SIGNPOSTS are NOT non-physical projections. They are only signposts for your mind and also many times FEAR TESTS. When you enter the non-physical, it is not a child play anymore for many people and the whole system is for personal growth mostly.

Many people think from crap books, videos and from main speakers that these are needed for projecting. Many many people get bored, confused and disappointed angrily that they just don’t achieve anything. Let’s be straight. What the majority find on the net are useless and full of mystical beliefs, also fear based and really confusing.

Energy work is not necessarily needed for projecting but some people believe in them. Those practices may help with your energies – they may also induce these symptoms alone.

bodily sensations

Symptoms and signposts in deep phase:

Heaviness, SP:

Partial or full sleep paralysis. You are physically partly or fully now asleep and managed to train your mind to stay conscious. It has nothing to do with the brain after this point. It is keeping your body alive when you are asleep or projecting.

A tiny part of your consciousness is staying with your physical body and keeps it functioning.

Sleep Paralysis is the same at the peak point and you can still move easily (if not the deepest one where you can’t) but you are already in the thought responsive world and you will manifest anything around you like shadow persons or ETs as you fear them. You are causing it. When will UFO maniacs realize this?

Warmth or heat, hotness:

It will happen if you relax into your body, chakra heat will be generated but let’s call it rather energy body heat. Relatively this one is my main symptom and it is nothing more than it is being fully relaxed. Your energy body close to your physical one is vibrating rapidly but it alone won’t cause any projection always. It never did for me over 2,5 years.

It can be warm or brutally hot as for me and may radiate everywhere under your blanket – some people experience this as returning from the non-physical and can’t figure out for decades why they are always hot and sweating as they were asleep.

Buzzing in the head:

It is mainly a sign of your mind detaching from your physical body and focus of this world, experiencing a partly auditory vibration.

Banging noises seemingly around you:

Signposts again, which are non-physical and you are close to the RTZ, also you are experiencing more to the mind.

Rushing train sound, anything loud and moving:

You are creating them with your thoughts and not so consciously, but because you are near the non-physical, these are coming from your “subconscious” space. Once you got used to these noises and learn to accept that they are physically unreal, they won’t bother you so much. If not train sounds, than a jet fighter engine or maybe falling rocks.

Somebody pulls you out, in most cases grabbing your feat:

It can happen and people will scare out like hell. It will be believed that some kind of nonsense demons or ETs are doing it. But mostly, you are doing it to yourself as a subconscious programming (you created a character or effect to do it), or maybe a non-physical guide does that. Maybe you wished for an OBE like this or somebody tests your fears. But in most cases, this is a bioenergetic action close to the non-physical and you are just entering this world. You feel it like somebody pulls you somewhere. No wonder, how the nonsense demonic, ET and other fearful kinds of stuff are coming from.


A very widely known phenomenon. Can be pretty low as not really felt and brutally strong like you are laying on a spinning dryer or washing machine. It is only a signpost telling you that you may project soon if you let your relaxation go deeper. Just a widely known “separation” symptom. Most people try to follow this fruitless route to projection but it is just a signpost which may never happen. If it, then it won’t cause projection as a must thing.

Floating at some body parts:

Some parts of your physical body are more relaxed than others. Others are saying that some energy centers are overstimulated. If you are fully relaxed, maybe you can enter into the Real Time Zone. With floating up or down.

Sinking downwards:

It is a feeling when you are mainly in sleep paralysis and what you feel is non-physical again, you are feeling like levitating, diving into your bed etc. Some people call it vibration too like head pressure, just felt and experienced in another way.

Flashing lights, colors, and images:

Mental pictures and subjective signposts of being close to the non-physical world. It can be experienced as purple or white colors (or anything around). Images are mental images which are getting stronger and some people can step mentally into the scenery and find themselves in the non-physical world.

Rapid heartbeat:

It has nothing to do with physical heart because what happens, your “heart chakra” or rather a big energy point now pumps up your energy body. Many people could project with experiencing this and freaked out from it, thinking they will die. Meanwhile, your physical heart is slow and normal.

Tingling with the urge to scratch there:

Energy flow in certain areas, just a signpost for deeper relaxation. Some people may experience this on a body point or like a web of tingle.

Painful areas:

Usually energy blockages but on the other hand deeply relaxed areas in sleep paralysis

Coldness, feeling cold:

It happens to some people when they are projecting.

Senseless body partially or completely:

Your focus is so intense that you are no longer focusing on anything related to physical. It can cause Astral Projection, Phasing or OBE.

Itching head or face, top of the head:

Energy block or energy surge, concentrated at the top of the head.

A body part is seemingly moving by itself:

Here I should suggest that your physical brain checks that are you asleep really or not. Those body parts are moving from partial separation.

Tingling here and there, disturbing:

Again, the physical brain checks that you are asleep. If you scratch it, the process will be postponed.

REM eye movement:

If you are still awake with your mind, it can happen. This alone shows you that you are not seeing completely with your eyes because they need to fall asleep by the brain and be unmoved, defocused. They are simply doing their job. Eyes are not necessarily needed for “see” in the NP.

I should note here that none of these signposts are projections! They can happen if you are aware of them.

If you have a signpost which is not above, feel free to comment below.

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