False Awakening – When you experience it but it is new to You

False awakening (FA) is a label what is given by the non-physical community to a phenomenon which happens when you are asleep physically. Your consciousness is still in another dimension. I will try my best to explain it clearly what is it and how to deal with it.

Let’s see some cases when we are calling a non-physical phenomenon like a false awakening. You can also meet entities in them. But chances are if they don’t show up, it is for a reason to not interfere with your personal development.

You just THINK that You are awake in a familiar place

You are in your room, somehow you think you woke up and start to act like in your daily waking physical life. Your mind is only suppressed enough for a certain degree by your non-physical counterparts as a test to keep you not realizing that you are still elsewhere other than your room. It looks almost 100% the same but it is not.

This is a simulation for your mind to let you know that everything other than the physical world is REAL. It could be as solid as you can imagine. It is all about experiencing multidimensionality.

Chances are it takes a while as you slowly figure out after testing the environment that maybe light switches or phones are not working at all.

false awakening

Mostly, you will encounter familiar places like your room or house in this fashion because it is planned for You. OR your beliefs are still working on the fact that you think you are in your room. Same for seeing your body asleep.

The only difference comes when you look at your digital clock on a phone, on your PC something is not quite right. Maybe a person steps into your room, gravity is not working like that. Or a door is not in the right place or opens up to a different world. You grab something and your hand goes through. Sometimes colors are different or your sight is foggy etc…

There are many signs like you crush your hand into a wall without damaging it but feeling the impact. Same for clapping your hands, only impact. But when you change your belief and you know for sure you can go through the walls, it will happen. Not suddenly but it will. Practice it.

Why are you at a familiar place? Because that is what makes you comfortable. You may did it without noticing it.

Continuous False Awakenings

Another type of false awakening comes when you are constantly jumping in and out of worlds. Maybe 10x times a row and it just doesn’t stop. It happens to me, it happens to many well-developed people who are capable of non-physical exploration on their own. It can be fun or very disturbing. You think you started your day, hours or half a day passed by and something just debunks the whole simulation lol.

I tend to laugh and realize very soon that I’m in another “parallel” dimension because I trained myself pretty well to see the strange signs. Meanwhile, it could be so similar that many times I just don’t realize it. In the end, I tend to laugh because I know that it was well designed for my sake and development and know that my NP friends are watching me.

Maybe I’m wrong about the watching. Furthermore, you can live up a whole day too while you still don’t realize that you are still not awake really. I think it is cool. After years, I’m still amazed.

This is Consciousness Continuum. We never cease to exist, only not being aware for a while and later we are elsewhere. You are not dead and never lived really, this is a virtual game. Read about the Focus Model to gain a better understanding of multidimensional nature.

I just can’t count how many times I was fooled by myself or by the “system”. I tried to grab a pen or my phone to write down the whole experience from habit and didn’t realize wtf I’m still “asleep” physically. When you gain full awareness it is now a matter of “time” according to your sense to phase back automatically.

Why are We experiencing them?

Don’t wait for a complex explanation. It shows you that you are existing in countless realities. Only your consciousness switched onto another channel and you are experiencing further.

The main problem with the most is that people are not interested even in their dreams. They won’t pass the first barrier of trying to understanding even the basics. A false awakening is a test for this. People are highly uneducated in the most important things about life.

Many experiences of this type are taking place in the Training Ground or as known as the Real Time Zone. Most people will do child play and fly above their house/city and go through walls. That is why most people (proven) won’t pass even the first barrier of development. Not even when they managed to have an OBE, phasing or projection. Many will burst out in fear because they don’t know what they are experiencing.

I would advise you just enjoy this kind of experience. Walk in that reality, observe things, see how real it is. Because I should tell you that other realities according to the physical world are more real than you think. The non-physical is the physical world on steroids.

We are coming from the non-physical world originally and the physical world is a pretty limited environment with consensus reality rules between human beings.

False Awakenings are just one stop in your non-physical or spiritual development. Enjoy them and test them. You have NOTHING to be afraid of, this is the real world behind the scenes!

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

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