What to do if I have poor control over my Lucid Dreams?

I found out that on certain forums this issue is very well asked thing and there are no real or useful answers in practice of what to do with controlling a lucid dream in certain cases. First I will provide a general overview of lucid dreams (LD) and what are they – to not be in some kind of misconception. And secondly, I will write down what to do to improve your experiences.

What Lucid Dreams are?

I have many posts on my blog about this here which includes what they are but I give you a general overview of them.

Dreams are bad labels meaning something which is not physical thus nonsense things. Meanwhile, they are the core of conscious non-physical development.

Dreams, LD’s, Projections, Phasing, OBE, even Remote Viewing (I admit that RM is a little bit different according to the others in this case) view are the same phenomena but NP communities, books, people and many sources are messed them up long time ago saying that nonono, they are not the same.

Yes they are, the only difference is that humans want to label anything and make distinctions between two given labels AND that your actual awareness of your consciousness is varying according to your actual experiences and that how well trained you are.

Regularly if we only look over Lucid Dreaming, it is a label which in general explains that when you experience that, you are aware – many times – that you are “dreaming”. But there is nothing like dreaming or LD-ing etc. You are aware that you are in another reality other than the physical one.

You furthermore later realize with enough LD’s that the physical world is just a tiny little world in the endless Multiverse, in the Wider Reality. But it is endless, timeless and you many times don’t have even a body to experience with.

lucid dream

How to improve control

The method is simple but also complicated lol. First, you need to practice it in your daily life. Learn to first control your thoughts and check them thus your emotions too. Repeated thoughts are creating emotions (and not the other way) if they are strong enough.

Check your thoughts and stop them if they start a thought train. Learn to control them. Emotions won’t burst out if you don’t let them. Learn to practice a passive observation with a mild curiosity about everybody and everything in your daily life. We are already doing it when we pay attention to a movie for example. That is what most of humanity lacks and don’t want to control ever. That is why the most (billions) on this planet are doing what they are and why our civilization is like that. Control it.

When you fall asleep and after a while, you will be aware, you are almost the same person there as here but what is different is the environment and you are freer than in the physical world. You are still experiencing an ego-filter in the NP but without a brain. This alone is related to the fact that your primary focus is still in the physical world.

Being scared or without proper control

If something or somebody scared you like hell or you couldn’t control your emotions there, try to wake up and relax on it. It happens. Maybe a self-created fear monster ate you, that happens too.

This takes practice, effort and in the end, a whole new world will open up for you with patience.

If you fell out of a “dream” and couldn’t control it from any unknown reasons, it could be that you became aware of a simulation which needed your participating in problem-solving or rescuing somebody but you became aware and you are now messing up the whole thing.

Playing like a kid in the non-physical is not always what it seems to be but can be fun also.

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