Why do You still think it is just a Dream and Unreal? Here is why!

This post comes from my observations on what I see on various forums these days. Nothing new here for me at all in this subject but I see people are not convinced enough to see for their own “eyes” that when they are in a different reality. While they are physically asleep and experiencing very real cities, talking with people, being in nice places, all feel so real that they are confused, now what? It’s all about dreaming.

Is that REAL? Was that “only” a dream? Oh, come on. It IS REAL. Dreaming is a natural tool for exploring yourself and other realities. Earth and this physical Universe is one from the endless ones. Is Earth real? You got my point I guess.

But what is real?

Every world you were are all REAL. Do they all exist? Some are well-planned simulations for you for your development and many are existing places surely. The Wider Reality in any forms is showing you that you are in another reality and experiencing the same real things with your senses.

Furthermore, it is so real many times. Why? Because the physical world captures our attention to the highest degree and we got used to it from “birth”. The NP is like the physical world on steroids. You just notice that it is real while dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is the best proof for beginners to see this for themselves, the realness. Meanwhile, people still are questioning even themselves because that is not the “reality” what is taught in schools and in their lives. We tend to wash off anything which is outside our box-minded thinking. You should get break free.

The civilization is brainwashed unfortunately and limited down. Well to the degree that the most will never be enough aware to see that they are living two lives at once and both are equally important.


Becoming more aware

In the physical life, you are living a life which will be added as an experience chain and knowledge to your knowledge bank. In a bigger state and in the non-physical we are keeping up the contact with our source and learning further. This is a game and many are lost already in multidimensionality.

Here is the post about keeping a dream journal and becoming more aware.

You need to learn these in your physical waking daily life first. You are almost the same with the same mindset in the non-physical too and you are being tested many times. About how mature you are to go to other places. It is a wonderful journey and also not a child play many times. We need to grow up to our multidimensional reality. Earth and physical life with all the lies, brainwashing is just nothing at all.

PM me if you need further help.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

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