How to Contact with a Dead Relative while you are asleep?

A “dead relative” is not so far in the endless Multiverse. Here I give people a relatively simple method because I’m seeing on forums daily now that many people who are uneducated in non-physical knowledge have no idea about this and not about even anything. No problem, everybody starts somewhere.

First, read what I share on my blog and you will gain a basic understanding. Nobody dies really and nobody lives really. This is a simulation game.

The method:

Before every sleeps -meaning before falling asleep every time – tell this to yourself: I will be aware after I fell asleep OR I will meet XY for a nice chat while I’m sleeping physically.

You can experiment with different sentences but say them in the present tense, giving the whole idea a big intent and momentum. Say them maybe 3-4 times and fall into sleep. This alone basically causes you to remember your intent.

It can take maybe a day or maybe a few weeks how well will these statements drink in your mind. The whole purpose of this practice is to become aware in the non-physical world when you are asleep physically (at first you will finally realize you were in countless worlds already at the whole time in your “physical life” and there is no death) and then try to talk with this person, call him/her to you. If nobody appears there are many reasons after maybe a long time too.


Btw this in itself is useless until you keep up a passive observational attitude and DO NOT accept anything for first which is said because it can be distorted by your own mind. Listen to the answers and write them down when you woke up. Later repeat these questions. Ask what only you and this person can know or ask rather what you and this person only CAN know about you! This way you will avoid false information. Experiment with it.

I strongly recommend you to start educating yourself from the articles you find here to gain a better understanding, what you are doing and where you are.

A dead relative is not always the person, who you think he/she is.

And I don’t judge people and say that no, don’t do it. Just try it and see that for yourself. If people need proof, this is just one way to see it. Don’t stop here, test it until it turns out is that entity a real person.

I hope I could help.

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