Protein intake after Workout – but How and When?

In muscle building or just maintaining our muscle mass through our decades, it is critical that we need to monitor our protein intake in various forms. We need the muscle gain and not to lose muscle mass even in a slow metabolism state. There will be no scientific and useless talk from me, only fast useful facts.

Protein intake is only one factor which is critical especially after a workout and in the mornings as how I learned it over around a decade ago. Now I’m not an Arnold and not planning to be that muscular besides I have the structure and genes for it.

This topic is about how to use protein to gain muscle. And I recommend not overdoing this alone too, we need balance in life.

Don’t listen to sites, big names, books, and commercials, they are industries trying to sell you crap. We don’t need them.

Consuming Protein

The most critical thing in muscle building is that you need to eat or drink something full of protein after a workout with some sugar as carbs. There is a “time gate” about 30 minutes after you finished. Meaning, you should sip your shake as soon as you can or eat your prepared meal fast but comfortably. No rush, only it is better sooner than later. This way the muscles will have the actual building block to not suffer from serious damage, exhaustion and still have the raw material to build back the damaged tissues.

If some people may don’t know how you gain muscle: you damage the muscle tissues in the workouts, straining them with pushing and pulling. This way the fibers of your muscle groups will regenerate over time if they got the necessary building blocks to change themselves into a bigger and stronger structure. If you understand this easy principle of muscular nature, that is just enough.

Muscles are not building up and getting bigger overnight and it is critical to supply yourself with it every day. Now, in my opinion, we should stop listening to anybody, especially to those who are eating 4-5 times a day and eating up huge amounts in costs.

That is needless and ridiculous, also you need huge wagons of money for it and your teeth will rot all day long. We don’t need to measure anything on kitchen scales like a rocket scientist and don’t need to buy powders full of amino acids with numbers on them.

How much?

One whole egg boiled or fried contains 10-14 grams of protein /100g.
Chicken breast fillet, what you fry, contains around 22-25 grams of protein /100g. They are the best and safest in my opinion.
If you prefer shakes, use milk with some fruits like 1-2 medium bananas and 1-2 raw eggs (from a salmonella-free farm).

Frequency is around 3-5 times a day in eating, bodybuilders are saying that. In my opinion, it is useless to eat all day long. Try to eat as much protein as possible in the main three meals. This alone means that if your intake is 100g for a day, it means you should divide it up for 3 pieces for good digestion.

When to eat, protein intake time:

1. after a workout in less than 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Experiment with it.
2. in the morning, at the minimum of the next morning after workout day – you need mostly protein in the morning, not sugar – your brain and muscles are depleted overnight (even normally too!)
3. try to divide your daily intake with 2 or 3 meals and I mean your daily meals normally as you normally eat anything.

protein intake

Intake measurement

It is said in many sites how much do you need to scale in to gain muscle. I think it is useless mostly. You can measure 1,5 grams or 2 grams/body kilograms of protein powder but the whole thing only comes down to the actual supplement of your muscles. Don’t cheat on any other “supplements”. Artificial stuff is not doing miracles and toxic in the long run. Meaning vitamins, minerals and any other trace elements which are marketed to sell you. Just don’t…

I don’t suggest you use any powder from the markets until you make your own from dried eggs.

So how much do you need to eat? Just experiment with it. In my opinion for a 70kg’s of body weight, for example, I should eat around 100g-s a day. Try around between 1x and 1,5x multiplier according to your weight in kgs.

Be aware that too much protein alone or with carbs will cause you tiredness. Maybe not but you will know if you ate too much, that is why it is needed to divide into dosages like anything else to supply your system throughout the actual day.

Eating protein won’t do miracles in itself, here is why:

Your beliefs and body image which you hold in your mind does the most job, not a workout. Athletes can imagine their whole scene in their minds before doing it and it can improve their condition pretty miraculously. You are relatively changing your mindset and beliefs about yourself.

You hold a certain body image from childhood. We need to be slimmer or we need to be more full. Don’t give a damn to other’s expectations, don’t be a people pleaser, it does only harm. This is your life. If you are weak work for it. If there are weak muscle groups in your body, you can do something to change it.

So until you can’t imagine that you are looking much muscular or much leaner than you are right now, it won’t work ever – or will veeery slowly. Let’s say you did your workout the best way without any BS movements, they are accurate, you have enough protein in your gut to supply your muscles. But still nothing.

That is why. Mental exercise. What if I would say maybe half of the workout is useless if you learn to stimulate your muscle groups with your thoughts, huh? Sleep is another important factor, try to sleep enough.

The solution:

Eat protein with carbohydrates ALWAYS. Eat eggs, chicken breasts, a little fish, which are the best sources and consume carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, vegetables too. Vegetables are needed for minerals, vitamins, fiber and mixing up the raw materials. Carbohydrates will supply your muscles with glycogen and they will store more energy over time which will be felt like your muscles are much bigger and fuller.

You can eat also anything like legumes, nuts, and seeds, sugary stuff too. Sugary stuff are better after a workout to not let you down like hell. Drink plenty of minerals or clean water too especially in a hot climate daily and after a workout because of increased metabolism and sweating.

Gaining more muscle is not about restrictions, only learning to use up the raw materials in a logical order for the actual purpose. Use oils like olive oil, coconut oil for cooking and frying. Eat butter. This is all about a balanced diet.

Percentages of measurements in the main 3 elements (protein, carbs, fat) are I think useless, eat simply more protein at the right time. And don’t eat much before the workout, especially in sports like jogging, you don’t want to vomit lol.

Edited on 13th of May in 2018.

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