Simple trick to avoid sudden Blood Sugar spikes

This post is about how to avoid blood sugar spikes after ingesting sugary stuff like any kinds of raw sugar, sweet treats, chocolates, fizzy drinks, carbohydrates etc. Mostly solid forms. I have tried them but maybe there is much more methods to deal with it.

Ok let’s say the problem is now there, you are maybe tired or in the lethargy of elevated blood sugar levels. Chances are in most cases, it happened on empty stomach.

blood sugar

This picture in itself will cause spikes lol, just joking 🙂

Please be aware, I’m not telling you, eat sugar. I’m sharing my results and it is about avoiding big problems with some thoughts.

The methods:

Trick 1: eat protein fast in any form. My tip is to boil 1-2 raw eggs. Rinse the hot water with cold one, change it into cold completely. Let it sit on the counter and eat the whites. You can eat the whole egg, I don’t like the yolk in that form lol. Protein will somehow normalize what is released into the system. It has the effect of slowing down digestion.

You can try it the other way if you know how you react and eat protein first. Protein is released and digested much slower and eat sugary stuff. Any other protein source can help like fried chicken breasts in the fridge or anything meat based. I don’t swear dairy based are similar in this case.

Bonus: nuts and seeds can also help, eating some because of the protein content.

Same works on any carbohydrates. It is the best to eat them with protein to not allow the sugar to spike.

Trick 2: baking soda powder – pinch some in a glass of water, steer it and drink it. Don’t drink to much water, you don’t want to mess up your digestion. Maybe it works. Especially with big stomach upsets.

Trick 3: drink mineral water throughout the day as a good habit. Now when you will grab sugary stuff, eat some and after some chews of chocolate bars, drink some sips of mineral water. Water in itself will dilute the sugary fat crap in your stomach. Again, be aware of drinking too much, you need to digest the crap.

Trick 4: green tea may help. Use hot water and a filter of green tea and drink it slowly sip by sip. Let’s see what happens. It can improve inflammations and stomach issues mostly.

I guess some people think of unknown stupid reasons that salt may help because it is “the opposite of sugar”. Well, baking soda is salt indeed basically but don’t use regular salt. I guess vomiting is not a good idea instead of being well. You need to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

These solutions may help, I can’t guarantee them but worths some try. Sometimes the solutions won’t work but you will see now from these examples what is the trick. You need something which slows down the release or a neutralizing agent. And next time don’t eat so much of them or on empty stomach.

Edited on 21st of november in 2018.

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