How to dose Vitamin C in powder form

Here, I share a good recipe of Vitamin C and how to calculate your dosage for ONLY therapeutic usage. Vitamin C or in the synthetic name of L-Ascorbic acid is almost the same on paper. I don’t trust any scientific pieces of evidence so well because there is always money in the background.

Nobody wants you to be healthy, keep that in mind. I support mental health because disturbed mental health will cause diseases and illnesses.

I need to add my thought on the eating vs chemicals sides here. Don’t think for a second that a natural food grown in nature full of interacting compounds versus a chemical made in a laboratory will do the same to you. We need to eat healthily and we need to eat real food. It grows outside.

For Vitamin C, there are citrus fruits, peppers, and many other natural foods in nature (or shops lol). Grow your own food also. Later in my life, I hope I can do it too. Nothing will replace a good natural diet full of fruits and veggies ever. Forget pills and drugs, they are toxic waste.

Instructions before you begin using Vitamin C!

First, it is for your own responsibility only what happens. No, don’t panic, just don’t drink it all haha. The effect can vary from person to person and some people may freak out from the aftereffects. You don’t need to run to a doctor, I will provide what I know here. But a powder mix won’t replace healthy eating.

  1. Use ONLY the form of L-Ascorbic acid powder, 100% pure. You can buy it on eBay, any shops around the globe. Ascorbic acid in pharmacies is crap. Search for pure powder.
  2. You need only tap water or if you want to drink pure one you can use mineral water (I do) or distilled water from reliable sources.
  3. Diarrhea can occur, this means your bowel movement is pushed by Vitamin C and grabs all toxins from your body (I don’t have proof if that is the case).
  4. If you have diarrhea, don’t panic, you NEED to lower your dosage until you see improvement of the solidness of your stool, that’s all. It is a reaction as a toxic waste flush thing.
  5. For therapeutic usage, the therapy itself should be stopped after a maximum of 1 week or around 10 days, but maybe around half a week, rather eat well.

vitamin c

The dosage of Vitamin C powder

Okay, you have the L-Ascorbic powder, pure one. You have a glass in your hand with a spoon, clear water. Distilled water is also ok if you add minerals.

You can try to mix in these elements to elevate the potential:

  1. You need a little baking soda powder to make the mix alkaline, I think it is only a good caution advice, it needs to be pure without contamination
  2. Magnesium-citrate powder (pure), Potassium-bicarbonate crystal, baking soda, any capsule form stuff you may want to try too
  3. As I mentioned, amino acids, protein OR any other trace minerals can be used with the mix in powder form or capsule, swallowing it with the mix
  4. The taste depends on the mix, it is like a soda without sugar lol, you can get used to it fast
  5. Drink it all at once or in 2 sittings but don’t wait so much
  6. It will fizz, that is normal, steer it well
  7. Always split up the dosage for 3-4-5x splits daily (for example 10 grams of C = 4×2,5 grams or 3×3 grams) – it will prevent diarrhea


Getting your kilograms of weight:
Your body weight in US measurement / 2,2 (so if you are 150 pounds, that will be 68,2 kgs)

Get your weight in kilograms and multiply it by 350x (so this means you are around 70 kgs -> 70 x 350 = 24500) = the number you get is your daily maximum dosage in milligrams.

65 x 350 = 22750 = 22,7 grams of Vitamin C
80 x 350 = 28000 = 28 grams of Vitamin C

Divide the whole daily dosage by /4 or /5 because you may go to the toilet more. Lower the dosage if you experience diarrhea for more than what could be strange. Don’t overdo this, you can use lower dosages like 10-15 grams a day instead of 25-30 grams. This is not a miracle thing.

1 teaspoon (tsp) is around 5 grams
1 tablespoon (tbsp) is around 15 grams

Mix them into an empty/dry glass and after you’re done with the actual mix from the formulas paragraph. Fill it with pure water like mineral water from a store. You can start it with a little water too to see the fizz and steer it first. It is normal – then fill it up and mix it eventually – with a spoon. Drink it in one sitting if possible. Fizz and bubbling = reacting and converting.

Two formulas:

The actual basic recipe: 10 grams of L-Ascorbic acid, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp potassium-bicarbonate, 1/4 tsp magnesium-citrate.

My modified “safer” one: 1/2 tsp of L-Ascorbic acid, 1/2-1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp potassium-bicarbonate, 1/4 tsp magnesium-citrate. Daily usage of 4x times around normally without any therapy.

You CAN use the lesser formula for daily usage 2x times daily to keep up the levels. And don’t think for a second please that this will transform you into an alien or be an omnipotent somebody. Don’t do it for months.

Don’t overdo it and you don’t need to swallow so much of them. Only for therapeutic usage.

vitamin c

Some useful insights here:

Ascorbic ACID is NOT causing kidney stones… it is an ACID. What does is a bad diet, no pure water for making them working properly. If you are afraid, drink more pure water daily. 2-3 liters at maximum. It varies from person to person, maybe you need only 1,5 liters a day and it is enough for colorless urine. Pure mineral water is the best without fluoride and chlorine.

Don’t eat sugar all day long. Sugar will mess up your kidneys and the cleaning process, just as table salt and spicy stuff. Those are causing your system working harder eliminating useless stuffs and toxins. Use common sense, you need water in the system.

All the powders are made in LABORATORIES. They are nowhere near to call them natural. It is said that L-Ascorbic acid is the closest to nature’s real Vitamin C but forget it. Use it with caution and never swallow powders and tablets, pills if you have no serious deficiency problems. Just eat well with less junk food. The physical body can get used to anything for a while.

Therapeutic usage means here about Vitamin C is that if you ONLY have serious problems. Try it again in a month. Chemicals don’t do miracles, you are doing it with your mindset mentally in my opinion. Nothing will displace nature.

Vitamin C in the human body has a serum level balance which can be reduced dramatically after stress, bad eating habits, other trace element absence, many factors are present. Bigger problems in the human body are coming after years. But don’t think that oh gush you are low normally.

The eye lenses are containing multiple times of Vitamin C (around 6-7x times more) than any other parts of the body but I can’t support this “fact”. Maybe some trials with Vitamin C can improve it for some people. Try it and don’t accept theories and even scientific “evidence”. Think about it who does those with what purpose.

Any “Vitamin C” called in shops, “health food” stores, pharmacies are all crap. They are useless. The coating does more harm in my opinion.


Vitamin C level is very low for many people in this stressful life and society. But it won’t say you, rush for supplements and powders. Eat natural foods like fruits and veggies.

Keep at the minimum of a 1-week break between 1-1 therapeutic trials. 1 week of therapeutic dosage and 2 weeks of break.

Don’t listen to doctors, institutes, webpages, they are lying and disinforming people for money. What works and tried, will work. If a doctor’s advice contains enough common sense to you, you can ask his/her advice. Your choice. But remember, anything which is sold widely is a multi-billion dollar money market. It is not about health, they want you to stay sick.

And finally, I repeat it many times and now again. It could be that nothing will do anything to your physical system until you believe it will. That is the magic part. It can of course without your beliefs also but mainly, healing comes from within you.

I hope this formula helps in some way. I edited back the post and updated according to fake scientific evidence.

Edited on 15th of november in 2018.

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