The significance of keeping a Dream Journal

I guess keeping a personal dream journal, diary these days is very popular. Maybe it is not and I’m wrong. But it is personal and in my opinion, you should never share it with anybody. Only with a mentor or with whom you trust the most and you can chat about your adventures from the non-physical with somebody, who understands it.

Yes, dreams are taking place in the non-physical world and is a bad label for something much bigger. Dream journals will help you elevate your average awareness when you are there being asleep physically.

If you are not interested in personal development and find material goods and physical life more important than anything, chances are, you are not ready for the bigger picture. I accept it and life goes on.

The significance of keeping a personal dream journal or diary

If you would like to reach much bigger awareness through your non-physical life while you are asleep as usual, you should aim for an electronic or paper-based diary to write down every little thing you can for improve your dream recall – keep them close for reach out.

We call it “dream” but it is really having more significance what it IS. After you trained yourself and had enough willpower to write down frequently what you experienced, it will gain significance.

Why? Because you will soon notice that what you are experiencing in the dreamworld is a life which you already had.

The biggest problem is that the most are falling asleep automatically as they tend to blackout and not being aware of anything overnight. Maybe their mind’s projection of fears will become their reality. Bad habits and no real knowledge… this is our society today.

Dreams are about your personal development and other parts of the non-physical world. While you are sleeping, your consciousness switches channels in the endless mind spectrum and you have many options what you can experience.

The more you are aware of and learning about yourself and the wider reality, the more advanced challenges and adventures you will have. I recommend you look into the basics in the Focus Model first on my site. It gives you a basic understanding of the structure of our system.

Elevating your awareness and it’s results

When You start to gain more and more knowledge and experience of the non-physical world and non-physical related occurrences and abilities, it is the first real step in my opinion to start a diary.

When you wake up, try to write down immediately what you experienced in full details in a chronological time order to don’t mess up the whole experience. Just start it and you will do it in full details later with practice.

Doing it does one thing for You initially. Your “shadow memory” recall will improve soon and you will now realize that you had another life the whole time while you were living a pretty mundane earthly life. Don’t deny any worlds, they are both important for your life and balance is needed to not get confused.

dream journal

The effects of recalling your memories

There are some but the best is that your average non-physical awareness skyrockets. You will realize that when you are in another reality (RTZ, Focus 2 or Focus 3, any), you will be fully aware. Seeing how real it is, being there. And of course that the physical world is only just a facade, a persistent illusion.

There is no time, no space, they are relative and subjective. You can fly or walk, go through solid objects, travel without moving etc. Limits are only there if you think you have them. Everybody is constantly monitored and watched by their NP counterparts, guides, helpers and strangers who are helping you grow up now in deeper levels. They are mostly You in a non-physical sense but to understand this, read the Focus Model.

This rule is mostly true for people with lesser consciousness levels and in places where you can harm the locals.

As soon as you will experience more real scenes and worlds – I mean realize how real it is according to the physical world – something will improve too. First and as projectors realized already, you are immortal, only you are using a body to focus your awareness where you are. Meaning the physical world is just for primary tasks.

Most people can’t understand this and don’t accept it, they are brainwashed or too underdeveloped. That is a fact and sad thing. The other one is that you will need many experiences because you will doubt your adventures everytime you wake up here. The more experiences accumulated, the more confident you will become of being aware the NP side. Sleeping is not just about recharging our physical body but for keeping contact with our core and true home.

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The illusion of being “physical”

Now I’m only talking about existing multidimensionally, we are all doing it and being it. The problem is that billions are not even being aware. For the most, NP experiences are distorted to the highs according to religious belief systems, beliefs only or with emotions. Expectations are playing a big role.

So when you wake up here, the NP experience fades away soon without practice and you will DOUBT that it was real. Everything is real, don’t limit yourself. It will feel unreal and “dream-like” because now your primary focus is switched back here. While you are in the non-physical, the physical world is dreamlike. This dream journal thing will kickstart your improvement over time.

It depends on your perception and experiences. Your NP memories are mostly suppressed by your other parts to stop interfering with your tasks, that is normal. This game never ends.

So what to do with the dream journal?

Just write down what you can. Now the practice begins really when you return back here and do not wake up so soon! Just don’t.

First, keep your eyes closed. Then think over the whole scene and in chronological order to recall back the shadow memory. If you could run it over in your mind, wake up slowly without thinking about anything physical related.

It can distort the whole memory if you try to rush your mind with daytime thoughts as you used to. This alone proves that memories are stored in Focus 2 in your mind, not in a physical device (brain). See how fake everything are which you learned in your life?

Physical hard life and objective thinking, religions, media, trends, anything is keeping people’s mind in a box thinking prison and they are kept in dumbness.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

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