Healing gum swelling with some methods

When our gum is swollen around the teeth line, it can be caused from many sources like a toothbrush injury, maybe an infection around the teeth, between teeth, a tooth infection etc. There are some methods to clear it away or try to heal it. Results can be varying, maybe some hours and your gum is healed and gum swelling is gone, maybe it takes a day. Don’t give up. We don’t need to run a doctor who furthermore gives you something orally which won’t even do anything with the actual source of problem.

Why the gum is swollen from any injury?

Well it is simple, the bacterias in your mouth found an area where they can make inflammation. What is the role of the gum line and why it reacts like that? Well something needs to fight with a potentially harmful part of your body to not let those bastards go any further.

The gum as a tissue is the only defense barrier between the outer world and your jaw-bones. The other defense barrier is your teeth. If there is an opened area towards the periosteum, you have big chance to get an infection. If the gum is highly infected, it can lead to teeth problems deeply in the bone-sturcture and teeth can be loosened. Let’s just say you lost a teeth, or you had root canal treatment with bad seeling or leftover – anything which can cause a potential infection. It is maybe enough if your dentist is pretty bad in business or made a mistake and your teeth are not filled up pretty well with restorative material. If your teeth are damaged, anything can happen.

I remember clearly when I lost my first tooth via childhood bad eating habits and after more than two decades, the problem reached the deep parts of it. It needed a root canal treatment and I was shocked. Well it has nothing to do with gum infection but it can happen. We could have many potential problems orally of course but it is not so usual.

So the periosteum is a pretty thin layer of cells, covering your bones and pretty strong at the same time, keeping your teeth in one place without any movement. A certain part of the tooth is held by the gum and the other is embedded into the bone structure – you can check it out on an X-ray.

So what happens when an injury is got just your gum line or something is drilled itself into the gumline just around the tooth’s neck? Something like an opening where bacterias can get through. No problem, it happens. Now the gum at that area is swollen, maybe more red, maybe just hurts. Don’t panic, get that food particle or spike out first. Maybe you hurt it by toothbrushing, don’t worry and floss between and/or around the teeth and leave it alone now. Oral care comes first, floss it, brush it with electric round headed toothbrush to avoid hurting the gumline!

What to do next after you cleaned your mouth in every way?

Ok there are some methods and not every can work out for you but it can happen. Did you hear “oil pulling” or salt water rinsing? They have a big fever around it but it really works because it kills the bacteria around that area and reduces it’s numbers. Now the next step after proper oral care daily twice (after lunch time or around, and before bedtime) is to grab some tools. I give you two methods to stop the problem and treat it well.

1. Oil pulling

It has a certain fever these years but for a reason, because it works if you use it for a certain task. Now buy coldly pressed coconut oil OR extra virgin olive oil in the store/shop nearby and you only need a spoon.

Coconut oil is solid under normal room tempreture so you can chew it initially. Olive oil is what it is. Both needs to be pure and unprocessed, avoiding any harmful crap in them and be aware that some brands of olive oils are also crap as sold worldwide like fish oil to fool people with vegetable junk. Furthermore if you use them, mainly they are the best for cooking and frying because they contain higher omegas which are less harmful when heated. So the purpose is, they are pure and multifunctional.

Ok here you go: grab 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil. You can chew a little bit on coconut oil until it melts in your mouth and mixes with saliva. and also you will get used to their taste after some occasions. Do not swallow them before and nor after. For around 15-20 minutes at the minimum, force any of it in your mouth between your teeth as like rinsing. Keep your mouth closed and rinse it for 15-20 minutes. Your mouth muscles may be hurt after a while and you may feel like you had a head workout, you will get used to it lol. If some leftover tries to escape with your saliva ok, you can spit the extras out.

You will gather later so much saliva with the oil that it will be hard to keep it in but try to maintain that amount of time as long as you can. You can do it further but doesn’t make much more good or bad. As you constantly and slowly rinsing with care and focus, try to force it between your teeth because that is the main target here.

As you finished DO NOT spit the whole mix into your sink! Just don’t! You will have plumbing problems soon. It is oil, meaning FAT… just don’t. Grab something in which you can gather it, like a plastic yoghurt container for example. Keep it there, you can spit the next ones in it too but it will have smell soon. After a while you should flush it out into your garden or wherever you can. Nature may find a way to break it down later. I didn’t find any better way throwing it away (maybe it will be solid enough to seel the top and trashcan it). Just empty it and you now can recycle the plastic itself too after cleaning it out. If you keep the whole thing under a lid, bacterias can do something with your mixed saliva under the hood lol.

Don’t overdo this, it become a whole religion these years, you need it only if you have problems orally. There is no use to do it every day for avoiding anything which will always occur because our mouth is working with bacteria groups always. You can’t kill them all, we need them. Only we just tend to eat more crap foods and sugary ones which will stick there and needs more care to stop damaging teeth sooner.

2. Using baking soda, sea salt or himalayan without any added chemicals

Actually I didn’t try with himalayan salt but you can use both white and especially pink one for the purpose. Sea salt and baking soda are all salts, try to avoid any added chemicals like iodine and fluoride in any. What I recommend is sea salt and baking soda. Don’t also swallow them after you finished.

Now you can use any amounts of them in a glass of warm water after proper oral care. Warm water has the purpose of two things: not hurting your teeth even if you have sensitive teeth/gumline AND it will penetrate any surface because salt brings any nutrients deeply into the cells by opening them and creating electrical charge.

Grab maybe 1 teaspoon or less (you can use more or less according to your like) and steer it in the warm glass of water. You can even use warm mineral water if you dislike tap water. Steer it and sip into your mouth which amount is enough comfortable to rinse with. Rinse it and force it between your teeth and gumline. Rinse with every sip as long as you can comfortably. Maybe one sip is 10-15 seconds, experiment with it. Do it, wash out your whole mouth and spit it out into the sink. Do it until you finished the whole solution. Or you can finish one half and use the other half later. It is up to You.

Results can take up to some hours, maybe you can see any improvement next day, or days. I tested both solutions (coconut oil, baking soda powder, salt water). Until you don’t have a serious condition, it will be soon over. Sometimes it looks bad but what happens here is that we are creating an alkaline environment where bacterias can’t feed on anything because there are no food particles, nor acidic environment anymore so they will reduce to the minimum eventually and the infected area will become normal too.

Please share you results if you managed to get rid of the problem! : )

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