What are Animal Guides and Totems in Dreams?

Animal guides and spirit totems are misunderstood occurrences when people are encountering other parts of their wider self while they are sleeping or rather consciously exploring the non-physical world. From where did you hear them? Yeah right, mystics again.

Nothing new under the sun. Whole webpages, books (ebooks or paper), workshops are there for you to learn about them. Most of them are useless and nonsense. It is not enough to just attach a meaning to an animal, it is objectified as hell.

Animal guides are just one form of help and guidance.

They are parts of You in some ways

When you are encountering with animals – any kinds of – in the dreamworld, you will experience positive or negative attitudes from them. And some relationships towards you from them (both perceptions may be active). It is quite a complicated issue because it is true that only the “dreamer” can solve the meaning of his/her adventures while sleeping. It is confusing sometimes but has the same roots in basics.

If an animal can speak to you or showing you something, acting strangely, you could be sure about one thing. It was somebody who knows you, wants to show you something important.

Non-physical communication mostly telepathic and symbolic. Entities there are using these symbols according to how we know these animals in waking physical life according to what we learned about them.

It is only just one channel for communication and you can’t expect a helper to show up as a human, it is too limited. You can see animal guides, totems. Also some people there maybe not even aware of the fact that they are using animal form. It can happen.

Many times when you encounter animals, the whole scenery is already planned. You are directing the “movie” according to your choices which leads you to the end result, like in physical waking life. It is not some kind of predestined something, it is built up for you externally to learn while you are experiencing it.

animal guides

They can be only symbols

While many times you could encounter yourself in different form and manner, on the other hand, meeting with animals could be a metaphor for something. Internet sites like dream meaning translators can help understand the nature of an experience initially. But it could be too generalized and “dreams” could be understood only by the dreamer.

Don’t make false assumptions please that one or all sites are pointing out some issue you DO NOT have in life, while the metaphor meant a completely different thing in the actual context.

What happened to you in the recent days or weeks? Did you have a problem to solve or still occurring? Do you have life issues, bad mood? The list goes on. You can try various dream meaning sites for this purpose to see what a car or a black cat means but don’t jump into conclusions of that exact meaning because I can tell you surely that it is not as accurate.

What you experienced could be completely otherworldly according to a mundane symbol guide. And to be straight, they are manmade, whatever we read and mystical oriented, meaning maybe false or misleading.

General view on this

Many times you are in a simulation and you can’t stop it naturally… ok you can by waking up, ruining the whole message. Go with the flow and see how it plays out. These are for educating humans, us.

First, if that character had any meaningful things for you, it was not just a mind noise. An animal form can talk to you, hug you, bite you, look at you curiously, tell you something telepathically or verbally, chase you… Just anything. It may be a strong message to translate.

If you dream about animals and strange animalistic or non-animal characters chasing you, eating you alive, killing you, you have serious problems in your mind and in a negative state in your waking awareness. You are causing it to yourself with falling asleep and releasing all your thoughts and emotions. The vast majority do this all the time.

And be aware that what you “see” is not really what is really there. It could be a completely nice kind person, maybe watching you. But you are scared and manifest fear all over the place or have distorted image.

Are animal guides helping you?

If those characters are helping you, being kind or you are the one doing that, vice-versa, it is ok. It could be a good sign in your life. These forms could be direct messages too from a higher non-physical perspective to tell you something.

The non-physical is not always talking to you like a human, because our communication skills are so limited, it just primitive for NP entities and don’t use it always. The communication is mostly telepathic, imagery type, feelings, and emotions, anything which is subjective and not objectified.

For those who are more advanced in NP life than average like me, these symbols could be maybe tools for you to help raise your awareness when you need it. You just see a symbol here and there.

The final conclusion is that don’t hang up on what other sites and mystical people are saying. They objectify anything and try to grab their share. You are the only one to translate what you experienced. Make a dream diary and write up what you saw.

Maybe I can help you if you are lost and have a nice email chat. Dream diary helps you to improve your shadow memory recall from the NP. It will make you understand your multidimensional life more.

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