How to increase Your Awareness in Lucid Dreams

First of all, I won’t judge anybody about lucid dreaming and their purposes, what they would like to do. If you need more awareness, fine. If you would like to play and control them, fine. But I must warn people as always that it won’t be a playground after the real non-physical development begins because this is the doorway to it. People may think I’m sometimes too radical, well do they know me? I’m helping for free. I know people don’t need it, I care only for those who want to achieve something.

My wish is to give you the tools to find out how real any other realities are and that you can be more aware with practice. Use it well and have fun. When you reach a certain point in your development – because you chose this path – there will be more questions than answers always.

People will be and are disappointed easily, don’t understand how they won’t control a simulation etc. The whole learning path is about baby steps for the most. Be patient and I will show you the way here to be more aware. At the beginning what you can control and what you can’t depend on many situations and tests.

This is called the Wider Reality and You are exploring it with unseen assistance. People just don’t realize it and notice it. Now I think this is enough explanation for this post. For more information, you will find anything on the site surely if you need it.

Dreams vs. Lucid Dreaming

Now the two types of non-physical phenomena are different from each other in only one thing. Your awareness level. If you are not aware, chances are you won’t be even aware of anything while it is happening or being on autopilot. Most people crash into their beds and not even dreaming, only need a night sleep to do work the next day again. That is a civilizational habit.

What will happen, you will not just dream up a scenario with each physical sleep cycle but you will realize you are actually dreaming in another reality. After realizing this, these stupid labels will be meaningless. People call it lucid dreaming because they gave it a label. We could call it a “dumb astral projection” this way lol.

So now you will know that you are there. At this point, people will do what others are doing. Punch people, demolish what they can, fly, run away from fear tests and freak out. After they woke up, will question everything because they didn’t get used to it yet and their shadow memory recall is bad.  Here I repeat this, I don’t judge you, the web and books are full of crap information and won’t educate anybody on real things, just on some kind of fashion.

Practice it and be patient. It will improve over weeks or months, years – depends on each person and their speed. This is your life, Your game. Lucid dreaming is just a gate to a much bigger world.

How to Increase Your Awareness

  1. Start a dream journal or diary. Use a physical notepad with a pen or use your PC, use a Smartphone with notepad app or a tablet, whatever you have.
  2. Observe your thoughts each day and look at your behavior. Check your thoughts to avoid emotional bursts like anger or anything. This will cause you to stabilize your stay and experiences in the non-physical. In the NP one tiny little emotional release will be just enough to ruin your experience in a thought responsive world.
  3. Learn to maintain a passive observational attitude in your daily life with a mild curiosity, this will sink into your mind in the NP too.
  4. Every time you return back to the physical, don’t do anything, don’t think, immediately try to think over your whole scenery chain of experiences in a chronological order in some minutes.
  5. And finally, write down your experiences. Later they will gain significance. That is the trick. This alone will carry you into the Wider Reality and grow up as somebody who understands almost anything about how the Multiverse, life, yourself and many other kinds of stuff are working out in any levels of existence. Your aims are there, be patient and you will gain knowledge.
  6. Meditation may help but it has one purpose – no matter what other’s are saying – calming you down, stopping focusing in this world and stop thinking to prevent your mind’s thought rush. Some people can project in this state directly, it is hard to learn, I’m doing it also for years.

What happens in your life later

Lucid dreaming after this point will be much more. The most important realization will be already yours, if you are not religious, you have a much easier time because you won’t be attached to any belief systems and will have much easier task returning with the knowledge to the non-physical world, after your life is over here.

You will already know who you are, what your life was about and you won’t be in misery and unconscious state there, in which zillions are. I would grab this chance and do it every day. Sometimes it is overwhelming, boring but not always. This path is not for the weak minded. Have a nice “play”.

I’m offering help actually in this stage of non-physical development privately but I won’t do it forever 🙂

Flatland – When entities fail to realize their multidimensional nature

I once mentioned Flatlanders and their role in realizing our multidimensional nature. Who are They and why are they called like that?

The physical world is 3 dimensional and if we look at the non-physical, it is not just 4 dimensional but endless as many projectors are already figured this out for themselves. It is like you try to compare a car to a huge cargo ship. Objective perception vs the endless, timeless and limitless subjective. You can’t measure it.

We just can’t count 4 or 5 or 12 dimensions because that is meaningless and we as humans, tend to think (science is the leader in this) in objectivity and in categories all the time. NO surprise how science tries to catch smaller and smaller theoretical particles all the time and denying anything other than what is actually real.

Well, we all have vast amounts of religions in this civilization. Same for mystics and their followers – forget 4th and 9th and 12th dimensions, that is ridiculous. I also recommend reading the Focus Model posts here.

What is Flatland?

Even if it is a great movie on Youtube about understanding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension of life theoretically in a dimensional overlay, it helps people to understand how actually 3-dimensional creatures (for example most humans) can’t comprehend the 4th dimension or rather the non-physical world. Multidimensional nature is like that, comparing apple to a car.

Flatland is a plane full of entities (human or non-human) in the non-physical actually too. At this “place”, they failed to realize that their nature is much wider and multidimensional. We can call them lower plane residents in Focus 3 or Afterlife. Not the whole place but some levels.

The name itself has the meaning, a vast plane where You don’t see further behind the physical illusion. I guess we could call it planet Earth too. And don’t misunderstand my words, it is not written in stone to get everybody to realize this.

We came here and we return there again, there is nothing to lose. We eventually will learn this perception. Not there lol but to the non-physical world. Flatland is actually just a portion of the bigger system.

First I show You the movie, have a nice watch here:

If it is not playing well, it is on Youtube.
Flatland: The Film (2007)
duration 1:39:55 (h:mm:ss)

The Movie and it’s messages:

So the main issue here is that a 3rd dimensional seemingly intelligent resident can’t really comprehend a higher dimensional entity and that is how the most on Earth tend to think. Even in the non-physical, many are thinking like that. We are brainwashed from birth, we deny anything other than the limited physical world. We keep religions to deny anything else, we fear everything which doesn’t fit into our objective thinking.

And we are not open to ESP phenomenon etc. Actually, a little majority are open and actively exploring the non-physical world consciously. But I repeat it, it is not set in stone to do it. Not everybody fits into this bigger awareness life thing. It can be dangerous mentally or confusing as the movie states. Multidimensional nature is not for everybody and it will reveal itself eventually if you are ready.

Don’t overlook the movie, it is not talking about that the two worlds are interacting with each other as forcing their perception or anything like that. Quite the opposite. The non-physical helps to grow up people who are ready. They already experienced being aware in dreams, who already got insight into ESP phenomenon.

We are entering physical life to learn, grow, experience, try out different things. It is not necessarily about being aware more.

multidimensional nature

The main problem in this world, our physical world

What goes wrong is that many of us don’t listen to our inner self and instead of our heart, feelings and happiness tend to use rather our ego and think with fear. Nobody can help with it.

People force and try to control everything because that is what’s being taught. Many are greedy, chasing money and materialism from fear and egoism. Most of them are brutally afraid of losing. And that is what was taught to them.

And as far as I see and also understood this long time ago from my early childhood, humans are addicteEarth-type type life (physical). We are all playing this simulational game in a consensus reality in any worldtypes. But actually, the most plays it so many times that their other non-physical counterparts (guides, helpers, selves etc) have a hard time to liberate them.

There is much much more to the multidimensional life than stucking in a physical system for an endless loop. It is much harder to shake it off after so many repeats.

Robert Monroe also figured this out how human addiction works in this life game. This alone seems like it has nothing to do with being a Flatlander but actually, it IS about it. Educating yourself that you are much more, having multidimensional nature basically.

New Agers tend to distort this to the highs with nice phrases and with love and light BS to keep you following their belief system but it is much more real and easy to understand. I guess there’s so much informations now out there that people tend to just close everything out and have no interest taking the effort to find out the order in the chaos.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Meditation sensations, effects and their meanings

Here are the most known signposts experienced in deep meditation and at the stage of pre-projection. I changed the title but the link is unchanged for better SEO purposes.

I must warn people that SIGNPOSTS are NOT non-physical projections. If somebody would try to force them out for Astral Projection or for any other techniques. They are only signposts for your mind and also many times fear tests. When you enter the non-physical, it is not a child play anymore for many people and the whole system is for personal growth mostly. You enter the same place in your dreams but unconsciously from habit.

Many people think from useless books, videos and from main speakers that these are needed for projecting. Many many people get bored, confused and disappointed angrily that they just don’t achieve anything. Some will chase signposts without getting further. Let’s be straight. What the majority find on the net are useless and full of mystical beliefs, also fear-based and really confusing. I share real things about what is going on.

Energy work is not necessarily needed for projecting, not that vibration stage but some people believe in them. Those practices may help with your energies – they may also induce these symptoms alone.

bodily sensations

Symptoms and signposts in deep phase or when you try to “project” your consciousness:

For first, please note that even if you practice projection with various techniques, these may never happen to you. You may never hear or even see a thing like me! And they are not necessary for anything. My main goal is both letting people know practicing meditation that what are these. And also, that people practicing projection with various techniques will have these. Maybe never.

People who believe in all the scientific truths about how it goes and the brain does the whole thing are in trouble when they are challenged with these first-hand. We only see this end of the game or connection with researches, measurements and activity maps.

Heaviness, Sleep Paralysis (SP):

Partial or full sleep paralysis. You are physically partially or fully now asleep and managed to train your mind to stay conscious. It has nothing to do with the brain after this point. It is keeping your body alive when you are asleep or projecting. You are the mind, the observer, detaching from the body focus.

A tiny part of your consciousness is staying with your physical body and keeps it functioning.

Sleep Paralysis is the same at the peak point and you can still move easily (if not the deepest one where you can’t) but you are already in the thought responsive world and you will manifest anything around you like shadow persons or ETs as you fear them. You are causing it. When will UFO maniacs realize this? You are heavy because the muscles are deactivated partially with your lung muscles.

Warmth or heat, hotness:

It will happen if you relax into your body, “chakra” heat will be generated but let’s call it rather energy body heat. Relatively this one is my main symptom and it is nothing more than it is being fully relaxed. Your energy body close to your physical one is vibrating rapidly but it alone won’t cause any projection always. I never had a projection with that.

To solve this nonsense, we don’t have other bodies, these are metaphoric.

It can be warm or brutally hot as for me and may radiate everywhere under your blanket – some people experience this as returning from the non-physical and can’t figure out for decades why they are always hot and sweating as they were asleep. These are only energetic sensations which can happen with the natural sleep process. You are just aware of it.

Buzzing in the head:

It is mainly a sign of your mind detaching from your physical body and focus of this world, experiencing a partly auditory vibration.

Banging noises seemingly around you:

Signposts again, which are non-physical and you are close to the RTZ, also you are experiencing more to the mind.

Cracking sounds nearby:

It can happen, they are related to the fact that you are close to the non-physical with your conscious awareness and these are always there btw. You can hear it from furnitures.

Rushing train sound, anything loud and moving:

You are creating them with your thoughts and not so consciously, but because you are near the non-physical, these are coming from your “subconscious” space. Once you got used to these noises and learn to accept that they are physically unreal, they won’t bother you so much. If not train sounds, then a jet fighter engine or maybe falling rocks.

As there are many people with different mindsets, these will vary highly what you get personally. Maybe you never ever hear anything!

Somebody pulls you out, in most cases grabbing your feat:

It can happen and people will scare out like hell. It will be believed that some kind of nonsense demons or ETs are doing it. But mostly, you are doing it to yourself as a subconscious programming (you created a character or effect to do it), or maybe a non-physical guide does that.

Let’s say it, you are doing it to yourself. You wanted it, you just don’t accept the consequences.

But in most cases, this is a bioenergetic action close to the non-physical and you are just entering this world. You feel it like somebody pulls you somewhere. No wonder, how the nonsense demonic, ET and other fearful kinds of stuff are coming from. Many of these below and above are automatic.


A very widely known phenomenon with all the nonsense beliefs that you need to experience it. NO, you don’t need to. Sometimes it can happen as an energetic thing, maybe for a FEW people many times. It is a fear barrier too!

It can be pretty low as not really felt and brutally strong like you are laying on a spinning dryer or washing machine. It is only a signpost telling you that you may project soon if you let your relaxation go deeper. Just a widely known “separation” symptom. Most people try to follow this fruitless route to projection but it is just a signpost which may never happen. If it comes, then it won’t cause projection as a must thing. Don’t listen to those nonsense stuff on the web and from books.

Feeling sharp things, like pin needle in your skull being pressed into:

It can happen, don’t chase it, just an energetic sensation and it can be a fear test too. It says, will you overcome it?

Floating at some body parts or fully, spinning:

Some parts of your physical body are more relaxed than others. Others are saying that some energy centers are overstimulated. If you are fully relaxed, maybe you can enter into the Real Time Zone. With floating up or down. It turns out what will come if you allow it to happen.

Relax more into it. You can also feel levitating or spinning. Spinning is very popular. You can also experience a slow spinning around your spine’s axis when guides are transporting you in the non-physical between two places.

Sinking downwards:

It is a feeling when you are mainly in sleep paralysis and what you feel is non-physical again. You are feeling like levitating, diving into your bed, etc. It is your interpretation. Some people call it vibration too like head pressure, just felt and experienced in another way. Just sink there and let it happen.

Flashing lights, colors, and images:

Mental pictures and subjective signposts of being close to the non-physical world. It is not about your visual field physically. It can be experienced as purple, blue or white colors (or anything around). Images are mental images which are getting stronger and some people can step mentally into the scenery and find themselves in the non-physical world.

Mental means you are in your mind, the observer behind the eyes but it is non-physical. It was in your whole life, you just thought you are your body or in it.

Rapid heartbeat:

It has nothing to do with physical heart because what happens, your “heart chakra” or rather a big energy center now pumps up your energy body. I repeat it, it is metaphoric. Many people could project with experiencing this and freaked out from it, thinking they will die. Meanwhile, your physical heart is slow and normal.

Only an energetic event which can happen if you are focusing your attention there. Maybe with deep breathing from the lungs.

Tingling with the urge to scratch there:

Energy flow in certain areas, just a signpost for deeper relaxation. Some people may experience this on a body point or like a web of tingle.

Tinglings are happening when the physical brain device checks you as consciousness, the non-physical being with a strong physical focus if you are asleep. If you move and let yourself get caught up on this test, you can start it all over again. It is like a safety mechanism, just like Sleep Paralysis.

Painful areas:

Usually energy blockages but on the other hand deeply relaxed areas in sleep paralysis

Your muscles are in shutdown mode which is on other terms Sleep Paralysis. It needs to happen all the time, you just never know about it. It is painful because the muscles are paralyzed for a reason.

Coldness, feeling cold:

It happens to some people when they are projecting. It can be energetically related to the process.

Senseless body partially or completely:

Your focus is so intense that you are no longer focusing on anything related to physical. It can cause Astral Projection, Phasing or OBE. You may don’t feel your body, maybe body parts. Other times or for other people they can still feel their physical vehicle.

The sensation is there but you are focusing your attention into the non-physical world. Like when you do something engaging, you will switch off anything else around you bu it is still there.

Itching head or face, top of the head:

Energy block or energy surge, concentrated at the top of the head. A sensation which says, keep on going. Or you now have your own block and it bothers you. Let it go.

A body part is seemingly moving by itself:

Here, I should suggest that your physical brain checks if are you asleep really or not. Those body parts are moving from partial separation. Same for floating sensations. Your interpretation of how it feels like.

Tingling here and there, disturbing:

Again, the physical brain checks that you are asleep. If you scratch it, the process will be postponed. You are not your brain but it has its own role in this too to make sure that while you are in the non-physical and keep experiencing, the physical body is kept on safety mode.

REM eye movement:

If you are still awake with your mind, it can happen. This alone shows you that you are not seeing completely with your eyes because they need to fall asleep by the brain and stay in one position, defocused. They are simply doing their job. Eyes are not necessarily needed for “seeing” in the NP. You are not actually seeing with any eyes but with your mind.

I should note here that none of these signposts are projections! They can happen if you are aware of them.

If you have a signpost which is not above, feel free to comment below. Share the site and support my work if you can! Enjoy reading here.

Edited on 9th of August in 2019.

How Lucid Dreamers have no idea about experiencing the non-physical world on Reddit subforums

Well, these days I’m lurking on Reddit and seeing day and day out that there are strictly distinct subcategories as Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projections, Psychic phenomenon etc.

But people don’t know that they are all the same (under the same umbrella of reality) and that the subcategories are segregated so badly that you just can’t say anything other than the limited topic itself. I also got a ban recently and now I’m unlocked because I dared to share real knowledge for people who are new to this but apologized for that – lol.

Don’t misunderstand me, I just like to share what I know and figured out over the years but I can’t stand that I see somebody needs real explanation and actually the answers are not given. I’m not arguing or debating with anybody at all, I like to see that people are much more aware personally and starting their own journey to a wonderful world from where we originally coming from. I was also built for self-research.

Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Projecting, OBE, Phasing, RV, even PSI phenomenon… are all the same in core

Now the problem… there is that people are new to lucid dreaming (LD) or anything around like Astral Projection or OBE and have no idea of what they are messing with. These are methods but they are approaching the non-physical world just differently.

People think this is a fun game to do reality checks and tossing people into the actual reality or simulation, think that they are talking to the subconscious which is BS alone. The fun eventually wears down and the real journey begins soon.

Are you talking with a seemingly real somebody? This person is real in another dimension if it was not a belief construct and chances are, not really. Nothing happens for no reason at all. Humans only think that they are doing anything and have control over anything. I’m saying, you are guided unseen behind the scenes and helped in your life. Everybody is in their own way.

I already tried to tell people there that they are just opening up to a new world. Now I just can’t say so much, only privately because the subforums are moderated heavily if I try to say something which is other than the topic itself and it is bad to see. I could be silent but why should I?

lucid dreaming

An experienced phenomenon, just as with Lucid Dreaming

They are ALL THE SAME. You are elevating your awareness in the non-physical world by doing technics, reality checks, FILD, WILD, anything. And what happens is, you will soon realize that you are exploring a given non-physical dimension.

These dimensions or realities are varying according to your training. But there’s no useful education about this and the internet and books are full of crap, misinformation and brainwashing with fear generating. Also, many commenters are only replying from their beliefs which are not based on solid personal first-hand evidence.

What about nightmares while lucid dreaming? People are running away from their fears, those are tests for your maturity.

Here is a later post about solving nightmares.

Lucid Dreamers are opening up to non-physical guides and non-physical influences because now they are partly aware of their multidimensional nature which was in fog for maybe decades from birth.

You have nothing to fear but what is represented and said points towards lots of fear, misunderstandings, and religious BS concepts. If somebody is in fear, they need to first face them and grow up because these are the real TESTS of your self and personal growth.

PSI phenomenon are not way different because what happens is people with certain “abilities” are gained access to more data streams. More than the physical world’s 5 senses and they can see auras, reality overlays as seeing spirits and many more. It is not magic or evil or godly, just something which people don’t understand. Nor being aware while Lucid Dreaming.

What about non-physical development?

Do you want to know how life began? Where did you come from? Who are you? What are your answers of the biggest mysteries? Do you feel there’s much more to life than with what people’s mind was brainwashed?

This is a beautiful personal journey for You, don’t mess up this with useless info which won’t help.

Update: I’m no longer available on Reddit. Just don’t waste your time reading anything there or being active. People are constantly crying there without any will to change. Most of them.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

Some insights to solve reoccurring Nightmares

Almost everybody experiences nightmares as “dreams” where we encounter something bad. A dark figure, bad energies, a monster eating us alive, something which is called nightmare or rather fear test. All nightmares and bad experiences in dreams are fear tests. First I will explain what are dreams quickly because I wrote about this issue a few times and then what to do.

Read my ebook on Amazon Kindle which is an expanded and detailed version of this issue.

Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projections, OBE, Phasing etc all are the same but with different perceptions and awareness levels

Meaning that many many people still have no idea about what dreams are about. We attached labels to dreams, vivid dreams and lucid dreams in this civilization. Humans need to categorize everything to understand them more, to act like we know something better. Meanwhile, it is a guessing and fear is not solved. Especially with nightmares.

So what happens is, if you have Lucid Dream, you will encounter your fears or other fear tests from the non-physical world. They are for one purpose, face them, solve them, accept them.

If you won’t, they will return in various forms and you will be stuck in non-physical development like the most people on Earth. Physical life is a tiny facade of your whole life. Funny but all pieces of information are out there but I’m giving the solution of having the order in the chaos, that is why I’m telling these.

Nightmares are fear tests

So those phenomena are all about non-physical life and development. Many people don’t want to know more, I accept it. It is not for everybody. Not every spirit are mature in nature (lol).

Many people start to play with AP, OBE, Phasing, LD’s and encounter their fear barriers and run away or scared out like hell for days. These are tests for your development and not some nonsense esoterical crap (I wonder who uses this word yet). Btw I’m not way ahead, the general population is still in the dark ages.

A fear test in a normal dream couldn’t be as bad as in an LD or in the other ones. AP’ers, OBE’ers, Phasers are already solved their fears, the most. They can travel to the nastiest hellish places too because they are needed for soul rescue. Zillions need rescuing and volunteers. Nobody forces you, it is a volunteer job.

So you are really not traveling anywhere, your consciousness is switching channels to visit countless realities where you are existing already as another character. Read the Focus Model posts please to understand this more deeply.

Nightmares are also where seeing people stuck in these places. They are in an infinite energy loop full of self-illusions and actually, countless post-humans are doing it.

I’m not spreading fear, I’m telling the actual reality what’s going on. And religion plays a big part in this on the opposite side in the various heavens.


So how to solve Fear Tests?

I could say it is easy with practice but we all have our path to solve them, face them, be brave. I know that many people can’t solve it so here is my advice.

  • Use love and hug that actual entity if you can.
  • Remember that NOTHING can hurt you, forget possession (that is a belief system, a strong one, manifested), you only feel that way.
  • Don’t run away! It is horrible, you feel the neg energy, go there push that character. Using force is not the best but if it doesn’t stop, it can work sometimes.
  • Stop and observe that character. It can turn out that you are seeing a shadow somebody or a dark hooded entity BECAUSE you interpret him/her that way! Don’t get fooled.
  • Use your energies to elevate your vibration in the non-physical – imagination plays a big role in the NP because you are now in a thought responsive world
  • Turn the other way and go elsewhere if you encounter actually real negs
  • Practice always a passive observational attitude towards anything in your physical life and it will drink into your mind to do the same in the NP.


The main issue here is that you need to first figure out who is that character. FORM is NOT important! Anybody can be anything. The rulesets are way different and subjective. If you see for example that a figure which only stands in front of you and watches can be fearful because you already categorized this person according to it’s looking but maybe it is a lovely somebody, helping you.

Remember this statement if you think the non-physical is other than the physical. You are the SAME person there as here, that is why how the most people are a certain somebody in the physical and will be there too. “Dead” people will be the same after death and trapped in the Belief System Territories or Focus 3 (see the Focus Model) if not close to physical dimensions. People won’t really change and don’t face their fears. For changing first they need to stop frightening themselves which they didn’t want in their post-physical life and then they can continue the real journey.

This whole system is designed as there are countless heavens, hells, worlds which humanity ever could imagine and it is just our local system for post-humans. This is just the facade, the limits. Solve your fears and your non-physical development will be kickstarted.

I hope this will help many people to debunk their fears and be freer. I can also help on a daily basis in practicing privately.

False Awakening – When you experience it but it is new to You

False awakening (FA) is a label what is given by the non-physical community to a phenomenon which happens when you are asleep physically. Your consciousness is still in another dimension. I will try my best to explain it clearly what is it and how to deal with it.

Let’s see some cases when we are calling a non-physical phenomenon like a false awakening. You can also meet entities in them. But chances are if they don’t show up, it is for a reason to not interfere with your personal development.

You just THINK that You are awake in a familiar place

You are in your room, somehow you think you woke up and start to act like in your daily waking physical life. Your mind is only suppressed enough for a certain degree by your non-physical counterparts as a test to keep you not realizing that you are still elsewhere other than your room. It looks almost 100% the same but it is not.

This is a simulation for your mind to let you know that everything other than the physical world is REAL. It could be as solid as you can imagine. It is all about experiencing multidimensionality.

Chances are it takes a while as you slowly figure out after testing the environment that maybe light switches or phones are not working at all.

false awakening

Mostly, you will encounter familiar places like your room or house in this fashion because it is planned for You. OR your beliefs are still working on the fact that you think you are in your room. Same for seeing your body asleep.

The only difference comes when you look at your digital clock on a phone, on your PC something is not quite right. Maybe a person steps into your room, gravity is not working like that. Or a door is not in the right place or opens up to a different world. You grab something and your hand goes through. Sometimes colors are different or your sight is foggy etc…

There are many signs like you crush your hand into a wall without damaging it but feeling the impact. Same for clapping your hands, only impact. But when you change your belief and you know for sure you can go through the walls, it will happen. Not suddenly but it will. Practice it.

Why are you at a familiar place? Because that is what makes you comfortable. You may did it without noticing it.

Continuous False Awakenings

Another type of false awakening comes when you are constantly jumping in and out of worlds. Maybe 10x times a row and it just doesn’t stop. It happens to me, it happens to many well-developed people who are capable of non-physical exploration on their own. It can be fun or very disturbing. You think you started your day, hours or half a day passed by and something just debunks the whole simulation lol.

I tend to laugh and realize very soon that I’m in another “parallel” dimension because I trained myself pretty well to see the strange signs. Meanwhile, it could be so similar that many times I just don’t realize it. In the end, I tend to laugh because I know that it was well designed for my sake and development and know that my NP friends are watching me.

Maybe I’m wrong about the watching. Furthermore, you can live up a whole day too while you still don’t realize that you are still not awake really. I think it is cool. After years, I’m still amazed.

This is Consciousness Continuum. We never cease to exist, only not being aware for a while and later we are elsewhere. You are not dead and never lived really, this is a virtual game. Read about the Focus Model to gain a better understanding of multidimensional nature.

I just can’t count how many times I was fooled by myself or by the “system”. I tried to grab a pen or my phone to write down the whole experience from habit and didn’t realize wtf I’m still “asleep” physically. When you gain full awareness it is now a matter of “time” according to your sense to phase back automatically.

Why are We experiencing them?

Don’t wait for a complex explanation. It shows you that you are existing in countless realities. Only your consciousness switched onto another channel and you are experiencing further.

The main problem with the most is that people are not interested even in their dreams. They won’t pass the first barrier of trying to understanding even the basics. A false awakening is a test for this. People are highly uneducated in the most important things about life.

Many experiences of this type are taking place in the Training Ground or as known as the Real Time Zone. Most people will do child play and fly above their house/city and go through walls. That is why most people (proven) won’t pass even the first barrier of development. Not even when they managed to have an OBE, phasing or projection. Many will burst out in fear because they don’t know what they are experiencing.

I would advise you just enjoy this kind of experience. Walk in that reality, observe things, see how real it is. Because I should tell you that other realities according to the physical world are more real than you think. The non-physical is the physical world on steroids.

We are coming from the non-physical world originally and the physical world is a pretty limited environment with consensus reality rules between human beings.

False Awakenings are just one stop in your non-physical or spiritual development. Enjoy them and test them. You have NOTHING to be afraid of, this is the real world behind the scenes!

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What to do if I have poor control over my Lucid Dreams?

I found out that on certain forums this issue is very well asked thing and there are no real or useful answers in practice of what to do with controlling a lucid dream in certain cases. First I will provide a general overview of lucid dreams (LD) and what are they – to not be in some kind of misconception. And secondly, I will write down what to do to improve your experiences.

What Lucid Dreams are?

I have many posts on my blog about this here which includes what they are but I give you a general overview of them.

Dreams are bad labels meaning something which is not physical thus nonsense things. Meanwhile, they are the core of conscious non-physical development.

Dreams, LD’s, Projections, Phasing, OBE, even Remote Viewing (I admit that RM is a little bit different according to the others in this case) view are the same phenomena but NP communities, books, people and many sources are messed them up long time ago saying that nonono, they are not the same.

Yes they are, the only difference is that humans want to label anything and make distinctions between two given labels AND that your actual awareness of your consciousness is varying according to your actual experiences and that how well trained you are.

Regularly if we only look over Lucid Dreaming, it is a label which in general explains that when you experience that, you are aware – many times – that you are “dreaming”. But there is nothing like dreaming or LD-ing etc. You are aware that you are in another reality other than the physical one.

You furthermore later realize with enough LD’s that the physical world is just a tiny little world in the endless Multiverse, in the Wider Reality. But it is endless, timeless and you many times don’t have even a body to experience with.

lucid dream

How to improve control

The method is simple but also complicated lol. First, you need to practice it in your daily life. Learn to first control your thoughts and check them thus your emotions too. Repeated thoughts are creating emotions (and not the other way) if they are strong enough.

Check your thoughts and stop them if they start a thought train. Learn to control them. Emotions won’t burst out if you don’t let them. Learn to practice a passive observation with a mild curiosity about everybody and everything in your daily life. We are already doing it when we pay attention to a movie for example. That is what most of humanity lacks and don’t want to control ever. That is why the most (billions) on this planet are doing what they are and why our civilization is like that. Control it.

When you fall asleep and after a while, you will be aware, you are almost the same person there as here but what is different is the environment and you are freer than in the physical world. You are still experiencing an ego-filter in the NP but without a brain. This alone is related to the fact that your primary focus is still in the physical world.

Being scared or without proper control

If something or somebody scared you like hell or you couldn’t control your emotions there, try to wake up and relax on it. It happens. Maybe a self-created fear monster ate you, that happens too.

This takes practice, effort and in the end, a whole new world will open up for you with patience.

If you fell out of a “dream” and couldn’t control it from any unknown reasons, it could be that you became aware of a simulation which needed your participating in problem-solving or rescuing somebody but you became aware and you are now messing up the whole thing.

Playing like a kid in the non-physical is not always what it seems to be but can be fun also.

Why do You still think it is just a Dream and Unreal? Here is why!

This post comes from my observations on what I see on various forums these days. Nothing new here for me at all in this subject but I see people are not convinced enough to see for their own “eyes” that when they are in a different reality. While they are physically asleep and experiencing very real cities, talking with people, being in nice places, all feel so real that they are confused, now what? It’s all about dreaming.

Is that REAL? Was that “only” a dream? Oh, come on. It IS REAL. Dreaming is a natural tool for exploring yourself and other realities. Earth and this physical Universe is one from the endless ones. Is Earth real? You got my point I guess.

But what is real?

Every world you were are all REAL. Do they all exist? Some are well-planned simulations for you for your development and many are existing places surely. The Wider Reality in any forms is showing you that you are in another reality and experiencing the same real things with your senses.

Furthermore, it is so real many times. Why? Because the physical world captures our attention to the highest degree and we got used to it from “birth”. The NP is like the physical world on steroids. You just notice that it is real while dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is the best proof for beginners to see this for themselves, the realness. Meanwhile, people still are questioning even themselves because that is not the “reality” what is taught in schools and in their lives. We tend to wash off anything which is outside our box-minded thinking. You should get break free.

The civilization is brainwashed unfortunately and limited down. Well to the degree that the most will never be enough aware to see that they are living two lives at once and both are equally important.


Becoming more aware

In the physical life, you are living a life which will be added as an experience chain and knowledge to your knowledge bank. In a bigger state and in the non-physical we are keeping up the contact with our source and learning further. This is a game and many are lost already in multidimensionality.

Here is the post about keeping a dream journal and becoming more aware.

You need to learn these in your physical waking daily life first. You are almost the same with the same mindset in the non-physical too and you are being tested many times. About how mature you are to go to other places. It is a wonderful journey and also not a child play many times. We need to grow up to our multidimensional reality. Earth and physical life with all the lies, brainwashing is just nothing at all.

PM me if you need further help.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

How to contact deceased loved ones while you are asleep?

This quick article is about how to contact deceased loved ones while you are asleep normally. This post was a little bit old and I modified it. A “dead relative” is not so far in the endless Multiverse. I mean, NOBODY is ever dying, we simply just leave the physical vehicle behind. Seems to be a simple issue but we are overcomplicating it from lack of knowledge.

Here I give a relatively simple method because I’m seeing on forums daily now that many people who are uneducated in non-physical knowledge have no idea about this and not about even anything. No problem, everybody starts somewhere. But most of our population is so beyond this that they still need to learn it from somewhere. If not from my site. The issue about how to do the “contact deceased loved ones” thing is simple but not so simple at the same time.

One thing is crucial not just here but in life. Don’t be naive! Educate yourself. So many people are caught up in scams, lies, false beliefs, religions, etc. It is up to each individual if they learn from it.

If you know the non-physical – how to contact deceased loved ones?

When you have thousands of conscious experiences behind you, it is easy to understand. But until then, it is guessing. All the mystical, mediumistic and religious stuff is useless. I’m not kidding. You may know our human civilization. We tend to lie and mislead people, mostly from fear or for money. You can’t be sure ever. Despite the fact of how many people are being fooled by readings and mediumistic BS.

You can’t guess this, like trying to trade the financial markets. Or guess if you are pregnant or not. It can’t be both. You need to dig deep into this if you are serious and you are not a weak believer who accepts the first answer. Most people never grow up and too naive to this, so this is not for everybody.

contact deceased loved ones

How you test this out is a personal thing. If you roam on my site, you may get this later. So for first, read what I share on my blog and you will gain a basic understanding. Nobody dies really and nobody lives really. This is a simulation game. We use a body as a focus of our attention to let us function in this world. All the memory loss and going through time are necessary.

What humanity does, on the other hand, is pretty stupid, I can’t find any better word for this. We are thinking we are our body and we are in it. This can’t be weeded out.

I updated this article and changed some issues, like the title for SEO friendliness. I can’t help it, I need to do something to let more people, to find this one too.

The method is simple but you need to repeat the results

Before every sleeps -meaning before falling asleep every time – tell this to yourself: I will be aware after I fell asleep OR I will meet XY for a nice chat while I’m sleeping physically. Call this as a self-suggestion. You need to pack your intent into a thought form or into anything around. Then if you are lucky, one day you will have results. Don’t question it, note it down!

You can experiment with different sentences but say them in the present tense, giving the whole idea a big intent and momentum. Say them maybe 3-4 times and fall into sleep. This alone basically causes you to remember your intent as I told you. You can’t be sure every who is playing the actual character! This is why you need to test it multiple times. You are meeting with a post-human form. Do you get this? You will, I’m sure.

Test it again and again and again until you are confident that nobody else could be that person. Even if you are 100% sure, nobody lies to you if you get words out of this. It is simply about dropping physical rules. We are coming from there but this issue is not so easy in the end.

Do you think that the contact deceased loved ones story is so easy? Most people look for easy stuff, where they don’t need to work for anything and they deserve their failures or beliefs in my opinion. Even a guide can btw use up a deceased loved one’s outlook. I’m not kidding. But. This means that somebody tries to comfort you or help you. It doesn’t matter who.

Actually, it can take maybe a day or maybe a few weeks how well will these statements drink in your mind. It can happen even on the first night if you did it well. The whole purpose of this practice is to become aware in the non-physical world when you are asleep physically. At least, you will finally realize you were in countless worlds already at the whole time in your “physical life”. And there is no death. Then try to talk with this person, call him/her to you.

If nobody appears there are many reasons after maybe a long time too. If nobody shows up ever, it is the clear sign that you should avoid trying this out because you have other things to learn and do in your non-physical life.


Don’t miss the first steps. You need to learn emotional control and thought control for first and learn to stay passive. That is the base of being there. You can’t miss that or you will do just what millions or billions are doing, nothing in progress. Even those who are young and playing with lucid dreaming. They don’t get out of their own emotional interplay.

Btw this in itself is useless until you keep up a passive observational attitude and DO NOT accept anything for first which is said. Because it can be distorted by your own mind. Listen to the answers and write them down when you woke up. Later repeat these questions. Ask what only you and this person can know or ask rather what you and this person only CAN know about you! This way you will avoid false information. Experiment with it.

I strongly recommend you to start educating yourself from the articles you find here to gain a better understanding, what you are doing and where you are. A dead relative is not always the person, who you think he/she is. As I stated, it can be “anybody”. You will know it, just trust yourself. Post-humans are not always acting the exact same way they did physically. If they mislead you, it could be for a reason to learn from it. Anything can happen. I experimented with this too.

And I don’t judge people and say that no, don’t do it. Just try it and see that for yourself. If people need proof, this is just one way to see it. Don’t stop here, test it until it turns out is that entity a real person. Don’t be a naive person who gets the bait the first time, like everybody else.

I hope I could help. Please share the site, the articles and support me if you can. Enjoy reading here!

Edited on 22nd of September in 2019.

Protein intake after Workout – but How and When?

In muscle building or just maintaining our muscle mass through our decades, it is critical that we need to monitor our protein intake in various forms. We need the muscle gain and not to lose muscle mass even in a slow metabolism state. There will be no scientific and useless talk from me, only fast useful facts.

Protein intake is only one factor which is critical especially after a workout and in the mornings as how I learned it over around a decade ago. Now I’m not an Arnold and not planning to be that muscular besides I have the structure and genes for it.

This topic is about how to use protein to gain muscle. And I recommend not overdoing this alone too, we need balance in life.

Don’t listen to sites, big names, books, and commercials, they are industries trying to sell you crap. We don’t need them.

Consuming Protein

The most critical thing in muscle building is that you need to eat or drink something full of protein after a workout with some sugar as carbs. There is a “time gate” about 30 minutes after you finished. Meaning, you should sip your shake as soon as you can or eat your prepared meal fast but comfortably. No rush, only it is better sooner than later. This way the muscles will have the actual building block to not suffer from serious damage, exhaustion and still have the raw material to build back the damaged tissues.

If some people may don’t know how you gain muscle: you damage the muscle tissues in the workouts, straining them with pushing and pulling. This way the fibers of your muscle groups will regenerate over time if they got the necessary building blocks to change themselves into a bigger and stronger structure. If you understand this easy principle of muscular nature, that is just enough.

Muscles are not building up and getting bigger overnight and it is critical to supply yourself with it every day. Now, in my opinion, we should stop listening to anybody, especially to those who are eating 4-5 times a day and eating up huge amounts in costs.

That is needless and ridiculous, also you need huge wagons of money for it and your teeth will rot all day long. We don’t need to measure anything on kitchen scales like a rocket scientist and don’t need to buy powders full of amino acids with numbers on them.

How much?

One whole egg boiled or fried contains 10-14 grams of protein /100g.
Chicken breast fillet, what you fry, contains around 22-25 grams of protein /100g. They are the best and safest in my opinion.
If you prefer shakes, use milk with some fruits like 1-2 medium bananas and 1-2 raw eggs (from a salmonella-free farm).

Frequency is around 3-5 times a day in eating, bodybuilders are saying that. In my opinion, it is useless to eat all day long. Try to eat as much protein as possible in the main three meals. This alone means that if your intake is 100g for a day, it means you should divide it up for 3 pieces for good digestion.

When to eat, protein intake time:

1. after a workout in less than 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Experiment with it.
2. in the morning, at the minimum of the next morning after workout day – you need mostly protein in the morning, not sugar – your brain and muscles are depleted overnight (even normally too!)
3. try to divide your daily intake with 2 or 3 meals and I mean your daily meals normally as you normally eat anything.

protein intake

Intake measurement

It is said in many sites how much do you need to scale in to gain muscle. I think it is useless mostly. You can measure 1,5 grams or 2 grams/body kilograms of protein powder but the whole thing only comes down to the actual supplement of your muscles. Don’t cheat on any other “supplements”. Artificial stuff is not doing miracles and toxic in the long run. Meaning vitamins, minerals and any other trace elements which are marketed to sell you. Just don’t…

I don’t suggest you use any powder from the markets until you make your own from dried eggs.

So how much do you need to eat? Just experiment with it. In my opinion for a 70kg’s of body weight, for example, I should eat around 100g-s a day. Try around between 1x and 1,5x multiplier according to your weight in kgs.

Be aware that too much protein alone or with carbs will cause you tiredness. Maybe not but you will know if you ate too much, that is why it is needed to divide into dosages like anything else to supply your system throughout the actual day.

Eating protein won’t do miracles in itself, here is why:

Your beliefs and body image which you hold in your mind does the most job, not a workout. Athletes can imagine their whole scene in their minds before doing it and it can improve their condition pretty miraculously. You are relatively changing your mindset and beliefs about yourself.

You hold a certain body image from childhood. We need to be slimmer or we need to be more full. Don’t give a damn to other’s expectations, don’t be a people pleaser, it does only harm. This is your life. If you are weak work for it. If there are weak muscle groups in your body, you can do something to change it.

So until you can’t imagine that you are looking much muscular or much leaner than you are right now, it won’t work ever – or will veeery slowly. Let’s say you did your workout the best way without any BS movements, they are accurate, you have enough protein in your gut to supply your muscles. But still nothing.

That is why. Mental exercise. What if I would say maybe half of the workout is useless if you learn to stimulate your muscle groups with your thoughts, huh? Sleep is another important factor, try to sleep enough.

The solution:

Eat protein with carbohydrates ALWAYS. Eat eggs, chicken breasts, a little fish, which are the best sources and consume carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, vegetables too. Vegetables are needed for minerals, vitamins, fiber and mixing up the raw materials. Carbohydrates will supply your muscles with glycogen and they will store more energy over time which will be felt like your muscles are much bigger and fuller.

You can eat also anything like legumes, nuts, and seeds, sugary stuff too. Sugary stuff are better after a workout to not let you down like hell. Drink plenty of minerals or clean water too especially in a hot climate daily and after a workout because of increased metabolism and sweating.

Gaining more muscle is not about restrictions, only learning to use up the raw materials in a logical order for the actual purpose. Use oils like olive oil, coconut oil for cooking and frying. Eat butter. This is all about a balanced diet.

Percentages of measurements in the main 3 elements (protein, carbs, fat) are I think useless, eat simply more protein at the right time. And don’t eat much before the workout, especially in sports like jogging, you don’t want to vomit lol.

Edited on 13th of May in 2018.