What makes difference between physical life and dreams

Do dreams are really so unreal? Many people think those are nonsense “subconscious” noises. Right? You shouldn’t make so much attention towards them. Well, it depends… on your average or peak awareness, that how conscious you are in your non-physical life. When you are dreaming, you are living your other life in the NP – the most are not noticing it, not even being conscious.

Waking physical life is one thing for which You are here on planet Earth. But while you are sleeping through the night or whenever, you are developing further in your subjective side. Furthermore, you are being tested many times by your higher parts and from the local system. We are developing constantly in any levels.

Don’t wash just off what you are experiencing over your sleep because they are equally important with physical life. I know many people are from the first reaction wash this off and deny it because it doesn’t fit into their limited thinking. They can’t accept the whole idea meanwhile they can’t lie because they are experiencing their own “reality” too.

So what is the difference between the two “worlds”?

You would be surprised but not so much. Yes, there is no real significant differences. Only that this world here is solid and seems too persistent to just ignore. Because we are in a consensus reality where you are a small part only. In the NP you can destroy and build from your mind and live up your thought, fears and all emotions in full 3D.

The real difference comes down to a few things after this. You are freer in the non-physical while your physical body is on autopilot and sleeps. But the vast majority’s awareness is so low from habits and from birth that they are rarely aware and also rarely can dig up shadow memories about what they lived up after they reintegrate here as waking up.

Shadow memories are those which are downloaded from the NP after you woke up and recalled recent experiences.


When it happens…

With enough awareness and experiences in dreams, you can experience that the non-physical world could be as “solid” as the physical. Furthermore, it can be MUCH more real! The non-physical is the “physical” on steroids.

But don’t make false assumptions here and dive into dreamland, denying physical life. We are living here and our primary focus is here and now. BOTH worlds are important for our personal development and understanding our multidimensional nature, which billions forgot long “time” ago. I was always interested in it, rather was my basic spiritual part. I guess people should read up the simplified Focus Model.

What to experience initially?

The Wider Reality or helpers can – unseen and unnoticed – test you with how real it is. You can fly and go through walls or you can be trapped in a building and can’t escape because it feels solid. Both can be experienced. But it is not just for game and fun. Helping people out from their non-physical misery because “helpers” are relatively not enough in numbers according to the trapped endless post-humans there. We are automatically tested and transported to help if we are capable of.

So you punch into a glass window and you have the impact and hurt but the glass is still in one piece. You can even use the toilet and feel all the sensations about uhm… using a toilet lol. Anything. There are no limits. Your physical memories are partly closed out to not let you interfere with these simulations and tasks.

Really… all reality frames are almost all the same on a bigger scale. But here we have the linear timeframe as an illusion and physical limits but we are not so disconnected from our true source.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

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