What causes Cancer – without belief system scams

Cancer is a pretty confusing topic because people are suffering from many variations of it. They are only listening to so-called doctors, practitioners, and scientist without having any knowledge about how it is only related to people’s thoughts and mental-emotional condition.

Oh yeah, it could be insane, because this world is not opened to the idea. Cancer as a phenomenon is two-fold and I will try to explain my best according to what I know about this and it may take time for some people to understand it well but it is actually pretty simple and is strongly related to non-physicality.

I needed to add which I left out that I’m talking about natural conditions. People should take it into account that many unlucky people around the world are exposed to radiation, toxic waste and any other harmful chemicals which will also cause canceric effects. Yes, there are many unfortunate conditions around the world, in bad places and in bad circumstances where cancer is a probability.

Who is causing it instead of “what”?

Yes, you heard me, the vast majority is doing it to themselves. Cancer is a definition or rather label of what happens in your body on a cellular level. Cell groups are overgrowing or behaving unnaturally, destroying the neighboring tissues. I can’t write it down better because it would be a little bit confusing for myself also to translate it from my language. To keep it short, people have various cancer types in various body parts or regions.

But how the heck is it there and why do more and more people have it these days? And to make it short on speculations, humanity didn’t suffer in most of these today’s “diseases” (oh a label again) decades or even a century ago.

This whole phenomenon is related to this world full of stress and chemicals, brainwashing and giving you any pills to make yourself feel “healthy”. Bad life situations, misery, digesting crap food, being exposed to toxic materials, taking in pills, all will cause it at some level. But not until you start to abuse yourself mentally.

Option 1: people are doing it to themselves without accepting the consequences of their thought and emotions

How? Do you know the words as chakras or energy flow, energy body? To make it clear and short, our life energy is coming from the non-physical world, with an energy link which is attached to the physical body and unseen, it is stemming from the bigger part of us to function in this dimension while we are experiencing restricted individual life here. Your physical body contains energy centers and lesser energy lines and your thoughts are manipulating your energy grid.

Some “psychics” and machines can detect energy leakages in the aura too, to just show you how true it is but I don’t go deeper anymore in this because this topic is full of spread confusion and misconceptions in human literature.

So take an example of how energy matrix works. Forget vibrations, frequencies from new age crap and LOA. Everybody has a unique energy matrix. With your thoughts, you can make distorted regions in the physical body – remember the physical body is a projection but seems real and solid – and this way with repeated thoughts it will be distorted more and more until consciousness (another part of You) made changes in the physical matrix.

Repeated misery

Now if you are not stopping unchecked thoughts towards your body the physical vehicles will have weakened parts over time (you don’t see it normally). Maybe you try to weaken your leg and consciousness will find a probable outcome in the future where you will have for example a skiing accident and break your leg. That is how it works. People have no idea what they are doing with their thoughts. Did you hear “thought energy”?

The whole process can speed up with released emotions to either side thus accelerating the process. You can heal yourself or damage too. Some people managed to heal themselves on their own, it takes effort and wanting to live further. Maybe some people need a new life purpose because we shouldn’t waste our time here on just slowly dying.

Concentrated energy with repetition accumulates in the body and because many people are keeping it inside as emotional shocks, fear, anger, anything negative (other than love) will cause big energy blockages which will turn into “cancer” over time. In the non-physical world you are instantly manifesting out your thoughts and emotions but HERE your physical body is a BUFFER, which holds up what you think and feel!

You heard me, you are fueling the problem further because those idiots are giving you poisons without treating you from the very first reason: your thoughts. Some more “enlightened” practitioners nowadays are approaching the man causes too, but it is not enough. And forget karma and past life crapload, those are not what people are telling it.

So here you go, unchecked thoughts are causing this but rather that people hurt themselves. Now one thing is damaging your body from a manifested accident with repeated thoughts and keeping emotions inside causing cancer. I noticed in my life that many people who died of cancer or had cancer maybe were close to cancerous conditions did the same. They did this to themselves and not even thinking about it ever.

But why people just don’t stop this?

Maybe their life was too bad, sad, maybe they had a bad family or marriage or they were just too weak to handle their life. One thing I never understood, people are living irresponsibly and they are seeking medical help in which they will die much sooner. Ah, of course!

They don’t know even a thing about how our reality works out from both sides. I didn’t even born with this knowledge, it is enough only to see others and take the pieces together with big investigations.


Option 2: people are having and dying from cancer because it is time to go “back” for a higher reason – it is the end of this game

Now the other “half” is made up with this option. I don’t have any idea which option is causing the most deaths but I can say that maybe both. Objective and materialistic thinking causing anybody to look outside of themselves to seek any solutions.

We have doctors who are not healing almost anybody rather than writing up chemicals and fueling the problems further without finding the real cause. Then scientists, who are looking for consciousness in a brain and trying to find life outside of anything. We have religions which are only keeping people in fear, anger, misconceptions and not giving any answers to the biggest questions of existence.

Rather there is non-physical exploration which is only from a stretch of a hand these days. We are lucky to have internet or books or those who are already exploring the non-physical world seeking for bigger and personal answers of life but I admit the most of the information which can be found are distorted and very bad.

There’s all the knowledge, meanwhile, society looks the worst direction to understand something which they can’t from a physical perspective. There is the knowledge from anything which you need to know personally about yourself. Learn to meditate and ask yourself whatever you would like to. I strongly recommend reading the Focus Model.

So the second option is this in a nutshell: you are much more and a timeless genderless formless subjective entity. You are here only just a portion of your bigger version (misleading label “higher self”), nothing relatively new about this.

The role of a disease many times:

The whole Earth Life System game (or any other dimensional one) is containing an entry point (birth) and exit point (death) which allows us to jump in and out of physical lives. If we just happen to exist here and disappear, it would ruin the whole game, right? Illusion after illusion and we tend to take it seriously.

So your “total self” needs a mechanism like cancer or any disease to help you out. You can do it unconsciously or it will be caused. I can’t really say 100% sure who is causing it, the actual person or his/her non-physical source.

Aftereffects and consequences

It is not happening over some days or weeks but years and decades. Not FOOD what is causing it but can accelerate it if you ingest chemicals like drugs, medicines, and vitamins-minerals (you don’t need those and later I will write a post about them and why).

Meanwhile, it could be a very very long time in a linear time frame and with so much suffering that you don’t know why a non-existent god hurts you. It is for the same reason as any life lessons: how do you deal with that condition. With love and kindness or hate and anger. It is the same as for those who were born with body degenerations or anything related, they have a harder time and need to learn this way or rather experience it.

So back to the subject, cancers and any lethal “diseases” are for one purpose: sooner or later we return back to the non-physical. The delay, in my opinion, is multi-folded, maybe it helps the loved ones to get used to it. But I have a strong guess here that many times it is STILL for that actual sufferer’s sake to learn or realize (or not) that they are causing it to themselves. I know people who are doing it, older, younger – there is no help for those.

In the Afterlife:

People are continuing with this attitude after death in the non-physical world or Afterlife. They end up places called the Belief System Territories (BST). Why is this name? Just think for a second. You will end up in a region which resonates with your mental position.

You are NOT physical here anymore but it doesn’t end here if you don’t stop it. It is all about taking responsibility for thoughts and actions and LEARNING from the effects. Mostly. But NP entities and friends will help stop it if we need help. Some people are not really learning these because they already dealt with them many lives ago.

Think for a second why are you in a limited timeframe, opposite of a timeless world where you don’t need a “body”

Decisions and aftereffects. Many people are avoiding any responsibilities at all cost. I do understand this, the most have no idea that the physical world is not just the only one. They wash off anything which is not fitted into the box thinking and what they learned from birth as the only thing. For the most, it is a looong path to learn.

I admit that it seems like billions are living here and now only from some purposes as having kids or being in a certain country, trying out to be a man or woman, drinking a lot or having sex forever (addiction after addiction). That is right. But there are those who want to seek out the “truth”. Well, it is personal of course and you now know how to start with it.

A linear timeframe is for a certain purpose: you are placed in it, being tested without realizing it, having repeated actions and choices to choose wisely over time and grow up personally.  And not everybody is on the same level as the next person to you. We are all unique and doing our own journey.

Today’s world is just flushing out people with mental problems. No wonder in this rushing world full of self-made stress is causing so much trouble. Fear, greed, money love, hatred, and anger, pushing people into suffering… It is up to us how we deal with them.

Edited on 31th of october in 2018.

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