Sleep Paralysis and how to deal with it

Sleep paralysis is relatively common with certain people, not really an undocumented phenomenon. Some people like me never experienced it in their lives directly.

Some people are suddenly waking up in the middle of the night realizing that they can’t move an inch and terrified like hell. I will give you a quick explanation of this and how it is related to non-physical traveling while you are asleep. But how you can induce it intentionally too.

On the other hand, it IS a defensive system. When you fall asleep, your brain as a device automatically shuts down your muscles to not move an inch. This happens more if you are really tired physically. In other words, it is related to brainwave patterns on the physical side.

Why it is happening?

Okay, for first if you are not familiar with non-physical travel and experiences, please read posts related to those. OBE, Astral Projection, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, Remote View, just any. They are all the same with varying awareness, have the same core. People fear them because of lack of knowledge.

So you are sleeping for example at night. When you are falling asleep, your consciousness (the real YOU) is changing mind channels and now you are in another dimension. Some people blackout for a while until they will be aware in the NP but the most are unconscious from habit.

Billions are never realizing it and calling these experiences as nonsense dreams or just dreams. When you are finished and you are pulled back to your physical body mostly automatically. Maybe your body wants something (peeing, thirsty, etc) you will be “awaken”.

By the nights…

We are waking up multiple times throughout the night normally and returning back to the non-physical to continue our journey. If people fear everything it shows us that the most don’t know even a thing which is there for anybody to see first hand from birth. We are existing at all levels of existence at the same time.

So some people are returning and reintegrating with their physical body without any issues. But if it is too fast and still didn’t regain full control over their physical brain and nervous system thus muscle groups, SP is there.

Don’t worry so much and don’t panic, that is relatively still normal. You are encountering maybe hostile shapes or shadows, maybe something bad energy thingy. Basically, You are still not fully in your primary dimension. You are many times maybe between the physical and a parallel dimension. You just don’t realize it that you encounter with your fears, whatever form it takes shape.

sleep paralysis

For first if you would like to wake up, there are two options to go

You can slowly try to move a finger, now your hand or feet. Then an arm or leg and piece by piece you are free. Just try to move your body parts piece by piece to kickstart the waking process.

Btw your lungs are heavy from this natural process. Try to use your stomach to breath as a habit. Deep meditation is about that partially.

Or you can induce an OBE, Astral Projection or Phasing, whatever we call it. Those who are new to this practice will try exactly like that consciously.

Meanwhile, sleep paralysis is only just an effect of the whole process and many practicioners are never even experiencing SP. For some, they can induce it with SP and being successful. So this is a good time to do it because you are still in the “inbetween” state. If it doesn’t work, don’t force it. A good advice here is that if you can’t wake up physically, try to stay calm and try to sleep back again intently. Something will work.

Those who try to suddenly get up in the middle of the night and run out for the toilet may move much slower and harder than daytime. The reason is the same as the body’s physiology is primed for sleep phase. Don’t ever force it, do it patiently. Muscle groups may move much slower and that is normal.

SP can cause RTZ or false awakening too, it is also normal, you managed to jump into the closest parallel reality.

Sleep paralysis explanation for religious and scared people

This phenomenon is well known in non-physical and mystical circles, also in religious ones. I have an advice, just STOP believing shit about that you are poccessed, abducted or a demon wants your butt. Or whatever your made up god’s book says (it IS manmade belief system).

It is a natural phenomenon which is maybe never experienced. What do we fear? What we don’t know. Religions are doing a good job of keeping people in darkness and keep disinformed. Just USE common sense after what I told you here.

Other terms are “lead blanket” and “sinking”. They are all the same. You don’t feel your body because it is partly shut down. It is maybe warm or cold, maybe senseless. Maybe you feel extreme pain because those muscle groups are inactive to STOP you from moving while your physical body is asleep. It is a natural process and projection practicers are aware of the changes.

Some people are experiencing pre-projection signposts like vibrations and movements. This is an autopilot thing. Your consciousness’s tiny fraction keeps your body alive and stays with your body. Meanwhile, your bigger part is exploring the non-physical and learning. Consciousness doesn’t die, nor lives, just experiencing.

How to have an SP intentionally

Pretty simple, I can give you some tips. First of all, why should you have one? Well some practitioners in trying to initiate Astral Projection or whatever, many times are experiencing this symptom out from the many. People want to experience symptoms because their wider part is testing them with fear barriers. Here is a post about the symptoms. Those won’t give you anything alone of course.

You can lie down on your back and imagine with sensations and maybe visually if you need it, that you are on the surface of a strong magnet or a neutron star. The huge gravity pulling is enough to let your body relax until you feel heavy that your muscles are sleeping and it hurts. It really hurts but could be fun. It also helps you to be more familiar with a natural phenomenon. Just don’t move. If you want to move, still you can. Maybe you will experience that some muscle groups are in huge hurt lol.

A second practice may be if you imagine that you are sinking through your bed. Maybe you can imagine that your whole room is a big elevator inside a bigger structure and you are going downwards endlessly. This way your mind will think you are going deeper in yourself. Both examples are for sensations and mental visualizations. All will cause your brainwaves to be altered.

I’m adding a third one here as a bonus. When you are physically tired and you feel it in your body as you crash down onto your back in your bed, you can induce SP pretty fast. But I repeat it, sleep paralysis is not some kind of Projection needed thing. It is only a signpost which is sometimes happening to people. Some can induce projection from it and many can’t.

Play with sleep paralysis and you will be more familiar with non-physical related symptoms too to kick your fears in the butt.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

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