Why You should stop using Toothpaste with Fluoride

This is now an old myth that we need fluoride especially in oral care products like toothpastes and any other related tools to wash our teeth and our teeth will be strong and healthy (yeah I used to believe this long time ago until I started to understand how humanity is kept in lies for profit). Not really, quite the opposite. Do you think even for a second that if you put a toxic waste material into your mouth to make your precious teeth stronger and healthier, will make you healthy? Do you think that what is told and represented to you in nicely packaged boxes with colorful design and nice words will do any good? People are endlessly naive. We didn’t use toxic chemicals long time ago in human history, we just didn’t bursh our teeth, just common sense.

Fluoride has nothing even to do in the physical human body, not even in tap water in certain countries, mostly in the USA. Just do a research about what fluoride does organically and you will be shocked. I’m amazed that if I use the same ratio in human nature like 1 out of 100 or 1 out of 1000, anything you do research on will provide you false promises and lies, scams, misconceptions and the lesser findings will be about the actual debunking of what is the real issue. It is always true: the most findings, websites, books, studies, people will lie and sell you something, and only a few sources will provide you with the fact that you not just really don’t need them but you are fooled and your health could be suffer. How? Let’s make up an industry on false labels and for example let’s call a mental problem which maybe came from trauma and call it XY Disorder. And here you go a new product and industry. It is all about money and greed, not health!

Look at what happens when fluoride goes deeper into the human body, into organs and main areas. I won’t sum it up because these researches are everywhere how detrimental the whole fluoride nonsense is. With common sense even simpler people can see for themselves how the whole society globally is fooled still daily and this is just ONE out of many lies. I admit that we have no evidence first hand any maybe we are wrong even in the toxicity level but it is not doing any good in the body.

What happens is in a nutshell, you will brush your teeth with chemicals in a sugar-like substance (surprise, why is that paste is so flavoured and sweet). Maybe I’m wrong at some point but doesn’t make any difference, the enamel and also existing fillings will erode and rotten around and below. I guess it can race with an acidic party of eating apples all day long lol. Your mouth is full of bacterias and they are eating on anything sugar-like “food” which will fuel them to stay alive or rather stay in growth. They will catch the food particles and sugar on your teeth’s surface and make acid. Nothing new, only cause and effect. Just wash them down and rinse, use floss.

Toothpaste could be good orally but not with chemicals, maybe don’t use it or try homemade

I support the fact that we can make own home products from relatively natural compounds to keep our oral health is ok. Well I’m very lazy so I’m rather using tap water to make my electric brush wet. But when you bare with your patience and even for 10 minutes look at the package of the paste and search on the web about what are those crazy labeled elements in the actual “paste”, you will be amazed. Big companies are not hiding those elements but who knows what is not written on the back of the tube. Some elements are actually sugar-like stuffs, some are chemicals which have nothing to do with health. You are putting sugar on your teeth which are doing quite the opposite of strong teeth. Same with those crap alcoholic mouth washes, if it would be real pure alcohol, I guess not so much people would take it into their mouth without vomiting.

Look at that nice gelatine like paste mmm, nice and tasty, yeah? Lol.

If we use only common sense without being scientific or logical with strong researches, those elements will do harm. Fluoride and other similar elements will cause nanoparticles to stuck on the line of the gums where the enamel is covered and will push that gum away. Saccharin will cause more trouble. Even those crap mouthwashes. Alcohol? Do you think that alcohol is disinfectant or cleaning agent in these products? Bacterias will feed on these shit. You are convinced to buy these products and push money in those big companies thus those few people’s pockets who are laughing at you how they fooled you with nice commercials and belief systems.

Don’t think even for a second – because some new paste products are called like organic or BIO or natural – that they will be the best. EVERY products which are manmade and sold worldwide are harmful in longterm. You are putting chemicals into your mouth and that is the first safety line for your body to dissolve them. Some infants are using toothpastes for especially made for kids and they may swallow it. I know I did it too when I was little and it can caused white enamel discoloration.

There is a relatively newest fluroide hype like aminfluoride (I guess I wrote it the right way), it is still a waste chemical in another form. These industries really think that if they repackage a crap in different cool name and new ablities will make customers to spend on their products, fake promises that it will make a thin protective layer on your enamel. I know from first hand that it doesn’t do anything, any good surely.

I tell you how dumb regular people are. Someone hears from the TV or from a neighbor how detrimental is that XY toothpaste which has visual black line on the package. This is how humans are thinking. No common sense, they fear of what others said must be right and if you stop using it, you are in trouble. And people’s teeth are rotten and bad and full of fillings. They should wash their teeth more frequently, not eat all day long, let their teeth regenerate and rest and use dental floss but mostly use the right tool as electric brush. Electric brush with round head, pulsating, will surely clean out all the surface from the neck till the top. I’m still amazed when I’m lazy and use normal brush and when I’m finished I only hurt my gum line and the whole food particle subsidence is STILL on the gumline.

One more thing here. I had an old friend – and this is for a lesson for everybody listening to defenders – who is very egoistic and defended his viewpoint in a  few hours of ego-fight that fluorine is needed for human body because it is found in nature and studies (sooo he believed what is said) showed this and that and he learnt as an agricultural engineer as learning about plant life too and chemistry… but meanwhile he just didn’t realize how double blinded he was when he defended a toxic waste in any form (he is not even using floss… I regret his future dentist bills), which has nothing to do in our body, nor on our teeth. It is like somebody defends another strong nerve damager shit called aspartame which in his/her opinion is safe because he/she consumes it with certain products, called “food”. Don’t argue with people, do you think for a second that somebody who strongly believes in something as a religious sheep and defends his/her viewpoint will change it’s mind?

What will carry you to the dentist sooner

You are not safe from visiting the dentist at all. They will rarely or never tell you to stop using toothpaste or any chemicals, which are called oral care products. If you think that using fluoride will cost less, you were totally wrong. That shit will weaken the whole tooth structure over time and our teeth structure is not meant to be used by today’s world foods like whatever we find on the store’s shelves in the name of “foods”. Our teeth mostly going bad because of today world’s eating habits.

I tested my dentist since a while once. I have the best dentist in the world, she is one of the best in her job but she is only doing what she learnt and what her carrier is about. Don’t think for a second that a dentist will tell you to stop using anything related to this business. She said to me that if I only use water to wash it isn’t so good (why?…) and because toothpaste is the lubricant for brushing… This explanation is pretty crappy. The enamel and good fillings won’t suffer from any mechanical damage in my opinion… you are not brushing with electrical tool like with an air hammer or a grinder lol.

My advice to You

Don’t use anything which are sold in shops. You CAN make own product at home, like some toothsoap trials are very good with natural elements mixed together but I recommend to stop using them (the store ones). I’m NOT using any toothpaste since maybe 3 years and I didn’t regret it. What to use? Water lol. If I had teeth problems later in my life they were ONLY caused by remnants of childhood teeth problems or or fillings. And stop blaming genetics, one of my aunt’s doing it and she is over 82, her body is crap and she is believing in medicines, no real teeth left because she is logical but in fear of NOT doing something other than said in the end. This is what beliefs are doing. She could brush her teeth the right way in her life but it is much easier always blame something.

Wash your teeth twice a day, after lunch if needed and if there is anything to wash off, and MINIMUM before bedtime. Forget this idiotism of washing after waking up… that is totally illogical, the bacterias are already everywhere, just rinse with water and force the water between your teeth. If you forgot floss before bedtime, do it in the morning.

Use round headed electrical toothbursh with battery or whatever it is made up. Use soft headed ones if you can. Normal toothbrush won’t do anything, you will relatively pull down the whole food particle ranch from your teeth’s neck after you brushed through and it was useless. Normal non-electrical toothbrushes are just crap, people are washing their GUM with them and they will pull themselves lower – surprised, if you hurt something, it will search for cover. Why round head? Because you can precisely coordinate the movements and where it goes instead hurting the gumline. Just use your other index finger or fingers and pull your mouth to see whatever you are doing. Don’t bother if somebody thinks this is ridiculous… who cares, you need healthy teeth, right?

Use dental floss with wax once daily or once every two days. It is very important! Food particles between teeth are causing the biggest damages, I know I sucked with one tooth which is now having new crown. Acidic food particles are slowly building up and damaging the enamel between the teeth and causing root canal treatments and later on new crowns.

Sometimes if you have buildup, you can use a little pinch of baking soda powder, sprinkle it onto the wet brush head and wash your teeth with it gently without harming the gum line. Don’t do it frequently, you don’t want to damage the enamel, just maybe once in a week or two weeks.

Wash your tounge, keep it clean from debris and buildup for good breath too.

Your whole oral care and the condition of teeth depends on only the fact that:
1. Clean away ALL food particles from the teeth and between them,
2. Keep a non-acidic environment as the bacterias won’t feed on your teeth enamel.

Don’t be stupid brushing all day, just do this whole thing naturally with common sense. Your dentist surelly could ask you stop this idiotism what I’m representing here because they need money from you to “work”. Companies need money from you to sell you crap. Supply and demand. If you don’t feel safe of just brushing with water, ok try to find recipes on the web which are causing your teeth and mouth care to be non-acidic and not ingesting any chemicals.

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