Is OBE dangerous? Only if you Believe that it is!

People still think from brainwashing and misleading that the out of body experience (OBE) is harmful. Somehow you will be possessed or die maybe if you try to. Even spiritual oriented forums are full of crap and speculations without any first-hand knowledge. I guess the most problems are coming from zero knowledge, how this process works.

No demons will harm you until you believe it. The whole Wider Reality with countless dimensions is there, existing with our physical world. And DO NOT ever use any drugs or mind-altering substances because they will always distort your experiences to a degree that you will think what you experienced is the truth about everything.

This physical character is not the real you, only a limited perspective. Out of body experiencers are proving that you are more than a physical body or self-image. And that we are existing WITHOUT a physical vehicle! We are not really in a body but our perception is attached to this world right now.

out of body experience

What IS an OBE or Out of Body Experience?

It is just one method with which you can experience different realities without dying or having a Near Death Experience. Actually, there is no OUT of a body, only in people’s mind. Your perception and common sense tell you that relatively according to your actual or previous physical position in space, you moved without moving your body even an inch.

You are feeling that you are still alive, maybe scared like hell but now you are freer. But many things in your surroundings and in your mind are not fitting together as you knew it for decades. You are gaining insight into a whole new reality frame. I won’t discuss the methods and feelings, there are many: stuck in the body, having “etheric body”, floating, sleep paralysis etc.

Out of body experience as a label gained bigger popularity in the last century when Robert A. Monroe made his own travels and notes. Books about the whole phenomenon as a pioneer with his limited beliefs and perspective interpreting it. You will make the mistake as many people if you try to copy his path.

Generally, it looks like this. You are “leaving” your body as you believe it and you are now in another dimension.

This phenomenon has more labels like Astral Projection, Phasing, Lucid Dream etc. The other factor is that maybe you are in the so-called Real Time Zone (RTZ) or in another reality, maybe in Focus 2 or 3. Please read the Focus Model pages first.

Forget that objective crap from logical materialist people that you are only in your head. You were never in any head and the whole Multiverse is your mind. You are anything.

Is it dangerous to do this practice? This question is a joke, I know…

Quite the opposite. What happens when you gain access to the non-physical, your mind switches channels where you are already existing (Focus Model). You are now for certain amounts of time do operate consciously in a different world. Your mind’s bigger part is on another reality level and your physical body is SAFELY sleeping. It DID it in your entire life every time when you fell asleep. The difference is that now you are aware that you are asleep.

What you experience with your objective thinking is highly filtered according to what conceptions you learned from birth and what your physical brain as a mechanism is filtering. But you are not your brain, it is a device with various functions to keep the body alive.

What determines your experiences are: beliefs, thoughts, and emotions mostly. If you fear that you can’t get back, it will become an obstacle may be. Beliefs will kill all further development if you don’t stop limiting yourself.

You will be mature in spirit only if you encounter your fears and solve them. These are stages of REAL personal development.

Out of body experience is about opening up yourself to the real world if you intend it. It is real and you programmed yourself successfully. But experiencing it is from allowing it, not forcing it.

What to do and get one?

One thing is to have a strong intent to have one. You read up all sources about it and for many people, it is enough alone. Sometimes no matter what you do, you won’t have any experiences. It will happen in this case when you don’t force it. If your intention is strong enough, it will happen but not as you think it should happen. Be open.

Edited on 12th of april in 2018.

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