Third Eye – do I really need to open it or not?

The Third Eye or “3rd eye” chakra – whatever we call it – is one of the biggest widely spread myth of today’s society. In the distant past, it was only a mystical belief concept. Today it is a newly packed belief system too. Mystical people, books, forums and various sources trying to spread that you need to “open” it and you have it, it has various abilities etc.

The Third Eye is a metaphor only

People try to open it, making pressure on it, do various cleansing methods uselessly. Or just blame the government about their Pineal Gland of calcification, listening to binaural. Doing various methods to force it open, without knowing what they are doing really. Why? Because everybody else is doing it as a new fashion. Why should you avoid this big game, huh?

If you would have a problem of a calcified pineal gland you couldn’t even sleep or exist alive lol. Where is common sense these days?

We DO have some kind of the third eye but it is a symbol, a metaphor for our mind’s capabilities only and an antenna to the Wider Reality. We DO feel pressure between our eyebrows a little bit upper in the front cortex so to speak. But it is only a place where we concentrate our thoughts. Some people are successful in “activating” something which many don’t like after they realized what they did to themselves.

Simply put, you are concentrating your mind power over that area, maybe a little bit inside and now you can maybe Astral Project or see other dimensions. Maybe see negative entities etc. It is not even pleasant for the most because you forced a process of which you were NOT EVEN READY to experience. Those abilities are not gained by this idiotism. Intent does the job.

It is pain in the ass how stupid cults are taking place and people are benefiting from people who are buying books, crystals, music, services which are doing only harm in the long term.

Chakra points and abilities – just don’t get caught up on BS

These chakra points or spinning energy centers are real but not in the way as it is sold. Some people can see them, see colors but they are only energy centers of your physical body. They are interconnected with your higher part of your consciousness – and people are interpreting colors on their own understanding.

We do have an energy link to the physical body to keep it alive from the non-physical but we don’t need to force anything in our body to burst. This is like the silver cord. Mystics have no imagination of how this belief construct could look like. People only see it in the RTZ when they THINK their “body” may have problems… you see? Beliefs again. Do you understand how our reality works now?

Energy centers and functions

Activating your Pineal Gland, the third eye? Oh crap, it is already “active” from your birth lol… Just don’t do any harm to your body according to spread idiotism.

These centers are only serving the purpose to give the energy flow throughout the body. They keep the organs and anything connected to them function properly and flowing the energy through. It is like the electricity in electronics.

If you have manifested problematic energy centers because of your thoughts built up energy blocks in the body, you are in trouble partly. You can concentrate on these primary energy centers to change the flow into a normal mod. Or seek after medical or any help from a third party to make physical adjustments which you may don’t know how can you achieve alone.

Just lay down to relax your body (meditate) and concentrate your attention on the energy centers, your energies. Move them through your body back and forth. It can be a daily routine it helps in healing also.

But don’t get caught up on this belief system. Stop overstimulating them for NO reason and don’t hang on web tests and quizzes. Those are for fooling entertainment. Those New Ager people try to shape people like who are sitting all day home and visualize anything without doing now the minimal effort to do their life’s job.

third eye

Extrasensory (ESP) abilities are coming from the Source only

Whichever NP ability did you hear, they are real but takes strong intent and effort to use them. It is mostly up to your dedication and braveness.

Maybe some people will have sudden results and some are doing it the hard way. The Wider Reality is watching you and you may be scared or impatient, all lessons are for your growth.

Your other fragments of total self will help you if it is really needed. Some people are instantly successful and stopping the whole thing. Maybe having from fear. Others are investing a huge amount of time, patience and effort. It varies for each individual.

BUT You don’t need to activate anything. Some people have a better antenna than others. Some are more feeling related to persons like empathy, some are more mentally visual types like clairvoyants. You can’t force a slow process to just kick in and you are in Fairyland suddenly.

HERE you can read about Crystals and Gemstones and why they are related to this problem as people selling You unnecessary things.

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

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