Human Consciousness and Weather – they MAY be interrelated!

This topic is about how human consciousness MAY be interconnected with the changing weather. Most of my thoughts are coming down from Jane Robert’s material, talking with her parallel self, the Seth entity. So don’t take it 100% granted.

Channeled information are pretty confusing because they are mostly filtered with the actual person’s mind. Beliefs as aka. human consciousness. The human mind is capable of many things and weather is not so otherworldly as people may think of. But I should repeat myself, it is just a theory that Seth entity may be actually right. It could be that it was just a fooling thing but it may be real, looking at the facts in the world.

How humans are releasing uncontrolled thoughts

For the vast majority, people’s minds are full of uncontrolled thoughts and emotions which are just going into the “ether”.

Did you ever think about to WHERE do thoughts are going? Did you felt that when it is night time, everything is mainly quiet and not noisy? Some people who are aware of the “Astral” noise do hear voices and chats.

This whole phenomenon goes back to Monroe’s M-band noise or H-band noise (I guess people have messed up this phenomenon in their theories, I was researching for a while on this but the sources are limited as Monroe didn’t talk so much about it). This is the thought noise which is released as the most are not capable of controlling their thoughts and don’t even try.

Check your thoughts

So it is said that we release X amounts of thoughts daily and it takes practice to monitor them and take control. I can do it, no problem but people just don’t want to. Why should they? Everybody is busy, being a job slave or diving in the objective life. No problem. But it has consequences. Like cancer in the body – caused by thoughts and repressed emotions.

Sooner or later everybody releases their own thoughts while they fall asleep. Thoughts become emotions and they are scaring themselves the hell out in the non-physical. They are scaring themselves: angels or demons, scary creatures, previous day’s bad stuff, habits etc… some are pleasant, some are not even close. The Wider Reality tries to teach the most to grow up.

human consciousness

Some scientific experiments which are valid

Did you ever hear about the double-slit experiment? Or the random number generator all over the globe? Maybe Winning the lottery?

All are interconnected with human consciousness alone on this planet. For example, the random number generator gets thoughts globally and shows it in numbers which are way outside the normal average spectrum of single digits. It can show events way before they will happen like big global disasters.

Uncontrolled human thoughts are all over the place and they are parts of our local system “around” Earth. It is proven that human thoughts are causing probable events or affecting physical matter which is an illusion. Consciousness is the responsible one behind the thoughts and it is much bigger outside the physical world or dimension.

Weather changes MAY be caused by accumulated uncontrolled human thoughts

Well, Seth entity told it many times in his material (her… as Roberts did the work) that the weather is like that. At certain places where a certain type of mass consciousness lives in fear or anything which will cause these changes. Now I’m not pretty sure that it caused tsunami over Japan years back or causing disasters on far-east. Maybe those events at the USA coasts but it seems like wherever a bigger community repeats the same behavior, chances are that those are very real.

Just look at those places around the globe which are constantly under pressure and natural disasters – I doubt they are only coming from Earth’s weak points.

I’m not agreeing on this “fact” that people are unconsciously selecting their country/destination to experience these scenarios. Meanwhile, millions are suffering and leaving their homes. But it may be that people are really not accepting the consequences after their thoughts. It is not happing in one day but rather building up over time.

So this is only a theory and has very strong signs of validness. Strong and repeated thoughts are causing emotions which are shaping the reality around us.

Natural phenomenon

Look at thunderbolts. Some people investigated this phenomenon for a long time. But it may be that perhaps those electrons in the bolt phenomenon are also conscious of their life on a lower level of awareness. They only strike in where it is needed, responding to human thoughts.

Not always at those electromagnetic antennas but can strike into buildings, cars, people. It is not paranormal, it is abnormal thinking lol. The biggest chances are on the side of the “I don’t want this” thinking. People tend to fear what they DO NOT want to experience (car accidents…).

Look at these phenomena in another way. Earth is a whole unit, a living organism. These occurrences are still (any) are manifestations of consciousness.

If those disasters like floods, tsunamis, volcanic bursts are happening, they are all caused by the huge built-up pressure what humans – as more than 7 and a half billions of humans now – giving into the whole local buffer on an ongoing basis. And we are all living in a lesser-bigger stress of human life with brainwashing and full of negativity.

human consciousness

Just think about it. And meanwhile, we can change the weather by ourselves too. It is very dangerous to do it but you can try to ask for a little sunshine after a week of darkness or anything which have a bigger chance to happen other than a big snow storm lol (imagine it but don’t overdo it).

Use it with caution, remember you are responsible for your thoughts.

Forget conspiracy theories and global warming nonsense

The thing is, people are not even willing to realize what their thoughts are causing and not accepting responsibilities. It is a worldwide phenomenon and fashion these decades that WE BLAME ANYTHING OTHER THAN OURSELVES.

Global warming yes… and people believe scientists who are PAID by the big hands to tell you what they want you to know. The whole human civilization is kept in those hands because we let it. Look at it this way: what industries, businesses, powers or people are gaining money from spreading fear in the majority? Use your common sense.

I don’t deny that those HAARP machines may be causing trouble but as the population, stress, pressure and changing world is there and building up, no surprise that our minds are causing big trouble and chaos.

Media like news and anything which is TOLD you, won’t give you any real answers, nor truth. I wonder many times those who are telling you the news, how do they still have the stomach to do it and lie. They sold their soul for money already or they are too naive to realize what are they doing or worst, denying themselves.

The first big realization comes in humanity’s life when they will one they (or never) stop blaming an outside force, governments, any theories and “truths” which are told and take responsibility.

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