What are thought forms non-physically?

Maybe you heard about thought forms in some kind of topics. Maybe mostly about non-physical occurrences or in the mystical world. What are “thought” forms and how do they work beyond the physical world?

I should add this: we ARE not existing in this dimension really, we are only using a temporary focus to operate in this world. We are all non-physical consciousness originally and it can be proved through many many tools of non-physical traveling by yourself. Read the Focus Model on the site, it gives you a simple impression of how realities are working out.

The physical world looks sooo real. It takes the effort to debunk and look behind the scenes

Thought equals primary energy, the main creator which starts with though forms

We use our thoughts to operate our physical vehicle called “physical body”. We also use thoughts to eat, drive a car, dream up a plan about something. Think about somebody at somewhere, we use them to experience life as we are pure Consciousness experiencing a temporary limited world and thoughts are our main energy giver.

Thoughts are building up physical objects and creating anything by some kind of timelapse. But you need physical action! Forget that idiot scientific nonsense that we are our brain and it does everything. It is a translating, operating mechanism between the two worlds and has many functions according to it.

Thoughts equal instant action in the non-physical world. Meaning that you will instantly experience your thoughts around you in 3D. On the other hand in our limited world, we have time and choices to delay the consequences of our thoughts and actions. NO surprise that the vast majority not just can’t control their thoughts and also check theirs but almost nobody accepts responsibility after their actions.

People just stagnating in real development of their own consciousness. Furthermore, they are tormenting themselves.

thought forms

The thought and action mechanism as We humans do – thought forms from us

We have thoughts always. Emotions are coming from thoughts, strong repeated thoughts! Not the other way! People just burst out in anger, hatred, and shouting. Thought forms are forming over time in the non-physical and EVERYTHING comes into this world from there, not the other way.

Earth and the physical world – each of them – are end results. Everything which the human mind ever dreamt up and thought of are already existing in other parallel worlds.

The personal reality, group construct, a building, cancer in the body, a traffic accident, all are from thought forms. Each individual’s consciousness notices and selects a certain probable outcome in physical life and with seemingly “time” delay to create that end result. Not just the thought itself but the intent is the key behind thoughts. Your physical mind is not doing it, by the intent and your bigger non-physical part behind the scenes, unseen. You are the one being “unconscious” knowing anything about it.

The most are pretty bad in this game. If you test it in the non-physical, you can observe your thoughts in various forms. It may happen mostly in your conscious dreams. Any forms in the NP being observed are objectively decoded by you. The sceneries are translated from subjective to objective perception according to your concepts and beliefs.

One of the main reasons why the most are playing the physical game!

Consciousness wants to experience everything, which fits its interests. Experiencing highly restricted life viewpoint as a physical life, dualism, anything which it can’t experience and learn from it in a timeless, endless, vast Multiverse.

It is said that a physical life is a fast-track to learn and grow at a faster speed according to the non-physical world and I can agree on that. We are in a slowed down environment and we have time to do whatever we would like to for decades.

People will be restricted with poor self-control, even on the other side. Simply put, if you have poor self-control, you will have a harder time, like billions here. Same for fooling others and being selfish closed-hearted.

Let’s be straight, look around you, look on this civilization. The most are not even ready for anything. Many people who are capable of retrievals or soul rescuing are doing it automatically overnight without knowing this.


Thought forms are forming our reality with intent and effort behind our plans. The wider reality helps to form it. We can see our thought forms forming in front of us in real time in dreamland too.

Though forms are as real as everything else. You are generating them all day long, the most repeated ones will create probable future. Be careful of “what you wished for”. If you fire them up with emotions, they may create themselves more rapidly.

Edited on 5th of july in 2018.

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