The Real meaning of Reincarnation, a partly true conception

Reincarnation is a pretty confusing topic to a limited human mind. Indeed there are countless theories and fake assumptions from limited materialistic and objective thinking.

Mystics have this favorite notion to grab and sell “past life regressions” to people who are uneducated in this. Also, they are in fear and vulnerability. It is a fake thing. Well being self-educated in the topic is not something which you can buy in shops.

I may be wrong in some aspects and everybody believes what he/she wants to at the end. But I will try to give a pure insight, to show the subjective truth.

Reincarnation, what’s that?

If we only observe what it means and according to what other people told us about this by most religions and mystical false assumptions, it is only boiling down to this: you are reborn again and again and again until you reach a certain “level” in anything. That is dumb. Life on both sides never ends. But I need to admit that we are surely developing always (maybe some people lol), that is maybe the only reality in this concept.

Many advanced NP travelers debunked this theory if not in 100% but almost fully, that this concept is a very very limited false assumption about how in a TIMELESS and ENDLESS Multiverse we use physical Universes to experience life from a limited and dualistic viewpoint to experience something which we can’t normally in the non-physical world.

We also call it “non-physical” because that is how we are thinking with a box mind. Almost everything which we learned in life from our childhood is false or useless. Almost anything – you realize it after gaining more awareness towards your “sleep life”. I know William Buhlman also likes to voice this issue how our world and what we learned is flawed but it is more like that.

If we try to think on the linear limited thinking, a simple human mind tries to grasp a linear timeframe concept as we tend to think here (ok not everybody, fortunately) and we think that there is some kind of beginning or ending like birth and death or before and after etc. It is completely not like that. Think about a timeless world. If you don’t have time to experience, nor a body or a race from the starting point, what is the meaning of a before and after this concept? It ONLY exists here as a reference, to categorize anything which we experience. You can do anything in the non-physical, eternity is Yours! The physical world is for restrictions and individuation!

Time is the same, we see time as a linear flow but it is rather jumping constantly between realities in and out without realizing it here and now, those are called probable realities and existing right here, all at the same time. There are many concepts about this one or maybe just a few but reincarnation is a highly limited misinterpreted understanding of a process which is very difficult to the most to wrap their minds around.

Why? Because religions, people, science, anything through the centuries told something which is enough ok to accept. Also people are kept in fear because of the “past life” concept, even today by mystics because it says you that you should pay back some kind of non-existent debt (karma lol) and/or you were this and that – totally ignoring and not knowing the parallel life fact – and that you were this person, now you should be hackish aware what you do etc. The list is very curved what is told to people for money and fear.

Don’t hang up on karma, it is a misleading concept, it is about your acts and consequences and dealing with them, accepting your responsibility. Just another fear machine to sell you.


Even if reincarnation is partly true, it is parallel life surely and a fact also

Ok, it is a fact but for who? I admit that only those have access to real knowledge who did a deep dig enough in the material and the REAL facts, even mostly in first hand experiences, could be make sure that it is true. But you can experience parallel lives all the time if you wish for it intently by the nights or with various mind traveling methods: meditation, OBE, Phasing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, anything, all the same.

Let me make it clear. If you’ve met somebody in the non-physical by any means and tools, who felt to be like you, furthermore you EXPERIENCED a past life being so real, having those memories and emotions, THAT WAS YOU in a wider sense. That character in THAT world and you as a character here and now in THIS world are NOT the same persons at all but you are both stemming from a bigger being which are the eternal you. This being is mislabeled so badly but I don’t mention it right now. This being is creating probes to experience physical life and yes YOU are doing it on another level of existence. You and that other version of you – the parallel self – are both coming from the same Essence but this Essence likes to play out every scenarios with every probable selves at the SAME time! Consciousness wants to explore, expand and develop from another viewpoint.

The Eternal Now in the vast Multiverse, the non-physical world

Yes, indeed, even here in the physical world we can live in the NOW as many sources and people are teaching it (many don’t have any idea why they are saying it without any real knowledge of the NP) but it takes effort. If we live in a messy life full of stress and tasks, we can’t just calm down and concentrate on being in the now. But I also realized that this now here what we experience linear timeframe (as our brains were washed out from birth), if we take a closer look how it is really working out, it is really just an illusion an as subjective as the non-physical. We only see that our body is aging, food is rotting, Sun revolves around Earth etc… we measure time by devices. It keeps the vast majority in a slave trap as going to work and almost everybody accepts this group construct.

In the other hand in the NP, time is meaningless, you may experience thousands of other lives at the same time. You see, this one physical life is not at all so serious, it IS a game. It is hard because this world is full of greed over money and fear and a few leads the masses… well people are the ones who give their power away but this place is a school for consciousness.

In other worlds, you may be an alien with a different body, maybe a slimey lifeform, anything really. Some are living on planets, maybe under water, maybe in outer space, it is limitless, only imagination takes boundaries. They are all forms for consciousness to expand and explore it’s potential. Some civilizations are far more advanced than us – it is not hard to imagine it lol.

My take and the big picture on Reincarnation vs. Parallel Lives in the same nutshell

It was really hard for me to think this over months after months, with first hand knowledge from the non-physical, talking with my parallel selves, other NP people in Focus 3 (Afterlife), pretty confusing topic IF you don’t drop the whole linear timeframe to the trashcan and think that all over again. The subjective thinking there is way different and not so restricted.
I met some people with whom I was flying in the air and through ceilings for example (I was the one who showed THEM how to do it but they ARE non-physical and not me, funny isn’t it?), so many of them didn’t even have any knowledge about time, they didn’t have the capability or experience to know what is THAT? Most of the so called “Afterlife” entities never were even physical.

If we imagine a simulation game like the popular and one of my favourites, The Sims games (mostly for example 2. and 3.) you may see that our lives are like that mostly. The player is the Essence (the full version of You) and the characters are doing the roleplay. Maybe we can use up any MMORPG games for this issue if it is easier. When those characters start, they start from a pre-given initial status, direct their life from birth with or without the help of the Essence and later on after death the knowledge is surely added to the fuller yourself. My take on this is that we are constantly jumping in and out these life games. Some are pretty hard and miserable and some are beautiful. Well it won’t take so much experience if you would always take the good side, right? That is for example why physical life is existing. You are experiencing a dualistic viewpoint.

What about memories BEFORE this life? I have still only partial infos but one thing is sure, our memories are directly repressed for the safety of not remembering who you are because many stuffs in your life is a test. How you solve your problems, how many times you choose love instead of fear. But it would be really bad if you would remember much more, it won’t serve the purpose of this life at all.
You see, why people are afraid of life and death? They don’t know even a thing, religions yay we love them, right? They don’t do any good rather then keeping the most in false hopes and fear.

I hope I helped to understand this.

6 thoughts on “The Real meaning of Reincarnation, a partly true conception”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the article and largely resonates with my view.

    “My take on this is that we are constantly jumping in and out these life games”

    So, we don’t actually come back and do it again, I assume? It would be pointless, since every possibility of every life is already being explored in parallel realities of sorts? And once our lives are done, do we move on to incarnate into other lives elsewhere or is that too happening already simultaneously?

    Thanks for any feedback

    1. It takes for a while to expand it. All lives are already there, take it as simulations, hence the game metaphor. You can (from the non-physical) visit any lives, born into any timelines of any physical systems etc… so if this is the case, we are not “re-incarnating” at all BUT you can relive a given life. You can relive your actual birth point too as a process. We don’t move to anything, we are already doing it :), you know, multidimensionality. Our perception and view on this are limited. Feel free to ask or contact me.

      1. Thank you for the response. What would be the point of re-living a focus though, especially if every possibility of that life/focus is already being experienced by Essence?

        I’m very familiar with these concepts already that you talk about, from exploring Frank Kepple’s work myself and my own OBE research. But, still trying to grasp ‘re-incarnation’ a bit more. I find it’s a fear based view.

        It seems then that there is no actual RE-incarnation at all (unless we choose to go back and re-live a focus or part of a focus for whatever reason). So, in that sense, we are not, I assume going from life to life to life to life like most of the new age sector has us believe, correct, but simply experiencing every possibly thing that we (as Essence) choose to experience simultaneously?

        Thanks again

        1. Yes, it is fear based, I can say the same because people would be in fear if they would believe that they “need” to go back to a certain life. This is not how we are playing physical lives as far as I know and you are right about Frank. The thing is that the reincarnation (as he also mentioned many times on Pulse) is coming from a sequential, distorted worldview of using up the time concept which mystics misunderstood. But if they don’t use it, people won’t come for reincarnational/past life readings and all around to sell. Hm, look at it as you can re-watch it… sort of, from the NP. It is stored and you can watch it back. Maybe that is the closest view on this. There are certain theories which are unifying this “we are already existing” thing in me and I don’t share them for a reason, I’m still not sure about it but in short, these lives as we talked about this is that they are already there. You choose a life, it IS already there. Like a game character. The thing which totally confuses us and keeps us in the game in front of the scenes is that we experience it from birth till death. It is hard to “just” step out from this thinking.

          Maybe this can answer your question: we are in a primary focus where we have a job to do. Right now, here. But other lives are not us as Frank already stated, they are from my or your Essence. Just a different focus state in F4 or the god-state. We can call it on many names but this is where we can state, the higher self concept is also false, we are our own higher self. Like guides, if we meet them, chat them etc, we are relatively helping ourselves. For beginners, Monroe’s books are the best to deal with because he met his other versions many times and later he also realized this. I’ve met other versions of me too, tried other focuses too in my sleep life, it is very interesting to see these first-hand.

          1. Thanks for this. Sorry for the delayed response.

            “But other lives are not us as Frank already stated, they are from my or your Essence. Just a different focus state in F4 or the god-state”

            Right, so my question then is….are those other parallel lives happening right NOW? Are ME, as Essence already experiencing those other lives right NOW


            When my current focus/incarnation is over, I, as Essence will then choose to go into those other lives that are already existing as potentials?

          2. Yes, they are played out by “now”, that is all about. As you can meet and merge with other focuses, be your own essence for a while, these are proving it well. It takes years or decades of dedication to achieve these. The multiversal thinking is very different and full of contradictions, so it takes for a while for me too to wrap my mind around these. Like you meet a guide and turns out to be yourself. So he/she is you and on the other hand a completely other “you” from the same source or essence. Some are right now physical lives and some are non-physical residents. Or many are. These are endless numbers who you are in general. You can visit also any timelines and try them in any worlds. We only have a glimpse to know these better and digest them. For example, if you tend to have experiences in Focus 4, you can download vast pieces of information instantly and you need months or years to digest it as a human being. Some pieces are kicking in instantly and many are later in “time”.

            NOt the Essence decides, we are. Not an easy thing to understand for first. I’m not even sure about the pieces by myself alone about the mechanics but I could be close to the whole story. The Essence is still you are me, but another type of representation of us in a pure subjective reality.
            For longer discussions, try the Contact Me menu.

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