Starseed nonsense and why you should stop following these groups for a better reason!

My intention here is to stop people being in confusion and illusions of their “origins” and true nature and show that this starseed religion is out of hand by now. The Starseed nonsense is pretty spread like wildfire to capture those who may resonate with the idea of being an ex-alien from another star system. I just wonder while I was jumping also in this religion for a little amount of time (yes, I admit, we all do mistakes), how people are just can’t realize that they are changing a post-belief system to another one which is better in fashion. Even those tests, quizzes and “trait” rows are telling you, that you were or are an ET! Isn’t it clear??? I’m just joking. There is nothing new under the same sun, man-made concepts… And for what? For a new industry to sell useless products as false promises.

Personally, I just hate vastly if people are lying to me, to others. I guess if You found my articles, you are the same and trying to find order in this chaos. Those popular ET races like Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Greys etc just any are implanted into people’s minds since decades so well that they will surely believe that they were them. Their “founders” will make categories about certain misbehavior and show you that if it is true on you, you are belonging to this topic, a simple fool business. I saw just anything about these groups, I mean all, some people are also channeling them. Now, I DO NOT say they won’t exist at all, I say people are distorting informations on a vast scale, mixing season with fashion! People on Earth can’t be sure. You can only be sure if you became a well experienced non-physical traveler and meet some to chat about what is real about them. Why? Truth is personal, that’s why.

People are gullible and I don’t see any signs for the vast majority of changing in this. We need to survive in this world and many will grab tools to get gain from others. This belief system is not different from other groups, people will write books, sell “products”, take Youtube videos to share with you how they are special etc. We are all special by the way lol. And by the way we are all lucky because the Wider Reality doesn’t even care what we believe or what we follow, “it” will support us to learn and grow. It will become our reality according to our choices and we should learn from our decisions.

You know what? We are in numbers of probably millions of spirits who FEEL and KNOW deeply the same, that we are alien to most people but we didn’t come here to this planet to just escape and deny all. We came here to survive, do our primary task, enjoy life and avoid misery. Being in a starseed group only will crash you down more. It just stops you from further inner development. The big thing, I know already about myself that I’m much more than a human, so? Nothing changes in the vast majority, no matter how advanced we are in deeper levels. And please don’t follow these people like Dolores Cannon (she already passed away) and many others, they are giving you fake beliefs.

Our place and role in the Wider Reality

OK here if we have a basic assumption what is an Extraterrestrial, we ARE that to a different race on another planet if we are seeing with their perception. This is a misleading label, differentiating the egoistic human nature from what we fear thus don’t know. We are as ET’s as humans right now. It is only a physical form and only a body for certain civilizational life on a certain planet. But believer people try to overcomplicate this.

We are non-physical beings (no not a new age crap saying, reality) and a physical body is only a vehicle. Ah big thing people see ET ships all the time appearing and disappearing – newsflash, they are in another parallel dimension and learned to change “channels” with their craft. They have their own life system and challenges.

Every civilization has their own life, rulesets, society etc. Some are in our physical Universe here, many are in the non-physical on other levels. Some are traveling through space, some are through dimensions without movement… nothing magical, only knowledge. If you chose this timeline, this planet, this culture to be here, it was for a reason. Our other parallel selves may be in other Universes or world… the whole Wider Reality is endless and time is non-existent. Now you use a human vehicle with a distorted mind to operate according to your choices, don’t take it seriously, enjoy it.

How people start to follow these groups

Well, I was the prey also to this nonsense. It was so amazing to believe what other’s were saying, totally denying my common sense that it is too good to be true in any way (shit happens). Furthermore, those idiot tests told me I was Pleiadian… how can it be the other way after you think those traits of being them are accurate or real. But as I’m shaking off beliefs fast it took time to realize that this is just insane. I didn’t have the knowledge about any non-physicality at that time many years ago. It is like that insane mentally ill man David Icke, spreading his own sick beliefs – and as more and more people reinforcing a group belief, it will be real! Be careful.

So it is simple, you just encounter with this starseed thing and any of the info which says you are an ET is resonating with you. It is too real, too good. It just sucks you in, meanwhile, you will elevate your head before regular people, making yourself a total idiot before them. Ok some of us are more advanced in spirit than others, so what? We can use it to help those who are simpler. This world’s society is really in trouble because of their underdeveloped nature. But I don’t say that you should deny this part of yourself. Meaning, if YOU CAN IMAGINE that you could be or were another different race, chances are you were because we can reach inner knowledge from the non-physical. It is a part of you. It is like thinking already being an engineer, a chef, a racer, a superhuman etc.

Why is it bad to believe in this?

Because you stop acting as a partially human being, playing it’s role here and now. People will elevate their huge ego, thinking now they are IMPORTANT in this life, everything suddenly makes sense, turn out in cry, love and light crap etc. I pretty understand them, but they are looking towards the bad direction. From a higher perspective, if people will chase this nonsense route, it will be a total waste of time from an Essence’s perspective (which people call “higher self”) and more steering force will be needed to guide you. Today’s new age religions are just making people stagnate and stop even thinking.

Meanwhile, those who are spreading this nonsense are selling you products as books and services to keep you brainwashed. The sad thing is that they also believe what they are saying. It’s all about the money again, huh? They don’t do anything good in the long term. It can DO good, I admit but with fake promises. Well, eventually you will feel well and elevated surely. I can call it a drug.

Wait a minute are there any Extraterrestrials then?

Yes, they do… Not the way these people are imagining it. As mentioned above, they are in countless realities. WE ARE THEM on a different non-physical scale and they are us. Some civilizations are more advanced and some are more primitive. It is only form and experience. Some people think they are future selves or past selves but in a timeless non-physical world, there is no time, so every life which you can imagine is existing in parallel mode with this one.

Did I exist as an ET “before”?

If you clearly can imagine or feel that you may be an ET in another world, maybe you also experienced this “past” memory in various non-physical travels, yes you are and you were but not in the sense you think it.

This whole thing is a big lesson in your life. There is only one well-orchestrated belief enough to jump in and not even think about that it is all founded on somebody’s imagination or for worst: lies. What is the lesson from this post? Don’t believe in just anything, use common sense, research, observe it passively because there is nothing new under the same sun. With various non-physical travel tools, you will find out who you are if you have dedication.

Edited on 27th of june in 2018.

7 thoughts on “Starseed nonsense and why you should stop following these groups for a better reason!”

  1. Hmmmm…. I’ll listen to my intuition instead of my head. Who’s to say what you wrote is true or common sense? What is common sense anyways especially when it comes from the head and not the heart?

    1. Common sense is non-existent in most people and this is why people like me need to write these down to help others realize what they are following. I don’t want to change others, neither you, this is your job if you want to debunk the whole thing. If you need it, then you are free to believe it. But remember that believing in something man-made won’t necessarily mean that it is founded on real things. We are simply living in a new era where extraterrestrial topic is diving up pretty fast. The intent behind these beliefs are nice btw. I was there too, investigating this idea but the answers are outside of the physical reality. If you want to find it out, there are years or decades in front of you.

      Use your feelings and intuition in things where you don’t know what is true.

  2. Also you contradicted yourself calling it a religion yet later on in the article you wrote that it wasn’t a doctrine like Christianity. This article seemed very muddled with confusion where you just replaced what you once believed with what you now believe. You have no proof of Starseeds not existing as there are no facts within this article, but just your subjective beliefs, which you are entitled to. However to feel a need to control the masses in order to get them to think like you is what you should be questioning and not whether Starseeds are real or not. You are placing a very general statement that all starseed are ego driven. Not everybody who claims themselves a starseed is a starseed and not every starseed has an ego as that is a complete illusion that one must learned to quiet. However, you are doing what you blame others doing which is feeding the ego. Needing to change others is control and control is just the ego.

    1. Did you even read any other articles from the site? I’m sure you wouldn’t even comment like these after you understood that our physical universe is part of a vast system and you can explore it with various tools.
      I don’t share beliefs. Test it on your own. Learn to be a conscious sleeper and find it out. Learn Astral Projection, OBE, or others. Do it if you want to really know. It is pretty easy to label me to defend what you believe, right? I allow your comment to be there too with others but your comment is rather a defensive comment on your beliefs, not on mine. I don’t even remember sharing my beliefs. If you would like to follow these belief groups, that is your decision. This article is for people, who find these belief systems false enough to realize that maybe, just maybe they are not so different from other religions. The starseed topic itself tells you that you are from another starsystem. That is just a new age fairytale because we are using a physical body and we are not coming from other systems in this Universe. The whole idea is fixated on this, in this reality. People who founded this religion didn’t even get the idea how the Wider Reality works. I repeat it, if you want to, with years of dedication, just prove it to yourself because I can’t for you. I will not debate with anybody because if somebody will start to defend him/herself from this defensive religion style, I won’t continue and my articles are helping others but not everybody. Maybe you get my point.

  3. That is your own opinion but you are only projecting your thoughts on to others
    Another thing I’ll rather go with people who are more happy and positive then stressed out negative judgemental people
    Im trying my hardest not to judge
    But you need to meditate and look within your self

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