Believing is NOT knowing!

Every human is believing in just something. Believe… it may be a religion, a force, a concept, just anything which we actually need for to feel safe. On the other hand, beliefs are not explaining just anything and people may never find out their truth about life. Big nations are just in a big brainwash because they just don’t question anything. Just doing the stuck-life in jobs which they hate too. No questioning, right? Just do what others do, be a sheep.

Believing helps us stay on the track, get out from bad situations, achieve our main goals in life or just helping others. But when people tend to believe in various religions, concepts, constructs, anything which is stemming from a theory which is founded on seemingly solid facts and “evidence”, they completely forget, that just every human-made concepts, theories, even an opinion are relatively flawed or false in a deeper core.

Belief systems are like automated self-fooling concepts. Which are just never ending after death. We don’t stop believing in what we thought is right from our perspective.

Why? Because there, you will actually experience that you were right. If you believe in heaven (any religion) you can experience it. If you believe that there is nothing after death just emptiness, you may experience it and reinforce that belief. If you believe that some kind of reptilian guys will abuse you, you will actually experience it if you want to. Free will does it’s job really if it comes towards self-fooling. That is what humanity’s tragedy.

Believing in something is actually much easier than investigating it

Beliefs are forming our personal reality also on a certain level. So we are just full of them as concepts and emotions non-physically. They are varying on a big scale which kinds of beliefs we are using. But this alone doesn’t give solutions to anything. It is like a pyramid game on a big scale. Of course, we need something to navigate through human life.

Yes sure, most people just tend to follow a system which is so comfortable according to their individual norms and concepts and just don’t ask anything furthermore. If they tend to, they will switch an actual concept to another one and it really never ends in their mind. It is much easier to be a puppet, a crowd follower like billions… It is much easier to believe in what the other said than know for sure. Why don’t you grab your individual power and find out what is wrong with just everything?

There is no problem with those who are not changing. We need every kind of people on this planet. We need each other to grow and learn in every aspect of human nature. People just come here to this dimension to live, grow, learn, enjoy life. Not everybody needs to be an intelligent omnipotent somebody.


The underlying trap

But beliefs are just huge traps for humanity. We just give away our true power, giving it to a god-like figure, a concept, a theory and most of humanity is just in a huge brainwashing (self-washing) mechanism. I saw it and experienced it from my birth and it is very frustrating. Beliefs are coming from the unknown, the fear, not knowing something surely.

We believe in something which we don’t know for sure. Instead of doing research, investigating with various tools, we just give our trust to it. That is pretty dumb, isn’t it?

Beliefs are fear of the unknown. Trust is another thing. If we trust in a bigger force, it can help us. But if we believe in for example non-physical things, it doesn’t matter from the subjective side. Belief won’t save you in the long term from anything. Core believers are that character to shake this notion off after returning.

Did you see those insane people who are fanatic believers, furthermore they are following false truths which are just stupid really? I won’t name any, most of them are just driving humanity towards very bad events even daily and worldwide. If somebody repeated a false belief or just any for an extended amount of time, they will actually believe truly of a flawed concept or anything and it causes huge problems in the world.

Believers have their own life lessons always

One thing is sure. Everybody knows somebody who is religious or mostly a believer. That is ok, everybody can believe in a bigger force which they can’t explain and eventually don’t want to. Everybody can be a believer, a naive person too. That is a natural way for most people on Earth. This game plays out endlessly, lives after lives, no hurry.

Who are not really believers also tend to believe in somebody or something. We can call it trust also. Why are the most a believer? It is too easy to deal with anything in life. It is much harder to KNOW for sure anything because it takes effort and common sense. But life on Earth is pretty hard and no wonder about this.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you will make your way much difficult in life. We all have a non-physical counterpart and help us to be happy. We just don’t know it and don’t use it.

Praying people tend to ask “it” for help, but they call it God. Every individual are “Gods” in a higher level and sooner or later they may experience it. That is a fact but distorted in many sources in human life from books, speakers, mystics etc.

Believers eventually find their understanding sooner or later that it just won’t save you from the truth. It can be personal truth or consensus one in the wider reality. If you won’t shake off this blindfold from yourself the personal progression is just slow, really slow.

But we are in no hurry. Don’t take life so seriously.

A new age religion – Astral Travel

Besides it is very real, people are just eating up every flaw stuffs on the internet from websites, forums and speakers who also believe in these constructs like “OUT” of body and vibrations are needed. But eventually, it only causes not just energy distortions in experiences but confuses just everybody. It is real but misunderstood and full of confusion.

Ok well not really new because it has existed thousands of years ago in other terms and labels. But the today’s practice just started somewhere, well Robert A. Monroe did his job too as a pioneer. He made false assumptions about the whole phenomenon and what we see here. People now following in his footsteps without realizing those experiences were his ones. People try to jump or roll out a body, IN which they have never been.

So they try to manifest a belief construct without knowing and finally some of them are successful. Not because they figured out what is it all about. They are happy to experience X numbers of planes and bodies which are loads of BS. They are making it their personal truth, furthermore, they share/spread it. Other people are trying to replicate those terms and conditions as validating it, most are unsuccessful. Insane isn’t it?

And now worldwide I guess 10000’s (or more) people in measurement are doing the same as traveling around their house in a parallel dimension. Or staying in their “room”, traveling in space but that is a reflection of the primary physical focus. If you want to explore and investigate the real truths, you need to go deeper into the Multiverse.

Read the Focus Model here to gain a deeper understanding.

What about non-physical development?

Don’t accept anything which you get as information here or in the non-physical neither. Not in 100% and be always skeptical and a passive observer.

This way you can develop a curious and intelligent approach in your life and get useful information about how things are working out in the NP and you don’t fall in simple traps. Non-physical people may not tell you the whole truth but they won’t lie to you also. Non-physical perspective is way different and subjective than our limited objective one here. It may be that you didn’t hear a lie but it is a completely different perspective.

Don’t believe just anything! Don’t be stupid and naive, believing is temporary if used carefully. We need to grow up and don’t think for a second that physical life is the only important one. You are developing in every detail which you possess or practice and exist through endless dimensions and realities as other versions of yourself!

Edited on 27th of june in 2018.

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