Better understanding of the simplified Focus Model of Consciousness

I was thinking about what I wrote about the Focus Model was a little bit confusing for some people. According to my impression, many people don’t really get the idea of multidimensionality. That’s okay and you are learning about it very slowly. I’m sharing this model to help you understand the basics.

So I will try to make it even simpler with an easier representation below, summing up the “levels”. These are not separate dimensions but the simplified system review. Because this is a well-organized teaching and learning system.

I checked back here and updated this article to make it more clear on the 1st of August in 2019.

There are countless physical Universes, realities, dimensions or whatever you label it!

We live in one physical and limited reality from countless ones. There are just countless physical realities or Universes on an endless scale because this is the nature of our multidimensional game. Where we have interests to do, we will be there. We are already everywhere.

How does our local system work from Focus 4 towards the Focus 1 physical Universe where we live right now? It is simple and what varies is the variation in these attention levels. And of course the observer’s uniqueness. One thing is the basic system and another thing HOW you experience it. These levels are intertwined immeasurably! This means that all of these levels are not separate at all, we just structure and interpret them differently. Their nature is different.

Your other versions of you which mystics, psychics and mediums will name past lives are your other, parallel selves, living their own life on other systems. This is how we are doing this life game, like simulation characters. For you, you are the probable other self.

focus model

About the whole Focus Model of Consciousness

I didn’t invent this model, there was an experienced man, who just disappeared and what he explored over his NP years was amazing. This alone is not my idea but I think it is for all and a pointer. There is the reason why I share this model, not because I want to indoctrinate anybody but because it gives a solid foundation. I mean understanding our multidimensional nature.

I use up this model to show you, how our Wider Reality works from the “god-like level” down to any physical systems. These levels are about focus of attention, despite the name. I repeat it, Focus levels are Focus of attention. You occupy these areas of your consciousness already but you are focusing your primary attention here. When you fall asleep you focus your primary attention automatically into the non-physical world.

The Focus Model is for who want to understand life and beyond. NOT an indoctrination or belief trap. I only experienced and investigated a portion of it but time will tell. Nothing is set in stone and it may vary in mechanics but seems very accurate in subjective terms without any beliefs and distortions. I only would like to share, as usual, what I feel is accurate and useful. Test it out and you can prove it to yourself!

The model vs. your own perception and experiences

It could be that one thing is a model but another thing is how individuals are experiencing these. Everybody has a unique perception. As I mentioned above, you can learn how it works and to understand it but you have your own interpretation about it. But there are common basic rules and mechanics. For example, people in Focus 3 cities and regions will see group constructs and mostly see the same thing. Very similar to our physical world.

So this is a “consciousness game” on a vast scale. But we needed a certain structure to make it possible to explore this state. We are consciousness without a form and focus levels are about one thing. We made this whole endless system for ourselves to learn and grow and try out things.

You are multidimensional but the most can’t even comprehend the basics

We, You are already occupying these levels right now in different forms as a multidimensional being. It is better in human thinking to objectify a basic structure which Robert Monroe also tried to map out. Most people in our world is unable to understand these.

They are just unable to comprehend even dreams or that they are not their brain. They are Flatlanders and the same vast group is in Focus 3 too. A very few will break through because they want to know more or they are curious.

I hope by understanding this model also will eliminate fear from people as a bonus. Don’t fear life and death. We are here only as a character and we are much more than this. People are in fear from the lack of understanding and from religious conditionings.

Don’t listen to others and their fear machine what is what. You are playing a life game right now and your primary focus is in this Universe or reality frame. Your body is the tool to hold this primary focus here. You have the capability and intent to find out about all of these.

focus model

The Focus Model is about your Focus of ATTENTION

The Focus Model is not representing places, as I mentioned earlier. Well, on the AstralPulse forums, it was a big debate. Afterlife or Belief System Territories, 3D Void, etc… are NOT places. They are parts of your mind and the “whole” non-physically. Furthermore, they ARE you in the bigger picture. You have individual areas and consensus reality frames also where you exist already with others. Your primary attention is limited down from an endless band to concentrate here right now. Look at it as you are only using one character’s focus at a time.

These levels of existence are for the purpose of the game. Where we focus our thoughts, we will be there partly or fully. It is the same about watching TV, you focus out your surroundings into the broadcast. You choose a channel to be there.

OBE, Astral Projection, Phasing, Remote Viewing, NDE, Lucid Dreams or Dreams are all the same in a core. People are denying this of course because they seem to be different. What separates them is only your level of awareness of how you are conscious of them, approaching those altered states. And some will defend them because they can’t let go of the whole preconceived belief about what is what.

How to do it and who can do it? Are you alone in this?

It can be achieved by training your mind. If the Wider Reality can teach you to grow non-physically, your NP experiences will improve and you will experience the true nature of Us. It takes time, effort, patience, dedication, and certain development.

Most people are unable to do this and don’t want to. They will give up fast. It is not fun for them just like for kids. This is a whole lifetime experience.

Keep it in mind and keep it to yourself. They fear just anything and that is why human life is like that. This is mostly a lonely path. Almost everybody who find my site are loners in this and that is normal.

The Focus Levels in nutshell:

Focus 4:

A purely subjective reality level, where we do fully exist in our essence and everything stems from there. This is an umbrella focus for all others. This is where the Higher Self is or the so-called god state. We are gods in a different energy system, there. These are metaphors for our pure being.

Entities are pure energies (some people may see glowing energy spheres as those F4 entities), their primary focus is here. There are no objective forms (for example a human appearance) and no structures which are physical.

Communication is purely telepathic but it is the same in F3. The difference in this case from F3 is that F3 is partly objective according to the observer. In F4, you can reach out to melt into the “whole” or all-that-is and experience instant vast packages of information which is too much to our limited mind. Think about that, you try to understand this unlimited world with your limits.

Life energy and every downloadable probable constructs are coming from Focus 4 as an umbrella focus for the whole system. All the plans which you use automatically in your daily life are downloaded from there and inserted automatically into your life. Life energy goes through F3 into F1 while the physical body construct is functioning. When you die, it cuts off and you return back to Focus 3. You don’t need that body because you don’t focus your attention into that physical reality anymore.

Probable future goes into F2 to further personal use. But Focus 4 is being downloaded into Focus 2 as a plan for our life. It modifies itself as we are making decisions. I know that I need to investigate these more on my own and I should advise you to do the same. Test it out!

Focus 3:

A group construct-place for the vast many – human, non-human. You exist as a group of entities because you are already all the other versions of yourself. No wonder why guides are talking to you as a group. This mind level enables us to exist as a “group construct”, this way you have many many different parallel selves, aspects, who are YOU in Focus 4 sense. You make up (all of you) the F4 Essence of you. Mindblowing and hard to digest.

If you can communicate with some versions of yourself, parallel selves, you are talking with a representation of your wider Focus 4 self. They are you in a wider sense but completely different versions of you. It is like they did the same with you and you are your F4 smaller self, ok? Some people call them interfaces like Tom Campbell. Well, I think this man is too scientific in his thinking and calls people there programs and datastreams.

Endless regions, belief system places, cities, human and non-human places are there. Many places are existing due to large demand as heavens and hells also. Not because they were there before us BUT because they are manmade from human histories. If a certain group construct gets enough thought energy, it will exist as long as it can. You make these places with many others so solid that they will serve their purpose.

There are all the entrance structures, healing centers, launchpads to physical lives into proper timelines, etc. You name it, it is there already. Our physical reality is coming from there and changes according to Focus 3, not the other way around! Remember that time is ONLY in physical worlds as the necessary part of our experiences.

focus model

Focus 2:

It contains the 3D blackness and Void. Also, the Transition Zone is there which connects F1 with F3. These “regions” are for various use. Mostly for using for our minds while we live a physical life, so you have a restricted vast personal toolbox, which you use in Focus 1 on Earth. This is you, the mind and you think you are in your body but the thing is, you are always in a reality overlay. We just got used to it from birth. Our civilization calls it the “subconscious”. Not really… you are the unconscious about it.

Meaning everything you feel, memorize, believe, experienced, all are stored here and using it. You just don’t know and it feels like it is in your physical head. If you can’t recall a memory, you didn’t lose it, your brain device has a broken connection towards it. You have an unseen, bioenergetic connection all the time. The physical end is your body and brain device. This is what scientist are only seeing as an evidence.

The Void leads us to Focus 3. This is constructed on a higher level by us in Focus 4 perspective to make the transition back to F3 make easier after the illusion of physical death. You see these focuses are interconnected for a reason. This is a system, made for trying out physical games and also roam in the non-physical if you don’t live a physical life. Focus of attention!

Focus 1:

It is your primary focus, here on Earth. We are using a portion of self to live a life from initial circumstances and see how it works out. Focus 3 has countless Focus 1s for the same purpose, selecting a physical life to experience. You select which physical Universe and which timeline and civilization are the best for your tasks. Yes, you can jump into any timelines in any civilizations in any physical reality.

So basically if you have 100 systems (or parallel lives), then there is 1x F4 then 100x Focus 3 and also 100x F2 and 100x F1. So from Focus 4, 100 Afterlife zones, 100 Mind areas (individual and group ones) and 100 physical focuses are there. I’m not sure if there are so many Focus 3 realities but it is an endless entry reality. It can be a little bit different than this model but even a human lifetime isn’t enough to find all out.

Focus levels are “channels” where we are ALREADY existing multidimensionally. These are focuses of your attention. If you speak to a version of yourself, then you are already that person in another way. Don’t expect that things are working out the same way just like in our world because it won’t.

If you can phase or project into another reality and act there, then you are already existing there. You just focused your primary attention there. It is where you are, you just don’t focus there. Dreams or Astral Projection are the same.


F4: pure subjective, no form only energy, concepts, the blueprint for anything stored and downloaded to F2. You are the “god” here, a big energy being (note that there is no objectivity, so no “big”). You can focus here with practice and become a concept too. We can have some ego-death too here.

F3: partly objective, partly subjective life for easier return from F1 and going into another F1 all over again for the game of life and also ALL belief systems you can imagine for the purpose to shake them all off to move on.
THERE IS NO TIME, to make it clear. Just an illusion in F1 = parallel lives are happening, not sequential life.
Residents here are not doing things in a chronological order and this is why you ask something and the answer comes much later in F1.

F2: a toolbox to function properly in physical life which is mostly misunderstood as the brain is doing these… (the physical brain is a translating and filtering mechanism). The brain is a device which you control. You are already here and experiencing the physical world from an endless, black 3D void. Funny to know lol.

F1: physical life with added difficulties to experience which we can’t in the NP. You can experience a unique perspective, which you normally can’t from the NP. Learn about yourself and who you are for example.

Experience it by yourself, learn to meditate, clear your mind, experience your inner self. Start with dreams! Be more conscious and I can help in it.

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Edited on 1st of August in 2019.

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