A better understanding of the brain and mind differences

I think some readers may have difficulties understanding how Consciousness works on a bigger scale. The brain and mind topic is a very misunderstood one widely in our society. People still think from misconceptions that the brain is them and their consciousness is in it. But not really. You are a non-physical entity with a physical focus right now.

It is not complicated at all of understanding how our mind’s focus works and how the mind and the physical brain are two different things. It may help to check out Robert Monroe’s Focus state table through the web for understanding the Focus states.

The Focus States = Levels of Attention. It represents that Consciousness has a continuum on an endless channel scale! Just like the visible color spectrum of which we only see visually a tiny fraction.

What is the Mind and what is the Brain?

A badly mislabeled thing in this world. People still think from limited beliefs, that the physical brain equals the mind. Those are two different things and consciousness has nothing to do with the brain. Rather it only uses to operate the primary focus here and now.

Those who are understanding how consciousness and our perception works, know already which science is blindly believing that consciousness is somehow in the brain in various parts. Like neurons are firing up altogether when something is happening with that person. Nothing could be further from the truth than this issue.

But what those MRI and other researches are showing is that when a certain brain part is active, it is in an unseen way transmitting feelings, thoughts and many more to a multidimensional layer where we are communicating with the non-physical and observing everything else without realizing it. Science only just captures consciousness working through a physical device.

On the other hand, the physical brain is nothing more than a necessary translating and interpreting device, which is only operating in the physical world. Translating constantly those electric signals which are around us. Without brain and body, we can’t exist here as a singular personal construct, experiencing loneliness also. Our outer world is an illusion, interpreted according to our perception.

You, the mind

The Mind IS the observer, it IS YOU! Not the brain. It feels so real, and meanwhile, if you achieve maximum awareness through non-physical development in dreams, it will be obvious soon that this physical world is not just an illusion (a persistent one – Einstein) but the non-physical is much more “real” like the physical on magic.

You are attached for a certain amount of hours to this physical vehicle daily and after you fell asleep or projecting (on other words without blackout), you are changing CHANNEL or viewpoint to a different focus state. It is like changing channels on the Multiversal scaled TV. That is all you need to know. The mind is only a limited physical label, describing what you are in basic nature.

Did you ever notice, that your mind can’t be tired ever, only your physical vehicle? You are using 5 physical senses primarily and there is much more than this. The most are just sleepwalking. We all keep functioning in our sleep life too. It has the purpose to recharge the body and keep contact with our source.

The role of the physical brain

The brain is developing in humans and growing until adult age but not because you are gaining intelligence and somehow it is growing from it and stores information. It is not storing any memories, only maintaining the transfer capacity so to speak and supplying you with what is basically needed. The energy connection is way beyond the physical world. If we lose a physical capability, our connection through the brain is not so smooth.

Science is slowly changing perspectives in the right direction, if they ever do. They INVENT particles with their consciousness and instruments to see more deeply until they won’t find anything which can be objectively measured like those little strings.

But surprise, there are always more and much smaller particles. After some magnifying, the reality of objective observing just disappears. That is subjectivity, you can’t measure it because the physical rules are now flawed at that level of reality.

brain and mind

If a big accident occurs or you lack the half of your brain somehow, it can still function but the parts which are responsible to maintain functions between the two worlds are missing and you can’t function so well.

When non-physical travelers, sleepers are “out” at night, they observe their own experiences by the filter of the physical brain. The physical body is on autopilot and a minimum of your consciousness’s scale is keeping it alive safely. The physical brain still filters what we can experience to a certain degree but we are now much free.

When we die and return to the NP as our “home”, it is over, no filter. Only your misconceptions about your experienced and observed reality are unchanged until you release those beliefs. Nobody will force you to stop believing what you think is true or real.

So what about the connection between the brain and mind?

Everything comes from the non-physical and we can imagine the physical world like an end result layer. Energy and this way structures, concepts, objects, any end results, even the human body are coming from the non-physical with various energy transformations.

The mind is You, the observer, using a body. There is an eternal being in the non-physical who makes probes or characters, who are entering into different worlds, timelines (as a construct of illusion) and does it’s job. It splits into smaller versions with a limited personality. But it would be a huge trouble if you would know your parallel selves, running with your life in a parallel mode right now, you couldn’t even function.

It is like you are pushing your face into a dimensional portal and you are half the way in a different world, seeing different things. It happens when you are in altered states like projecting or sleeping. You automatically or with the will, change channels or focuses to a different reality.

What stays with you after this life is your mind, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts – what you’ve experienced. The mind, you are immortal and constantly searches for potential ways to experience, develop, enjoy the game.

Edited on 9th of april in 2018.

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