The Death of what? The physical character!

Almost everybody thinks from their childhood that he/she is that certain body and personality. But we are NOT. We are choosing an actual life construct and using a physical body to experience. Now I can’t guess other people’s life instead of mine because only the actual person can find out with inner work, why are they here and right now and what is their life is all about.

It can be a long ride and meditating, astral traveling will help with it.

What Death is all about?

As we experience death and many many people already did and always will, what happens is we change Primary Focus (read the Focus model first). But the body construct is so magnetic for our consciousness that we tend to experience various pain cycles or maybe rather a painless transition. We can’t let go of a vehicle which we are so used to, that’s mine right?! Furthermore, that is me. Not really.

So as the body dies, we just go through a wormhole. The common phenomenon is about a bright white light, a portal-like thing. What people see is a personal human interpretation of a dimensional layer which leads the person to the entry zone of Focus 3 or so-called Afterlife.

Oh crap, how many idiotism did I read in the recent years. New Age dumbism is really does it’s job when young people are BELIEVING that we are enslaved and that wormhole or LIGHT will capture you to another slave job. Are they kidding (no, they seriously believe what they say)? They were the ones to choose this life – no responsibility at many. People are brainwashing their own mind.

What beliefs and expectations do for your post-human physical character?

According to your beliefs, expectations and what you store in your mind will now become a reality. In the Afterlife or Belief System Territories, you can’t just change anything but it is still a consensus reality but with subjective rulesets. Your thought now creates anything.

The physical “laws” won’t save you. You RETURNED back to a mostly thought and belief responsive place, where there is no space and time and the region is endless. Post-humans will now adjust back to that environment and get used to the non-physical world again.

99.99% of departed “people” on beliefs are unchanged. Many will appear in their 20-30’s youthness for those, who know them or visit them from the physical by nights and by conscious projections while “alive” in the physical world. That is because many (if not the most) are staying young deep inside. Also, it can be misleading for physical people because it can’t be 100% sure that is that really a dead relative or just a memory.

That body is no longer needed but people are so uneducated about the most important things about life, evolution (non-physical) and understanding about anything ELSE, that they think they are still a physical body, a sex (male-female), a culture etc. This is what our world and a physical body fixated worldview does. IT seems like the Earth Life System is full of “young” souls.

Shaking off beliefs

To continue further this nonsense, people as they are adjusting back to shake off physicality, there are endless physical-like cities there and people are still living physical like life! I am constantly in different places and seeing it and it is brutally true. Well, nobody will force you to do it, you are doing it. I admit I would like to “live” in some places.

Countless people are suffering from their own misery, beliefs and thoughts. They never learnt to control what they think of. They never learnt that life is much more than a physical drama. Don’t misunderstand me, suffering and misery “there” is not always the bad one. It could be a certain “heaven” with a certain “god” maybe or a very nice place where you are just in boredom. Until it will become a boredom and reveals it’s illusion. It’s time to move on.

physical character

When people realize in their own speed that they are formless, timeless and eternal, they will continue to experience further. Consciousness seeks to experience and learn about itself. That is one big wise thing which I knew already from the many.

If we think about this character right now that it is me, it is you, chances are it will limit down pretty bad. Forget what religions are telling you about who you are and what will happen, be open, test it for yourself, educate yourself. Your truth will be only your own.

You are much more

Your being here and now only represents a little portion of your bigger version.

For example, uncle “George” dies and the world is moving on further. Only his relatives are crushing down from a widely unknown process. It is the game. Those who are in a big fear of death will surely experience that it was unnecessary to be afraid of such an automatic process. And of course, don’t try to speed it up! In my opinion, suicidal people are escaping from their chosen life and I need to admit that physical life can be hard to cope with. But everybody has their choice to make and we can’t judge anybody by it.

Consciousness moves on to another task or life. The non-physical world is right in front of you but on another energy or vibrational frequency.

Edited on 9th or april in 2018.

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