What makes difference between physical life and dreams

Do dreams are really so unreal? Many people think those are nonsense “subconscious” noises. Right? You shouldn’t make so much attention towards them. Well, it depends… on your average or peak awareness, that how conscious you are in your non-physical life. When you are dreaming, you are living your other life in the NP – the most are not noticing it, not even being conscious.

Waking physical life is one thing for which You are here on planet Earth. But while you are sleeping through the night or whenever, you are developing further in your subjective side. Furthermore, you are being tested many times by your higher parts and from the local system. We are developing constantly in any levels.

Don’t wash just off what you are experiencing over your sleep because they are equally important with physical life. I know many people are from the first reaction wash this off and deny it because it doesn’t fit into their limited thinking. They can’t accept the whole idea meanwhile they can’t lie because they are experiencing their own “reality” too.

So what is the difference between the two “worlds”?

You would be surprised but not so much. Yes, there is no real significant differences. Only that this world here is solid and seems too persistent to just ignore. Because we are in a consensus reality where you are a small part only. In the NP you can destroy and build from your mind and live up your thought, fears and all emotions in full 3D.

The real difference comes down to a few things after this. You are freer in the non-physical while your physical body is on autopilot and sleeps. But the vast majority’s awareness is so low from habits and from birth that they are rarely aware and also rarely can dig up shadow memories about what they lived up after they reintegrate here as waking up.

Shadow memories are those which are downloaded from the NP after you woke up and recalled recent experiences.


When it happens…

With enough awareness and experiences in dreams, you can experience that the non-physical world could be as “solid” as the physical. Furthermore, it can be MUCH more real! The non-physical is the “physical” on steroids.

But don’t make false assumptions here and dive into dreamland, denying physical life. We are living here and our primary focus is here and now. BOTH worlds are important for our personal development and understanding our multidimensional nature, which billions forgot long “time” ago. I was always interested in it, rather was my basic spiritual part. I guess people should read up the simplified Focus Model.

What to experience initially?

The Wider Reality or helpers can – unseen and unnoticed – test you with how real it is. You can fly and go through walls or you can be trapped in a building and can’t escape because it feels solid. Both can be experienced. But it is not just for game and fun. Helping people out from their non-physical misery because “helpers” are relatively not enough in numbers according to the trapped endless post-humans there. We are automatically tested and transported to help if we are capable of.

So you punch into a glass window and you have the impact and hurt but the glass is still in one piece. You can even use the toilet and feel all the sensations about uhm… using a toilet lol. Anything. There are no limits. Your physical memories are partly closed out to not let you interfere with these simulations and tasks.

Really… all reality frames are almost all the same on a bigger scale. But here we have the linear timeframe as an illusion and physical limits but we are not so disconnected from our true source.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

What causes Cancer – without belief system scams

Cancer is a pretty confusing topic because people are suffering from many variations of it. They are only listening to so-called doctors, practitioners, and scientist without having any knowledge about how it is only related to people’s thoughts and mental-emotional condition.

Oh yeah, it could be insane, because this world is not opened to the idea. Cancer as a phenomenon is two-fold and I will try to explain my best according to what I know about this and it may take time for some people to understand it well but it is actually pretty simple and is strongly related to non-physicality.

I needed to add which I left out that I’m talking about natural conditions. People should take it into account that many unlucky people around the world are exposed to radiation, toxic waste and any other harmful chemicals which will also cause canceric effects. Yes, there are many unfortunate conditions around the world, in bad places and in bad circumstances where cancer is a probability.

Who is causing it instead of “what”?

Yes, you heard me, the vast majority is doing it to themselves. Cancer is a definition or rather label of what happens in your body on a cellular level. Cell groups are overgrowing or behaving unnaturally, destroying the neighboring tissues. I can’t write it down better because it would be a little bit confusing for myself also to translate it from my language. To keep it short, people have various cancer types in various body parts or regions.

But how the heck is it there and why do more and more people have it these days? And to make it short on speculations, humanity didn’t suffer in most of these today’s “diseases” (oh a label again) decades or even a century ago.

This whole phenomenon is related to this world full of stress and chemicals, brainwashing and giving you any pills to make yourself feel “healthy”. Bad life situations, misery, digesting crap food, being exposed to toxic materials, taking in pills, all will cause it at some level. But not until you start to abuse yourself mentally.

Option 1: people are doing it to themselves without accepting the consequences of their thought and emotions

How? Do you know the words as chakras or energy flow, energy body? To make it clear and short, our life energy is coming from the non-physical world, with an energy link which is attached to the physical body and unseen, it is stemming from the bigger part of us to function in this dimension while we are experiencing restricted individual life here. Your physical body contains energy centers and lesser energy lines and your thoughts are manipulating your energy grid.

Some “psychics” and machines can detect energy leakages in the aura too, to just show you how true it is but I don’t go deeper anymore in this because this topic is full of spread confusion and misconceptions in human literature.

So take an example of how energy matrix works. Forget vibrations, frequencies from new age crap and LOA. Everybody has a unique energy matrix. With your thoughts, you can make distorted regions in the physical body – remember the physical body is a projection but seems real and solid – and this way with repeated thoughts it will be distorted more and more until consciousness (another part of You) made changes in the physical matrix.

Repeated misery

Now if you are not stopping unchecked thoughts towards your body the physical vehicles will have weakened parts over time (you don’t see it normally). Maybe you try to weaken your leg and consciousness will find a probable outcome in the future where you will have for example a skiing accident and break your leg. That is how it works. People have no idea what they are doing with their thoughts. Did you hear “thought energy”?

The whole process can speed up with released emotions to either side thus accelerating the process. You can heal yourself or damage too. Some people managed to heal themselves on their own, it takes effort and wanting to live further. Maybe some people need a new life purpose because we shouldn’t waste our time here on just slowly dying.

Concentrated energy with repetition accumulates in the body and because many people are keeping it inside as emotional shocks, fear, anger, anything negative (other than love) will cause big energy blockages which will turn into “cancer” over time. In the non-physical world you are instantly manifesting out your thoughts and emotions but HERE your physical body is a BUFFER, which holds up what you think and feel!

You heard me, you are fueling the problem further because those idiots are giving you poisons without treating you from the very first reason: your thoughts. Some more “enlightened” practitioners nowadays are approaching the man causes too, but it is not enough. And forget karma and past life crapload, those are not what people are telling it.

So here you go, unchecked thoughts are causing this but rather that people hurt themselves. Now one thing is damaging your body from a manifested accident with repeated thoughts and keeping emotions inside causing cancer. I noticed in my life that many people who died of cancer or had cancer maybe were close to cancerous conditions did the same. They did this to themselves and not even thinking about it ever.

But why people just don’t stop this?

Maybe their life was too bad, sad, maybe they had a bad family or marriage or they were just too weak to handle their life. One thing I never understood, people are living irresponsibly and they are seeking medical help in which they will die much sooner. Ah, of course!

They don’t know even a thing about how our reality works out from both sides. I didn’t even born with this knowledge, it is enough only to see others and take the pieces together with big investigations.


Option 2: people are having and dying from cancer because it is time to go “back” for a higher reason – it is the end of this game

Now the other “half” is made up with this option. I don’t have any idea which option is causing the most deaths but I can say that maybe both. Objective and materialistic thinking causing anybody to look outside of themselves to seek any solutions.

We have doctors who are not healing almost anybody rather than writing up chemicals and fueling the problems further without finding the real cause. Then scientists, who are looking for consciousness in a brain and trying to find life outside of anything. We have religions which are only keeping people in fear, anger, misconceptions and not giving any answers to the biggest questions of existence.

Rather there is non-physical exploration which is only from a stretch of a hand these days. We are lucky to have internet or books or those who are already exploring the non-physical world seeking for bigger and personal answers of life but I admit the most of the information which can be found are distorted and very bad.

There’s all the knowledge, meanwhile, society looks the worst direction to understand something which they can’t from a physical perspective. There is the knowledge from anything which you need to know personally about yourself. Learn to meditate and ask yourself whatever you would like to. I strongly recommend reading the Focus Model.

So the second option is this in a nutshell: you are much more and a timeless genderless formless subjective entity. You are here only just a portion of your bigger version (misleading label “higher self”), nothing relatively new about this.

The role of a disease many times:

The whole Earth Life System game (or any other dimensional one) is containing an entry point (birth) and exit point (death) which allows us to jump in and out of physical lives. If we just happen to exist here and disappear, it would ruin the whole game, right? Illusion after illusion and we tend to take it seriously.

So your “total self” needs a mechanism like cancer or any disease to help you out. You can do it unconsciously or it will be caused. I can’t really say 100% sure who is causing it, the actual person or his/her non-physical source.

Aftereffects and consequences

It is not happening over some days or weeks but years and decades. Not FOOD what is causing it but can accelerate it if you ingest chemicals like drugs, medicines, and vitamins-minerals (you don’t need those and later I will write a post about them and why).

Meanwhile, it could be a very very long time in a linear time frame and with so much suffering that you don’t know why a non-existent god hurts you. It is for the same reason as any life lessons: how do you deal with that condition. With love and kindness or hate and anger. It is the same as for those who were born with body degenerations or anything related, they have a harder time and need to learn this way or rather experience it.

So back to the subject, cancers and any lethal “diseases” are for one purpose: sooner or later we return back to the non-physical. The delay, in my opinion, is multi-folded, maybe it helps the loved ones to get used to it. But I have a strong guess here that many times it is STILL for that actual sufferer’s sake to learn or realize (or not) that they are causing it to themselves. I know people who are doing it, older, younger – there is no help for those.

In the Afterlife:

People are continuing with this attitude after death in the non-physical world or Afterlife. They end up places called the Belief System Territories (BST). Why is this name? Just think for a second. You will end up in a region which resonates with your mental position.

You are NOT physical here anymore but it doesn’t end here if you don’t stop it. It is all about taking responsibility for thoughts and actions and LEARNING from the effects. Mostly. But NP entities and friends will help stop it if we need help. Some people are not really learning these because they already dealt with them many lives ago.

Think for a second why are you in a limited timeframe, opposite of a timeless world where you don’t need a “body”

Decisions and aftereffects. Many people are avoiding any responsibilities at all cost. I do understand this, the most have no idea that the physical world is not just the only one. They wash off anything which is not fitted into the box thinking and what they learned from birth as the only thing. For the most, it is a looong path to learn.

I admit that it seems like billions are living here and now only from some purposes as having kids or being in a certain country, trying out to be a man or woman, drinking a lot or having sex forever (addiction after addiction). That is right. But there are those who want to seek out the “truth”. Well, it is personal of course and you now know how to start with it.

A linear timeframe is for a certain purpose: you are placed in it, being tested without realizing it, having repeated actions and choices to choose wisely over time and grow up personally.  And not everybody is on the same level as the next person to you. We are all unique and doing our own journey.

Today’s world is just flushing out people with mental problems. No wonder in this rushing world full of self-made stress is causing so much trouble. Fear, greed, money love, hatred, and anger, pushing people into suffering… It is up to us how we deal with them.

Edited on 31th of october in 2018.

Sleep Paralysis and how to deal with it

Sleep paralysis is relatively common with certain people, not really an undocumented phenomenon. Some people like me never experienced it in their lives directly.

Some people are suddenly waking up in the middle of the night realizing that they can’t move an inch and terrified like hell. I will give you a quick explanation of this and how it is related to non-physical traveling while you are asleep. But how you can induce it intentionally too.

On the other hand, it IS a defensive system. When you fall asleep, your brain as a device automatically shuts down your muscles to not move an inch. This happens more if you are really tired physically. In other words, it is related to brainwave patterns on the physical side.

Why it is happening?

Okay, for first if you are not familiar with non-physical travel and experiences, please read posts related to those. OBE, Astral Projection, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, Remote View, just any. They are all the same with varying awareness, have the same core. People fear them because of lack of knowledge.

So you are sleeping for example at night. When you are falling asleep, your consciousness (the real YOU) is changing mind channels and now you are in another dimension. Some people blackout for a while until they will be aware in the NP but the most are unconscious from habit.

Billions are never realizing it and calling these experiences as nonsense dreams or just dreams. When you are finished and you are pulled back to your physical body mostly automatically. Maybe your body wants something (peeing, thirsty, etc) you will be “awaken”.

By the nights…

We are waking up multiple times throughout the night normally and returning back to the non-physical to continue our journey. If people fear everything it shows us that the most don’t know even a thing which is there for anybody to see first hand from birth. We are existing at all levels of existence at the same time.

So some people are returning and reintegrating with their physical body without any issues. But if it is too fast and still didn’t regain full control over their physical brain and nervous system thus muscle groups, SP is there.

Don’t worry so much and don’t panic, that is relatively still normal. You are encountering maybe hostile shapes or shadows, maybe something bad energy thingy. Basically, You are still not fully in your primary dimension. You are many times maybe between the physical and a parallel dimension. You just don’t realize it that you encounter with your fears, whatever form it takes shape.

sleep paralysis

For first if you would like to wake up, there are two options to go

You can slowly try to move a finger, now your hand or feet. Then an arm or leg and piece by piece you are free. Just try to move your body parts piece by piece to kickstart the waking process.

Btw your lungs are heavy from this natural process. Try to use your stomach to breath as a habit. Deep meditation is about that partially.

Or you can induce an OBE, Astral Projection or Phasing, whatever we call it. Those who are new to this practice will try exactly like that consciously.

Meanwhile, sleep paralysis is only just an effect of the whole process and many practicioners are never even experiencing SP. For some, they can induce it with SP and being successful. So this is a good time to do it because you are still in the “inbetween” state. If it doesn’t work, don’t force it. A good advice here is that if you can’t wake up physically, try to stay calm and try to sleep back again intently. Something will work.

Those who try to suddenly get up in the middle of the night and run out for the toilet may move much slower and harder than daytime. The reason is the same as the body’s physiology is primed for sleep phase. Don’t ever force it, do it patiently. Muscle groups may move much slower and that is normal.

SP can cause RTZ or false awakening too, it is also normal, you managed to jump into the closest parallel reality.

Sleep paralysis explanation for religious and scared people

This phenomenon is well known in non-physical and mystical circles, also in religious ones. I have an advice, just STOP believing shit about that you are poccessed, abducted or a demon wants your butt. Or whatever your made up god’s book says (it IS manmade belief system).

It is a natural phenomenon which is maybe never experienced. What do we fear? What we don’t know. Religions are doing a good job of keeping people in darkness and keep disinformed. Just USE common sense after what I told you here.

Other terms are “lead blanket” and “sinking”. They are all the same. You don’t feel your body because it is partly shut down. It is maybe warm or cold, maybe senseless. Maybe you feel extreme pain because those muscle groups are inactive to STOP you from moving while your physical body is asleep. It is a natural process and projection practicers are aware of the changes.

Some people are experiencing pre-projection signposts like vibrations and movements. This is an autopilot thing. Your consciousness’s tiny fraction keeps your body alive and stays with your body. Meanwhile, your bigger part is exploring the non-physical and learning. Consciousness doesn’t die, nor lives, just experiencing.

How to have an SP intentionally

Pretty simple, I can give you some tips. First of all, why should you have one? Well some practitioners in trying to initiate Astral Projection or whatever, many times are experiencing this symptom out from the many. People want to experience symptoms because their wider part is testing them with fear barriers. Here is a post about the symptoms. Those won’t give you anything alone of course.

You can lie down on your back and imagine with sensations and maybe visually if you need it, that you are on the surface of a strong magnet or a neutron star. The huge gravity pulling is enough to let your body relax until you feel heavy that your muscles are sleeping and it hurts. It really hurts but could be fun. It also helps you to be more familiar with a natural phenomenon. Just don’t move. If you want to move, still you can. Maybe you will experience that some muscle groups are in huge hurt lol.

A second practice may be if you imagine that you are sinking through your bed. Maybe you can imagine that your whole room is a big elevator inside a bigger structure and you are going downwards endlessly. This way your mind will think you are going deeper in yourself. Both examples are for sensations and mental visualizations. All will cause your brainwaves to be altered.

I’m adding a third one here as a bonus. When you are physically tired and you feel it in your body as you crash down onto your back in your bed, you can induce SP pretty fast. But I repeat it, sleep paralysis is not some kind of Projection needed thing. It is only a signpost which is sometimes happening to people. Some can induce projection from it and many can’t.

Play with sleep paralysis and you will be more familiar with non-physical related symptoms too to kick your fears in the butt.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Why You should stop using Toothpaste with Fluoride

This is now an old myth that we need fluoride especially in oral care products like toothpaste. Or any other related tools to wash our teeth and it will be strong and healthy. Yeah, I used to believe this long time ago until I understood how this industry is full of lies for profit.

A toxic waste product, resold for profits

Not really, quite the opposite. Do you think even for a second that if you put a toxic waste material into your mouth to make your precious teeth stronger and healthier, will make you healthy? Do you think that what is told and represented to you in nicely packaged boxes with colorful design and nice words will do any good?

People are endlessly naive. We didn’t use toxic chemicals a long time ago in human history, we just didn’t brush our teeth. Also, it is about diet, according to the actual nation’s habits. Common sense.

Fluoride has nothing to do even in the physical human body. Also not tap water in certain countries, mostly in the USA. Just do a research about what fluoride does organically and you will be shocked. Of course about anything on you do research will provide you false promises and lies, scams, misconceptions and the lesser findings will be about the actual debunking of what is the real issue.

It IS an industry, which needs to be sold

So, let’s make up an industry on false labels and for example, let’s call a mental problem which maybe came from trauma and call it XY Disorder. And here you go a new product and industry. It is all about money and greed, not health! You can be healthy if you want to. Your teeth are not so different from many issues.

Look at what happens when fluoride goes deeper into the human body, into organs and main areas. I won’t sum it up because these researches are everywhere, how detrimental the whole fluoride nonsense is. I admit that we have no evidence first hand and maybe we are wrong even in the toxicity level but it is not doing any good in the body. It is like you take in radioactive capsules to dissolve some problems lol.

What happens is in a nutshell, you will brush your teeth with chemicals in a sugar-like substance (flavored and sweet). Maybe I’m wrong at some point but doesn’t make any difference. The enamel and also existing fillings will erode and rotten around and below.

I guess it can race with an acidic party of eating apples all day long lol. Your mouth is full of bacterias and they are eating on anything sugar-like “food” there. That environment will fuel them grow in numbers. They will catch the food particles and sugar on your teeth’s surface and make acid as a byproduct. Nothing new, only cause and effect. Just wash them down and rinse, use floss.

Toothpaste could be good orally but not with chemicals, try homemade!

I support the fact that we can make own home products from relatively natural compounds to keep our oral health, is ok. Well, I’m very lazy so I’m rather using tap water to make my electric brush wet. I know for many people, doing own research is equals with laziness.

Big companies are not hiding those elements but who knows what is not written on the back of the tube. Some are actually sugar-like stuff, some are chemicals which have nothing to do with oral health. You are putting sugar on your teeth which are doing quite the opposite of strong teeth. Same with those crap alcoholic mouthwashes, if it would be real pure alcohol, I guess not so many people would take it into their mouth without vomiting.

You are leaving it on your enamel for the night to make it worse.


Look at that nice gelatine like paste mmm, nice and tasty, huh? Lol.

Misleading new industries and concepts

Don’t think even for a second that some new toothpaste products (called like organic, BIO, natural) will do anything well. EVERY product which is manmade and sold worldwide are harmful in longterm.

You are putting chemicals into your mouth and that is the first safety line for your body to dissolve them. Some infants are using toothpaste for specially made for kids and they may swallow it. I know I did it too when I was little and it can cause white enamel discoloration. But if they don’t indoctrinate it in us from childhood, we may question it, right?

There is a relatively newest fluoride hype like amine fluoride (I guess I wrote it the right way). It is still a waste chemical in another form. These industries really think if something is labeled the other way with nice description, it is ok. I know from first hand that it doesn’t do anything, any good surely. That promised thin layer for protection won’t happen in the long run. Maybe I’m wrong.

How rumors are doing trouble and what to do

I tell you how dumb regular people are. Someone hears from the TV or from a neighbor how detrimental is that XY toothpaste which has a black line on the package for example. This is how humans are thinking. No common sense, they fear what others said must be right and if you stop using it, you are in trouble.

And people’s teeth are rotten, bad, full of fillings. They should wash their teeth more frequently, not eat all day long. Just let their teeth regenerate and rest and use dental floss. But mostly use the right tool as an electric brush.

Electric brush with round head, pulsating, will surely clean out all the surface from the neck till the top. I’m still amazed when I’m lazy and use a normal brush and when I’m finished I only hurt my gum line and the whole food particle subsidence is STILL on the gumline. You can pull it down with your nails. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

What will carry you to the dentist sooner and their advice

You are not safe from visiting the dentist at all. They will rarely or never tell you to stop using toothpaste or any chemicals, which are called oral care products. If you think that using fluoride will cost less, you were totally wrong. That shit will weaken the whole tooth structure over time. Our teeth mostly going bad because of today world’s bad eating habits.

I tested my dentist for a while once. I have the best dentist in the world, she is one of the best in her job but she is only doing what she learned and what her carrier is about. Don’t think for a second that a dentist will tell you to stop using anything related to this business.

She said to me that if I only use water to wash it isn’t so good and because toothpaste is the lubricant for brushing… This explanation is pretty crappy. The enamel and good fillings won’t suffer from any mechanical damage in my opinion… you are not brushing with an electrical tool like with an air hammer or a grinder lol. Also, the enamel will be strong if food particles won’t weaken it, especially between the teeth. That is the worst case scenario.


My advice to You

Don’t use anything which is sold in retail shops, supermarkets. You CAN make own product at home like some tooth soap trials are very good with natural elements mixed together. But I recommend stop using them (the store ones). I’m NOT using any toothpaste since maybe 3 years and I didn’t regret it.

What to use? Water lol, make your brush head wet while brushing. If I had teeth problems later in my life they were ONLY caused by remnants of childhood teeth problems or old fillings. I can’t agree on genetics, maybe it is a blame also. This is what beliefs are doing.

Wash your teeth twice a day, after lunch if needed and if there is anything to wash off. At the MINIMUM before bedtime. Forget this idiotism of washing after waking up… that is totally illogical, the bacterias are already everywhere, just rinse with water and force the water between your teeth. If you forgot floss before bedtime, do it in the morning. It is up to you.

Use round-headed (mobility) electrical toothbrush with battery or whatever it is made up. Use soft-headed ones if you can. Normal toothbrush won’t do anything. Normal non-electrical toothbrushes are just crap, people are washing their GUM with them and the whole gumline will pull back. You hurt it, it will escape.

Just use your other index finger or fingers and pull your mouth to see whatever you are doing. Don’t bother if somebody thinks this is ridiculous… who cares, you need healthy teeth, right? Make it accurately.

Use dental floss with wax once daily or once every two days. It is very important! Food particles between teeth are causing the biggest damages. I know, I sucked with one tooth which is now having a new crown. Acidic food particles are slowly building up and damaging the enamel between the teeth and causing root canal treatments. Later on new crowns with implants.

Sometimes if you have buildup, you can use a little pinch of baking soda powder. Sprinkle it onto the wet brush head and wash your teeth with it gently without harming the gum line. Don’t do it frequently, you don’t want to damage the enamel. Just maybe once in a week or two weeks. You don’t want to wear it off.

Wash your tongue, keep it clean from debris and buildup for good breath too. It won’t make food source for bacterias there.


Your whole oral care and the condition of teeth depends on only the fact that:
1. Clean away ALL food particles from the teeth and between them,
2. Keep a non-acidic environment as the bacterias won’t feed on your teeth enamel.

Don’t be stupid brushing all day, just do this whole thing naturally with common sense. Your dentist surely could ask you stop this idiotism what I’m representing here because they need money from you to “work on”. Companies need money from you to sell you crap. Supply and demand.

If you don’t feel safe of just brushing with water then ok, try to find recipes on the web which are causing your teeth and mouth care to be non-acidic and not ingesting any chemicals. Herbal remedies are the best with some mint or any other extracts.

Edited on 12th of april in 2018.

Is OBE dangerous? Only if you Believe that it is!

People still think from brainwashing and misleading that the out of body experience (OBE) is harmful. Somehow you will be possessed or die maybe if you try to. Even spiritual oriented forums are full of crap and speculations without any first-hand knowledge. I guess the most problems are coming from zero knowledge, how this process works.

No demons will harm you until you believe it. The whole Wider Reality with countless dimensions is there, existing with our physical world. And DO NOT ever use any drugs or mind-altering substances because they will always distort your experiences to a degree that you will think what you experienced is the truth about everything.

This physical character is not the real you, only a limited perspective. Out of body experiencers are proving that you are more than a physical body or self-image. And that we are existing WITHOUT a physical vehicle! We are not really in a body but our perception is attached to this world right now.

out of body experience

What IS an OBE or Out of Body Experience?

It is just one method with which you can experience different realities without dying or having a Near Death Experience. Actually, there is no OUT of a body, only in people’s mind. Your perception and common sense tell you that relatively according to your actual or previous physical position in space, you moved without moving your body even an inch.

You are feeling that you are still alive, maybe scared like hell but now you are freer. But many things in your surroundings and in your mind are not fitting together as you knew it for decades. You are gaining insight into a whole new reality frame. I won’t discuss the methods and feelings, there are many: stuck in the body, having “etheric body”, floating, sleep paralysis etc.

Out of body experience as a label gained bigger popularity in the last century when Robert A. Monroe made his own travels and notes. Books about the whole phenomenon as a pioneer with his limited beliefs and perspective interpreting it. You will make the mistake as many people if you try to copy his path.

Generally, it looks like this. You are “leaving” your body as you believe it and you are now in another dimension.

This phenomenon has more labels like Astral Projection, Phasing, Lucid Dream etc. The other factor is that maybe you are in the so-called Real Time Zone (RTZ) or in another reality, maybe in Focus 2 or 3. Please read the Focus Model pages first.

Forget that objective crap from logical materialist people that you are only in your head. You were never in any head and the whole Multiverse is your mind. You are anything.

Is it dangerous to do this practice? This question is a joke, I know…

Quite the opposite. What happens when you gain access to the non-physical, your mind switches channels where you are already existing (Focus Model). You are now for certain amounts of time do operate consciously in a different world. Your mind’s bigger part is on another reality level and your physical body is SAFELY sleeping. It DID it in your entire life every time when you fell asleep. The difference is that now you are aware that you are asleep.

What you experience with your objective thinking is highly filtered according to what conceptions you learned from birth and what your physical brain as a mechanism is filtering. But you are not your brain, it is a device with various functions to keep the body alive.

What determines your experiences are: beliefs, thoughts, and emotions mostly. If you fear that you can’t get back, it will become an obstacle may be. Beliefs will kill all further development if you don’t stop limiting yourself.

You will be mature in spirit only if you encounter your fears and solve them. These are stages of REAL personal development.

Out of body experience is about opening up yourself to the real world if you intend it. It is real and you programmed yourself successfully. But experiencing it is from allowing it, not forcing it.

What to do and get one?

One thing is to have a strong intent to have one. You read up all sources about it and for many people, it is enough alone. Sometimes no matter what you do, you won’t have any experiences. It will happen in this case when you don’t force it. If your intention is strong enough, it will happen but not as you think it should happen. Be open.

Edited on 12th of april in 2018.

Talking with people in parallel worlds

There is nothing new in experiencing parallel worlds and different realities for people being aware in their dreams. Maybe for those who are reading this issue the first time. Please, I “beg” you don’t even listen to science and people who are calling parallel realities and similars just speculations. Don’t deny the world around you. Inside you. The physical world is just one from many.

There are countless other physical-like and non-physical realities in the endless Multiverse where all kinds of entities living physical or unrestricted lives in parallel mode. Meaning that you are not just one version of your total self right now and here. Your whole inner being is much bigger and more complex. People believe those “higher self” stuffs spreading across the internet.

A short summary of your “total self”

We are existing as a timeless non-physical being who are splitting up it’s own self to individuated units. Like you, being here, from endless characters. We are Consciousness manifested in different reality frames and experiencing limited perception. It is about learning and growing. On some worlds we are very limited in thinking and understanding and on some, we are much aware of our true identity.

We can jump in into different realities through various non-physical tools and see for ourselves how endless the whole system is. If you need a better basic understanding, check out the Focus Model on the site.

We can experience other lives, which are our other versions from the same source (misunderstood as past lives). There is no past if there is no time. It is a restricted human thinking and it’s end-result of theories. Stop limiting yourself by how religions and mystical teachings are trying to force limited perceptions since centuries.

So this total self who has many bad labels just playing a game of expanding it’s own consciousness, understanding itself from a different illusional viewpoint of individuation. Learning what it can’t in an unrestricted non-physical world. The Total Self or Higher Self is a bigger version of You and we are only probes to explore and expand. A larger version of you.

parallel worlds

People in Parallel Worlds and Your other versions of “Self”

You can surely talk with other “people” in various worlds. They are maybe your other versions or just completely different strangers who just don’t have even a clue about your concepts, ideas, and norms.

Maybe you are in your other focus’ body and experiencing that other self’s world for some hours.

I’ve had many occasion talking with my other versions, firstly didn’t know some of them were me. Until I had a deeper understanding and personal experiences.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that everybody you encounter is you in a wider sense. They could be complete strangers or some “old” friends from elsewhere. Maybe some teachers figures who are watching you. But mostly if you are teleported to help some people or explore on your own. You can chat with “locals” in different Focus 3 cities or in other worlds.

Other parallel worlds just like here

It is a fact that in other worlds and realities just like here on Earth, people or residents will likely close you out or call for a cop or anything if you are not acting like they are. There are local rules, you can’t just punch anybody or destroy, fly in the sky. It will freak others out really.

Maybe you will be instantly teleported out to another system because there is a built-in mechanism for this multidimensionally. It is not about a dumb label of Astral Police. It is for behaving normally.

I have a serious feeling that other entities from different realities are doing the same, like us via sleep. Or through non-physical traveling tools with their minds. We or they are entering into a different focus, maybe into a parallel self’s focus (NO, not a body) and acting in their lives for a little amount of time.

It could take up to days in a linear time sense. While here maybe 20 minutes passed by or an hour.

Life in parallel worlds

They are simply living their life, not even being aware of other dimensions and many are unaware. I demonstrated it to myself without any built-in beliefs and it is real, not just speculative science. If somebody needs proof, it takes time and effort to gain bigger self-awareness, maybe start with becoming aware in dreams.

You can talk to your other versions, they may be physical or non-physical. It is like you can talk with angels, gods, demons, ET’s. With just anything which you could imagine ever and they are maybe all your versions stemming from your bigger self.  But maybe you are making it all up from strong beliefs that you actually think you are talking with them. The third explanation is that you ARE talking with these constructs but your human mind mixes up the data received.

Remember to read the represented Focus Model on my site. You will realize sooner or later that if you can talk with other versions of you or talk with entities from different realities, they are real and parts of you also many times.

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

Third Eye – do I really need to open it or not?

The Third Eye or “3rd eye” chakra – whatever we call it – is one of the biggest widely spread myth of today’s society. In the distant past, it was only a mystical belief concept. Today it is a newly packed belief system too. Mystical people, books, forums and various sources trying to spread that you need to “open” it and you have it, it has various abilities etc.

The Third Eye is a metaphor only

People try to open it, making pressure on it, do various cleansing methods uselessly. Or just blame the government about their Pineal Gland of calcification, listening to binaural. Doing various methods to force it open, without knowing what they are doing really. Why? Because everybody else is doing it as a new fashion. Why should you avoid this big game, huh?

If you would have a problem of a calcified pineal gland you couldn’t even sleep or exist alive lol. Where is common sense these days?

We DO have some kind of the third eye but it is a symbol, a metaphor for our mind’s capabilities only and an antenna to the Wider Reality. We DO feel pressure between our eyebrows a little bit upper in the front cortex so to speak. But it is only a place where we concentrate our thoughts. Some people are successful in “activating” something which many don’t like after they realized what they did to themselves.

Simply put, you are concentrating your mind power over that area, maybe a little bit inside and now you can maybe Astral Project or see other dimensions. Maybe see negative entities etc. It is not even pleasant for the most because you forced a process of which you were NOT EVEN READY to experience. Those abilities are not gained by this idiotism. Intent does the job.

It is pain in the ass how stupid cults are taking place and people are benefiting from people who are buying books, crystals, music, services which are doing only harm in the long term.

Chakra points and abilities – just don’t get caught up on BS

These chakra points or spinning energy centers are real but not in the way as it is sold. Some people can see them, see colors but they are only energy centers of your physical body. They are interconnected with your higher part of your consciousness – and people are interpreting colors on their own understanding.

We do have an energy link to the physical body to keep it alive from the non-physical but we don’t need to force anything in our body to burst. This is like the silver cord. Mystics have no imagination of how this belief construct could look like. People only see it in the RTZ when they THINK their “body” may have problems… you see? Beliefs again. Do you understand how our reality works now?

Energy centers and functions

Activating your Pineal Gland, the third eye? Oh crap, it is already “active” from your birth lol… Just don’t do any harm to your body according to spread idiotism.

These centers are only serving the purpose to give the energy flow throughout the body. They keep the organs and anything connected to them function properly and flowing the energy through. It is like the electricity in electronics.

If you have manifested problematic energy centers because of your thoughts built up energy blocks in the body, you are in trouble partly. You can concentrate on these primary energy centers to change the flow into a normal mod. Or seek after medical or any help from a third party to make physical adjustments which you may don’t know how can you achieve alone.

Just lay down to relax your body (meditate) and concentrate your attention on the energy centers, your energies. Move them through your body back and forth. It can be a daily routine it helps in healing also.

But don’t get caught up on this belief system. Stop overstimulating them for NO reason and don’t hang on web tests and quizzes. Those are for fooling entertainment. Those New Ager people try to shape people like who are sitting all day home and visualize anything without doing now the minimal effort to do their life’s job.

third eye

Extrasensory (ESP) abilities are coming from the Source only

Whichever NP ability did you hear, they are real but takes strong intent and effort to use them. It is mostly up to your dedication and braveness.

Maybe some people will have sudden results and some are doing it the hard way. The Wider Reality is watching you and you may be scared or impatient, all lessons are for your growth.

Your other fragments of total self will help you if it is really needed. Some people are instantly successful and stopping the whole thing. Maybe having from fear. Others are investing a huge amount of time, patience and effort. It varies for each individual.

BUT You don’t need to activate anything. Some people have a better antenna than others. Some are more feeling related to persons like empathy, some are more mentally visual types like clairvoyants. You can’t force a slow process to just kick in and you are in Fairyland suddenly.

HERE you can read about Crystals and Gemstones and why they are related to this problem as people selling You unnecessary things.

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

Human Consciousness and Weather – they MAY be interrelated!

This topic is about how human consciousness MAY be interconnected with the changing weather. Most of my thoughts are coming down from Jane Robert’s material, talking with her parallel self, the Seth entity. So don’t take it 100% granted.

Channeled information are pretty confusing because they are mostly filtered with the actual person’s mind. Beliefs as aka. human consciousness. The human mind is capable of many things and weather is not so otherworldly as people may think of. But I should repeat myself, it is just a theory that Seth entity may be actually right. It could be that it was just a fooling thing but it may be real, looking at the facts in the world.

How humans are releasing uncontrolled thoughts

For the vast majority, people’s minds are full of uncontrolled thoughts and emotions which are just going into the “ether”.

Did you ever think about to WHERE do thoughts are going? Did you felt that when it is night time, everything is mainly quiet and not noisy? Some people who are aware of the “Astral” noise do hear voices and chats.

This whole phenomenon goes back to Monroe’s M-band noise or H-band noise (I guess people have messed up this phenomenon in their theories, I was researching for a while on this but the sources are limited as Monroe didn’t talk so much about it). This is the thought noise which is released as the most are not capable of controlling their thoughts and don’t even try.

Check your thoughts

So it is said that we release X amounts of thoughts daily and it takes practice to monitor them and take control. I can do it, no problem but people just don’t want to. Why should they? Everybody is busy, being a job slave or diving in the objective life. No problem. But it has consequences. Like cancer in the body – caused by thoughts and repressed emotions.

Sooner or later everybody releases their own thoughts while they fall asleep. Thoughts become emotions and they are scaring themselves the hell out in the non-physical. They are scaring themselves: angels or demons, scary creatures, previous day’s bad stuff, habits etc… some are pleasant, some are not even close. The Wider Reality tries to teach the most to grow up.

human consciousness

Some scientific experiments which are valid

Did you ever hear about the double-slit experiment? Or the random number generator all over the globe? Maybe Winning the lottery?

All are interconnected with human consciousness alone on this planet. For example, the random number generator gets thoughts globally and shows it in numbers which are way outside the normal average spectrum of single digits. It can show events way before they will happen like big global disasters.

Uncontrolled human thoughts are all over the place and they are parts of our local system “around” Earth. It is proven that human thoughts are causing probable events or affecting physical matter which is an illusion. Consciousness is the responsible one behind the thoughts and it is much bigger outside the physical world or dimension.

Weather changes MAY be caused by accumulated uncontrolled human thoughts

Well, Seth entity told it many times in his material (her… as Roberts did the work) that the weather is like that. At certain places where a certain type of mass consciousness lives in fear or anything which will cause these changes. Now I’m not pretty sure that it caused tsunami over Japan years back or causing disasters on far-east. Maybe those events at the USA coasts but it seems like wherever a bigger community repeats the same behavior, chances are that those are very real.

Just look at those places around the globe which are constantly under pressure and natural disasters – I doubt they are only coming from Earth’s weak points.

I’m not agreeing on this “fact” that people are unconsciously selecting their country/destination to experience these scenarios. Meanwhile, millions are suffering and leaving their homes. But it may be that people are really not accepting the consequences after their thoughts. It is not happing in one day but rather building up over time.

So this is only a theory and has very strong signs of validness. Strong and repeated thoughts are causing emotions which are shaping the reality around us.

Natural phenomenon

Look at thunderbolts. Some people investigated this phenomenon for a long time. But it may be that perhaps those electrons in the bolt phenomenon are also conscious of their life on a lower level of awareness. They only strike in where it is needed, responding to human thoughts.

Not always at those electromagnetic antennas but can strike into buildings, cars, people. It is not paranormal, it is abnormal thinking lol. The biggest chances are on the side of the “I don’t want this” thinking. People tend to fear what they DO NOT want to experience (car accidents…).

Look at these phenomena in another way. Earth is a whole unit, a living organism. These occurrences are still (any) are manifestations of consciousness.

If those disasters like floods, tsunamis, volcanic bursts are happening, they are all caused by the huge built-up pressure what humans – as more than 7 and a half billions of humans now – giving into the whole local buffer on an ongoing basis. And we are all living in a lesser-bigger stress of human life with brainwashing and full of negativity.

human consciousness

Just think about it. And meanwhile, we can change the weather by ourselves too. It is very dangerous to do it but you can try to ask for a little sunshine after a week of darkness or anything which have a bigger chance to happen other than a big snow storm lol (imagine it but don’t overdo it).

Use it with caution, remember you are responsible for your thoughts.

Forget conspiracy theories and global warming nonsense

The thing is, people are not even willing to realize what their thoughts are causing and not accepting responsibilities. It is a worldwide phenomenon and fashion these decades that WE BLAME ANYTHING OTHER THAN OURSELVES.

Global warming yes… and people believe scientists who are PAID by the big hands to tell you what they want you to know. The whole human civilization is kept in those hands because we let it. Look at it this way: what industries, businesses, powers or people are gaining money from spreading fear in the majority? Use your common sense.

I don’t deny that those HAARP machines may be causing trouble but as the population, stress, pressure and changing world is there and building up, no surprise that our minds are causing big trouble and chaos.

Media like news and anything which is TOLD you, won’t give you any real answers, nor truth. I wonder many times those who are telling you the news, how do they still have the stomach to do it and lie. They sold their soul for money already or they are too naive to realize what are they doing or worst, denying themselves.

The first big realization comes in humanity’s life when they will one they (or never) stop blaming an outside force, governments, any theories and “truths” which are told and take responsibility.

Your Consciousness after Death

Death is a pretty fearful topic because the most are not even sure what happens after our lifetime ends. We are brainwashed brutally about this issue also. Consciousness needs a physical body to experience different reality frames and our physical world is just one of the countless ones.

Beliefs and belief systems are all keeping people in darkness but the main problem is that the most have lower consciousness according to their acts, behaviors and life experiences. But this topic is now meant to be about the exit phase of life from here.

For keep is short here don’t ever let the mainstream, people, books and what others are teaching to limit down how this world is working. Telekinesis, Aura sight, Projecting, anything “extrasensory” is as real as life here and now.

Death is only a misunderstood label of stepping back to the original world

The non-physical world is a mystical place if we try to understand it from a limited objective thinking as the human thinking does that for thousands of years. We try to gather information (ok not so many, zero effort to self-educate) but all religions are distorted because humans made them. Yes, all religions made by human nature and thinking. Some of them are containing solid facts with colored labels but all are containing a tiny fraction of the whole truth.

Why do people need religion from this perspective? Because they fear death like hell! They don’t know what is coming, they have no real answers.

Oh well, we already have the tools since centuries. I mean to travel with various non-physical tools with different labels like “out of body experience(OBE) or Astral Projection, Dreams etc.

But still, people don’t know and do NOT WANT TO know about them because media, mainstream people, science, just everything keeps their attention at the wrong way. Well, no research, no pain, it is much easier to live in darkness.

So after birth, our consciousness is slowly downloading into our limited framework of mind which we use through filters. The spirit can’t just appear fully because the fetus in his/her mother would instantly die or the little baby would just die in some kind of energy overload.

Remember, this world is limited and You are much more than this character. Don’t limit yourself ever. Always try to seek out what you are capable of without harming others of course.


But what happens to Your Consciousness after Death?

Well, it is relative to what is “after”. You just continue to exist in a much wider consciousness awareness, gaining back your true self. You are not a human, have no body at all, no gender etc. The knowledge which you gathered here will be added to your being.

You can choose to move on to other places or experience whatever you would like to. It is not 100% known in the non-physical community still but we have many fragments from the whole picture. Meaning how life planning works in details. Chances are the most are just jumping in with huge amazement to try Earth life from addiction. We all see what is happening around the globe in this world in this fashion.

I strongly recommend to shake off any beliefs and only believe in yourself at the end. You are the only one, who is responsible for thoughts, emotions, acts, choices and you are also the only one, who will judge yourself not some kind of fake angels and gods. You. If you encounter them, they ARE You in a wider sense as parallel selves. This is the Wider Reality now, the game never stops. No time, no beginning, no end, only Consciousness  : )

And yes, You continue to exist, Consciousness never dies because it never born or died. We are all eternal non-physical beings.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

Non-physical – why is it called like that?

The non-physical world is a very usual topic in communities astral travel and OBE’s. What is the significance of this world?

Even the vast majority who have zero knowledge about it, have personal experiences from that world by the night which we are calling “dreams”: We all have been there countless times and we are coming from there. After death, we return back there.

What is this world and why we call it like that? I noticed this basic thing was missing from the beginning on this site, so I apologize for it.

An objective label from a limited perspective

We attach labels to anything which is part of our world or society. We are thinking objectively, naming things, categorizing things. We are trying to make sense about the unknown to feel safe from fear.

Yes, fear – the most are in great fear of the unknown. Instead of gaining first-hand knowledge, the most are giving their power away. To any belief systems and have zero knowledge (like believing what scientists are saying). Believing is not knowing surely and people still don’t know how to know more.

The laws of the non-physical are much otherworldly. You can go through matter, you can travel to any place, only your imagination is the barrier. Communication is telepathic in thought packages and mostly subjective.

How to look at the non-physical world

From an objective physical perception, the Sun revolves around us so to speak (yes, a joke) and if we think like a human, everything is happening according to our world.

The truth is, it is exactly the opposite. The physical world is an end-result of the non-physical world and every countless physical Universe are coming from there.

We are coming from there as being a limited character experiencing separation and loneliness. Also, every structure, concept which humanity ever dreamt up is going through a process from energy to matter which is now existing here and we are accepting these “matter” stuffs so easily, like it is granted any time.

non-physicalThe non-physical world is approached from many many sources, cultures and people’s perception since thousands of years and it is funny but ancient civilizations have known a little more than us – from a different perspective and with different labels – today in a pretty dark world full of fear, control, money, and brainwashing.

There are vast amounts of non-physical phenomenon and we have categories for them. Also pretty tiny real knowledge in general media and wherever we can find anything. Only non-physical forums and books, maybe some experienced people can lead those who are seeking the “truth” unfortunately.

If the masses start to seek some kind of truth, they are misled always by fake beliefs, selling products, hearing lies. The most are in a trap and the other side of this group don’t care, they will pull your money out of your mouth. People want to hear lies! That is the real truth!

To describe it shortly, the non-physical is everything else other than this world and it is endless truly, without space and time. We are in a limited reality which many people realized up until now fortunately so maybe there is hope. Both worlds are strongly intertwined.

It has many labels, meaning all the same thing with various limited box-thinking

The Astral Plane, Afterlife, Void, 3D darkness, Hell or Heaven, Transition Area, God’s place – all are the same thing but different categories to a much bigger construct for us to live and learn further before and after this lifetime.

There is no beginning nor end. So this whole existence here is only a part of a bigger game of Consciousness. The purpose is to develop in whatever it wants to (You). We are all consciousness using a physical focus. People are consciously or without self-awareness traveling there all night long. Those who are experienced projectors can travel there with a high degree of controlled awareness also.

My take on this topic

The difference is social conditioning for most and that they don’t know anything about “dream” life and washing it off fast as some kind of nonsense thing. It IS real, many times much real than this life or dimension. Our primary focus is here and now, read about the Focus Model here.

The most have the fear of the unknown, the NP. It is coming from the vast varieties of misconceptions, what is it, how negs will scare the shit out of you etc. YOU ARE scaring yourself. It IS a thought responsive world. Here the most are still learning to control their thoughts thus emotions too.

Until people don’t learn to control themselves and realize their multidimensional nature, the world around us will be like that today but in another form of the same thing. But don’t take it seriously, it is an eternal game on different levels of existence.